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8. Get connected to Naam through Simran… (The Method part IV)

The Home inside (Nijh ghar )

Own home inside living is obtained as one is absorbed in the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. (Meaning: through Simran)

In Gurbani the resting place when Simran takes you inside is called Nijh ghar .

While beginning Simran Guru Sahibji advices one to

i) listen to the Simran inside


ii) to do Simran with each breath while sitting, standing, lying ,walking ,eating and while doing your daily chores.

Simran then takes you inside through a natural gentle subtle automatic pull and places your focus point inside the head. The point is approximately between the two ears, slightly lower , at a point inside where the breath strikes on the mouth cavity. As it is a point in our subtle body its exact physical body part cannot be specified.

This Nijh ghar is the place where we have to keep our attention and operate in the physical world with conscious awareness. While at this point that we can feel HIS presence simply by ‘feeling’ and ‘knowing’. We can also observe HIS presence in the outside Physical world simply by ‘feeling’ and ‘knowing’.

In the Nijh ghar we can hear the SHABAD going on inside, just attempt to hear in a quiet place where sensory input is less you will start to hear it. As one progresses full bloom Anhad Shabad is heard.
(This comment has been added Later : The Nijh Ghar refered above is the one at the physical level , the shabad pulls the surt afterward and the individual reaches the Nijh Ghar in the Ekha (One) of Ek Ongkar where the Two earlier are now One )
Some Gurbani Quotes:

(Note: simple literary translation does not give true meaning of Gurbani. Meaning is intuitively revealed when basic principles and teachings of Guru Sahibj are kept in mind. Actual meaning remains same wherever the word comes again. As one progresses new meanings begins to be seen .)

Those who listened (to recitation of Jap) and agreed (with Guru Sahibji’s words on his divine origin) presence, dwells in the home within.

In whose heart the lord abides, within them is illumination.
(It is through heart that we feel and when we feel our divine origin meaning we feel what we are and neither doubt nor question the process. We feel that ALL is HIM then the illumination comes feeling translates into experience)

I am a sacrifice to them, who make ego die to recognize their Divine origin.
( when in Simran we feel that WE are actually HIM ,HE is seeing , hearing ,talking , walking , eating as has been told by Guru Sahibji at no places in Gurbani then we are making the ego die as it is no longer operating)

The eighteen supernatural spiritual powers follow those (are in their reach)
who dwell and sit inside their inner home.

The diseases, fear and bondage go away when mind come to know of the peace while sitting in its own inner home.

When you are conscious in the consciousness, then shall come enlightenment.

You Yourself are the Giver and You Yourself the Enjoyer.
I do not consider (anything) other than You.

This mind is Shakti; this mind is Shiva.
(meaning mind has power to create)

This mind is the life of the five elements.

(Meaning it is the mind that brings into existence the material world of five elements. To this truth the Quantum physics also agrees)
When this mind is made unmann

(by placing your conscious awareness focus within after taking it out of the physical world),
He can then talk of the three worlds

( as the secrets of the world creation is then intuitively known ).

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