Thursday, July 13, 2006

9. “Hazuri” - HIS Presence Simran

There is a mystery in Simran, and for proper Simran we have to unreveal and understand this mystery.
In the Shalok given below ,which is to be read and reread and pondered, Guru Sahib reveals and explains how to do proper worship :

salok mehlaa 3.

naanak bin satgur bhaytay jag anDh hai anDhay karam kamaa-ay.
sabdai si-o chit na laav-ee jit sukh vasai man aa-ay.
taamas lagaa sadaa firai ahinis jalat bihaa-ay.
jo tis bhaavai so thee-ai kahnaa kichhoo na jaa-ay. 1

mehlaa 3.

satguroo furmaa-i-aa kaaree ayh karayhu.
guroo du-aarai ho-ay kai saahib sammaalayhu.
saahib sadaa hajoor hai bharmai kay chha-urh kat kai antar
jot Dharayhu.
har kaa naam amrit hai daaroo ayhu laa-ayhu.
satgur kaa bhaanaa chit rakhahu sanjam sachaa nayhu.
naanak aithai sukhai andar rakhsee agai har si-o kayl karayhu. 2


aapay bhaar athaarah banaspat aapay hee fal laa-ay.
aapay maalee aap sabh sinchai aapay hee muhi paa-ay.
aapay kartaa aapay bhugtaa aapay day-ay divaa-ay.
aapay saahib aapay hai raakhaa aapay rahi-aa samaa-ay.
jan naanak vadi-aa-ee aakhai har kartay kee jis no til na tamaa-ay. 15
-SGGS page 554
(Note : I have not been able to upload Gurbani in original as blog is not uploading image files so opted for this transliterated version above )

Here is the translation plus meaning of the slok :

Says Nanak, without meeting the True Guru, the world is blind,
and because of blindness accumulates Karma.
They do not bring in their awareness the Shabad ( their true origin ),which would enable peace to abide in the mind.
He is always afflicted with Tamas (inertia of non action),
so wanders around passing days and nights burning
( because of five passions).
As is HIS pleasure so is happening
(nothing exists outside of God in this creation and what ever is happening is perfect);
of what purpose is to say anything.
(the world is what it is now out of choices made by it ,if majority is in Tamas so be it , our wishing or saying will not change the position now . Guru Sahib guides us by accepting what is without any blaming or resistance. This is what is called Raza). 1
The True Guru tells us to do this:
take Guru's Guidance andbring within your consciousness awareness
the Lord through remembrance.
The Lord Master is ever-present so tear away the veil of doubt
and install His Light within the mind.
The Name of the Lord (in Simran which brings HIS presence)is Ambrosial Nectar:
So take this as a healing medicine.
Remember how the True Guru keeps him in Raza
(as explained above so be in Razai.e. acceptance of circumstances whether you agree with them or not),
and the self-discipline will develop true love.
Says Nanak, this will keep you in pleasure in this world and
hereafter you shall celebrate with the Lord
( your consciousness will be nearer to the Higher consciousness). 2

(Here Guru Sahib explains HIS presence for the purpose of Simranso looking around FEEL HIS PRESENCE as stated by Guru Sahib below,there is only God everywhere )
He Himself is the vast variety of Vegetation,
and He Himself makes it bear fruit
( meaning the natural cycles , systems etc all have been made by Him)
He Himself is the Gardener, He Himself irrigates,
and He Himself puts them in His mouth
( the eaters of vegetation are also Him).
He Himself is the Creator (of the world – a manifestation of consciousness),
and He Himself is the Enjoyer(in the Created beings in the world);
He Himself is giver, and causes, as if, others are giver.
(our thoughts and positive expectation attract to us the needs as is this world through others as all is one consciousness )
He Himself is the Lord
(one whose will is prevailing in the creation ),
and He Himself is the Protector ( to whom one prays );
He Himself is permeating and pervading in every thing everywhere.
(all that exists is God’s consciousness and nothing exists outside of God)
Says Nanak, as His servant praise the wonders of the Lord
(as appearing in creation )
the Creator has no greed for the praises at all.
( this in fact is a way
to remember HIM ,to be with HIM and be HIM ,which we are
SGGS - Page 554
Guru Sahibji has first explained that the world is afflicted with Tamas a minds behavioural quality that has inertia as an element. Because of Tamas the focus of conscious awareness of persons is outward in the world and illusion is such that reality of their own origin and that of the world is not known to them.Only when meeting the True Guru can the reality be known an the person brought home even while living in the world. The person then first accepts Raza and stops resenting and resisting his present circumstances and that of the world.Method is to do worship in the form of Simran by reciting HIS name which is theGuru Mantra and Feeling presence within and around. The Simran takes your focus within and then SEE the presence by saying :

Tu Hi Tu Hi Tu Hi Tu Hi Tu Hi…..
(Thats’ YOU Thats’ YOU Thats’ YOU Thats’ YOU …)

There is only EK ONKAR that exists .All is Waheguru
Guru Sahibji assures us that there will be Sukh (comfort) in this world meaning thereby that physical body will be healthy, stress free mind ,fulfillment of needs and general prosperity. But these happen as per our intention as Guru Sahibji explains elsewhere in SGGS.
We thus also have to know how to use our intention force for the purpose of our needs.