Wednesday, March 07, 2007

16. How Simran is different from other Meditations?

Meditation in general involve focusing the mind upon a sound, phrase, prayer, object, visualized image, the breath, ritualized movements etc.
Purpose of meditation varies from simply increasing awareness of the present moment to body relaxation or reducing stress or for personal / spiritual growth.
The goal for some in meditation is to reach a state of "thoughtless awareness”.

Various types of meditation use different techniques and some of them are:

Mindfulness — This involves focusing on a physical sensation and when thoughts intrude, then return back to focus.

Breath mediation — This involves focusing on the breathing.

Visualization — This involves focusing on specific places or situations.

Walking meditation — This Zen Buddhist form of meditation involves focusing on the sensation of the feet against the ground

Transcendental meditation — This involves focusing on a mantra (a sound, word or phrase)that is repeated over and over, either aloud or as a chant or silently.

SIMRAN is different.

In Simran the focus from the beginning itself is on GOD.

A GOD that is formless, omnipresent and omnipotent.

The tool is to repeat gurumantra which is “waheguru” (another name of GOD specifically for meditation) or gurbani (words/hymns from SGGSji).One listens to these himself.

Simran pulls attention inward .From initially feeling presence of GOD the further growth is towards awareness of oneness and then stepping beyond ego.

Purpose varies from simple desire fulfillment or healing or knowing GOD or merging in oneness.

Simran is straightforward as it makes you aware of your origin. Brings about present awareness, relaxes the body, fulfills needs and brings in anand i.e joy.

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