Sunday, April 23, 2006

4. Our Divine Origin … (Part III)

When we read the Shabad Assa Mehl 5th (SGGS page 391) in Part II of the post no 4.
It is felt that there is an element of our intention involved in creating the desired quality. There is a quite assertion invoved in saying that “ As YOU ARE… so I am…” .

Clarity on this point comes when we dwell on Guru Sahib’s following words :


As are our intended actions so do become our needs and that is what we ask.

(If our actions are towards growth in career, we ask accordingly, when our actions are to start a venture we ask accordingly, when a journey start we ask for protection and fulfillment accordingly, We ask for wealth, we ask for health ,we ask for protection, we ask for courage as is our need.)

Ask for qualities to build a complete personality and not go for useless things(of this world).
Whatever is the intention in HIS presence, so do we receive, Says Nanak, so intend and become a person of quality

– SGGS page 1245

The fact is that we already are creating our personalty through our thoughts and actions. This is happening as per the Hukam (laws) of the Karta Purakh- cause of causes.
Whatever is happening in this world is because of his all pervaiding creative presence and as per the Hukams , HE is the one who makes Hukam work that’s why HE has been called Karta Purakh by Guru Sahib.
The words we think, the word we speak and the words we write shows our intentions for our life in this world. These words create our personality, situations and the events that occur in our life. Words are a force, have meaning attached.
About words Guru Sahib explains:

The word are empowered by Naam; through Words we utter praises as worship,
(As these have Naam connection they bring us Naam)
The Word gives us spiritual wisdom, we sing Your Glory through songs of words
The words we speak and words we write. These very words make for our destiny, written on our forehead.
But the One who made these words as words of destiny he being cause of causes has no such destiny like that on our forehead.
(HIS Hukum prevails in this world and Hukum is : “as we sow so we reap”)

As He has ordained (meaning as is his Hukam), so do we receive. The created universe is the manifestation of Naam. Without Naam, there is no place at all.”
– SGGS page 4

Naam is every where, Because of Naam the world comes to exist. Naam is the source.As Guru Sahib says :

This world which you see is the image of the Lord (Onkar);

the Lord (Ek Onkar) has become manifest..”

– SGGS page 922