Wednesday, December 27, 2006


What ever type or stage of disease you may have ,just start simran. Disease afflicts the body at three levels.. Mind of the person has a negative pattern and accompanying emotions. There is change in energetic flow in the subtle body , even blockages. At the physical level there is change in physiology and at cellular level causing distress.

Continue the present treatment methods. Simran healing aims at the first cause. Simran healing will be preventive subsequently .It will ensure no relapse.

The method for simran healing is a two step process mainly:-


First step is a move from knowledge to knowingness. The gyan (knowledge) that SGGSji imparts us has to be lived in this first part.
Among gyan given by Guru sahibji are these understandings as explained in the previous posts.

Understanding 1:
We are Jyout Swaroop (divine nature)

Understanding 2:
The world is a creation of consciousness. (Oneness)

Understanding 3:
The nature of the created world is a mind pattern.

Understanding 4:
As are your thoughts so is your state of mind and accordingly are events/circumstances in your life.

Armed with this knowledge of our Divine organ and oneness’ of the visible and invisible world, the first step is to reduce the gap of separation we have from the essence.

Simran is the tool to bridge this gap.
Simran means top “remember with feeling”.
Simran method involves recitation of Guru Mantra or/and Guru’s Shabads (words).

Guru mantra given by the guru is “waheguru” (pronounced as wahe-guru} wahe is an exclamation used when observing the creation with wonder. The complete word “waheguru” is another name of God. God is not restricted to one name he has numerous names.

Here is the method of simran:

i) Sit comfortably and close your eyes. For the beginner for sure and even for an adept, the time for simran prescribed is preferably Amrit Vela ( early morning from approx 4 am to 6 am ) when there is less worldly disturbance . At this time the thought vibrations of others do not disturb nor does daily motivators for work to be done. Similarly evening time after 6 pm is suitable (but not in these modern times as is the Amrit vela). If quiet time is available otherwise do utilize it for simran.

ii) Do jap ( Chant repeatedly) of Guru Manta WAHE GURU . Slowly in the beginning so that concentration is there. For focus one can also do jap by saying WAHE while taking breath in and GURU while breathing out. Beginners can voice out the word.

iii) Start to listen to your own voice.

iv) Simran then takes you inside through a natural gentle subtle automatic pull and places your focus point inside the head. The point is approximately between the two ears, slightly lower , at a point inside where the breath strikes on the mouth cavity. As this is a point in our subtle body its exact physical body part cannot be specified.

v) Do jap inside without making any sound. The voice is now inside you and also listened by you inside.

vi) Keep your awareness focused inside .Relax your physical body by intention alone. Feel it being relaxed.

vii) Be in a feeling of love.

viii) Feel the presence of God. Might be separate. Might be an intellectual presence (without any actual feeling) in the beginning. Persist without doubt. We are not used to feel the presence in this way because of doubt and even lack of worth. Know that he is every thing.

ix) Do simran as much as possible keeping awareness inside.

x) One can do simran using a shabad from SGGSji or even a line. These are repeated again and again as above (meaning we do jap).
xi) Start to do Simran with each breath while sitting, standing, lying , walking ,eating and while doing your daily chores

For understanding 1:
Do simran with eyes open also.
You are not separate but are only HIM.
When you look feel HIM looking.
When walk feel HIM walking
When you do chores feel HIM doing.
When you talk feel HIM talking
When you drive feel HIM driving.
And so on

For understanding 2 , when you look keep the focus inside. Look at the world outside while doing simran. Feel HIS presence in the world. Feel him everywhere. Shortly this feeling will convert to awareness of HIS presence.

Awareness of Understanding 3 will follow the above two naturally and intuitively. Your inside is reflected outside.

Another simran is “TU HI TU HI ….”
TU HI translates as “THIS IS HIM”. While seeing anything say TU HI.

Even beginning the above step starts to give benefit. So keep continuing.
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