Monday, May 15, 2006

7. Get connected to Naam through Simran… (The Method part III)

The first thing a rightly done Simran does is that it takes you inside.
Your awareness point is shifted inside.
Simran starts you on the journey homewards, towards merging of Jyote with Jyote (light with light).

What happens first is that your awareness is shifted from the world of maya to inside in the consciousness. Know that awareness is not lost only shifted to deeper levels of finer consciousness.
.Guru Sahibji advices us to keep the awareness inside connected with Naam while we are operating in the physical world. From this point of attention our conscious awareness starts to function with Naam connection. At this point Simran is further done .The intention gets forceful and hold of maya reduced
. We do can go further and further hearing Shabad inside, even be in Samadhi.

We have to understand the significance of this shift in point of awareness which also bestows us with creative powers to live a life that befits our stature as Jyote Swaroope.

Our intention will rid us of the five passions. The hold of maya on our mind will reduce. We can heal our physical body ailments. We can live in true abundance , prosperity, health and happiness based on Gurbani’s principles.

Now let us understand Guru Sahibji’s explanations and advices from one Shabad to another.

-SGGS page 878

Mix your conscious awareness with deeper consciousness (reference to deeper level of consciousness more universal in nature; keep in mind that all has originated from one source) in this way. Make a ropeway from physical body to cross over (starting point is physical body since our awareness is at physical level mostly).
Keep this awareness (which has crossed over) within you. (Inside) lamp starts to burn unceasingly (lamp is reference to your conscious awareness in HIM). 1
Float such a lamp upon the water
(Water is reference to all pervading presence of God; accept and feel this presence).
Burning the lamp this way brings all understanding (meaning reality is understood intuitively). 1 Pause
(Guru Sahibji having explained the process for burning the lamp next implores us to burn the lamp and its importance)
The clay of the lamp gets better (means it is kept burning) when understanding is imbibed and accepted for action.
On the wheel of actions the lamp is shaped. These actions (how we live life in thought, words, and deed) are a support to us in this world and in the next. 2
When He Himself grants His Grace (when conditions are right), then, as Gurmukh, one understands how to burn the lamp.
Within this lamp is permanently lit and is not extinguished by water or drowned in it (meaning Guru Sahibji assures that your conscious awareness is not merged in all pervading consciousness so have no fear if any of being lost). The water (i.e. all pervading consciousness, HIS PRESENCE) itself keeps this lamp afloat. 3
The wind (meaning maya’s attractions) does not shake one who has floated the lamp nor does he think himself bigger; even while feeling as if a throne has been found.
Kh'shaatree, Brahmin, Soodra or even a Vaish (reference to all kinds of wordly people) cannot find the value of this lamp, even by thousands of calculations (which are material in nature).
When anyone lights such a lamp, says Nanak, he stats living across (meaning has Naam connection). 4

Here are some more pearls from among many in SGGSji:

-SGGS page 358

Name of the One (meaning Naam) is my lamp;
my sufferings (of physical realm) are put as oil in it.
Its flame (Naam) dries up this oil (sufferings are removed),
and I no longer have to meet the Messenger of Death ( means have understood there is no such thing as death ,the soul ever lives).

-SGGS page 149

The jewel is found within home of own self; when the lamp is lit.

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