Saturday, April 29, 2006

5. Get connected to Naam through Simran… (The Method part I)

Simran is being repeatedly advised by Guru Sahibji as a mean to have Naam in life. Simran means to remember and to keep affirming the remembrance through repetition.

The basis behind Simran is that we already have Naam connection.

Naam operates in our subconscious mind .All our bodily and cellular processes work because of presence of Naam. Since our birth we have taken for granted functioning of parts of our body. The textbooks explain in detail the parts and their functions never having a doubt as to how the atoms came together forming cells, the cells into organs and organs automatically functioning as a bodily system. But how they know what to do is seldom thought upon.
Science now tells about existence of a morphogenic field- an information field on which the structure of our body stands. This field is subtle energy and so is our mind field. Quantum physics is already postulating that the universe is consciousness.
Guru Sahib already explains that the universe functions because of HIS presence. HE is Karta Purakh.
Our connection from Naam is clouded because of presence of ha-umai or ego. The Maya further keeps the Mind in doubt by creating illusions. Our path towards re-connection starts with knowing the reality and setting aside illusions through Guru Sahib’s words .Then to LIVE GURBANI by dwelling on the meanings, reciting it and reshaping our mind with intention to remove hold of Maya. We LIVE GURBANI when accepting our Divine Origin the principles of living elucidated in Gurbani is imbibed. Simultaneously do Simran.
Through Simran we remember and get connected with Naam in our conscious awareness as well.

Simran is done when we listen/recite/sing Gurbani kirtan (recitation of verses only from Shree Guru Granth Sahibji) and specifically when we do Jap (to recite repeatedly) along with consciously FEELING HIS presence.

Here is a Shabad pearl picked out of the treasure - Shree Guru Granth Sahibji explains lucidly the Simran method:

“Through Simran, Naam is obtained and afflictions are removed.
The presence of Har Prabh (God) is felt within and outside by us (during Simran).
(This has happened when...)
The Guru has (first) removed fear, attractions and illusions (when by accepting Gurus teachings and spending more time on understanding Gurbani rather than reciting)
(and then during Simran) by seeing Gods presence where ever you go.”
-SGGS page 107

The meanings of these Guru Sahib’s words are subtle:

We have to understand and accept what is being told to us by Guru Sahib regarding our Divine nature and nature of Maya’s illusions.
The principle is to “FEEL the presence, accept the presence as real (even though Maya says HE is separate), you will actually Know HIS presence”

As Guru Sahib Says :

"What one serves (in mind through thoughts and beliefs) tends to manifest"

-SGGS page 223