Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Post 13: Simran and the healing power (last part)

How Simran heals

The power of Simran to heal can be better understood experientially than by a mere intellectual exercise.

So do this small exercise just NOW:

Stop NOW THIS VERY MOMENT and bring in your conscious awareness the beauty of your surroundings.

Don’t look at surroundings instead observe and feel them by not focussing at any outside object but keeping awareness within you.

Use the sense of touch, smell and listen to the sounds.

Observe richness of colour, the smoothness of objects, the softness, and pleasantness of sounds etc. The perfection in objects. There is beauty around you and beauty in the shape of your own body.

Bring in mind adjectives to describe what is being observed.
Repeat this exercise in natural surroundings and see the difference.

Those who had done meditation before will immediately come into the mode.

What had happened is that the usual focus of conscious awareness on thoughts of past and future was broken, the focus away from now is lost and mind comes in the moment.

Our mind is used to believing HE is separate rather than accepting there is only HIM. People find it difficult to accept that a table is also HIM or a stone is also HIM. But the world is HIS play and there is HE only.

Way to break the remove the link of separateness is SIMRAN. With Simran you are in this world as well as above it at higher vibrational level.

Here is what the Simran does:

Simran breaks the energetic link you have with the thoughts and the objects.
Simran takes you inside.
Simran alters your conscious awareness.
Simran keeps you in detached awareness.
Simran manifests forth the positive qualities in your personality.
Simran brings about control on negative behaviour- the five evil tendencies.
Simran gives you Naam connection.
Simran connects you with your divine origin.
Simran brings your body back to a healthy state.

The intellectual minded may still ask for further explanation. Let us recall the manifestation process as described in the previous post.
The direction of manifestation is as under.

Consciousness ----->Energy Field ----->Physical Body

The thoughts originating in the consciousness first affect the energy field and then the physical body. In fact all the objects have this energy field.
Out of the potentiality in the universe the chosen thought has a polarity. Polarity is duality in the universe. The plus and the minus.

When you think of love the opposite fear is also there. If you think of having an apple the opposite no apple is also there. If it is hot the opposite cold is also there. If it is anger the opposite pleasure is also there.

What we have chosen in the past or have been made to chose by the suggestions of our peers and elders have created a belief pattern which we consider as true with regard to us. Most of the time we subconsciously choose what is in accordance with our accepted beliefs. If we believe that you are good in dancing your chosen behaviour will be accordingly. If you believe that you are a terrific salesman then through your choices you will bring about tremendous sales. If a person considers him a failure he then is a failure.
This whole subject is so vast with so many aspects that there is no short explanation. It can simply be said that we choose one of the polarity which affects the energy field and results in creation of our reality in accordance with the choice. The reality may be the events, circumstances, successes, failures, the healthy or diseased state of our body and so on.
We are in fact living in a world which already has the created reality of material objects, the accepted beliefs of collective consciousness. In this world we do have a say and create our individual reality. We can choose to have a healthy body but can we choose to go against the accepted belief that the body ages with time.

The process of manifestation is thus.

Consciousness .---> polarity chosen ---> Energy Field --> Physical Body.

Another point with regard to the outcome of our choices is whether the choice is of “acceptance level” or “doubt level”.

In this universe the acceptance and doubt also play their part about what can happen and what not.

An object when thrown falls to the ground and does not go up. This is an established fact of your experience and no doubt comes to mind. But if anyone says that a heavy object will not go down but will float on water we immediately doubt it. These are examples of core acceptances we have we do not doubt that these will not happen.

Manifestations of physicality in this world are of three types:

· The basic world structure along with the laws on which it functions. It comprises the world around us - the environment .Life of the universe is so long that we cannot expect it to go away and replaced by a new universe with different set of laws governing it.
· The second are objects /processes which are short lived in comparison but accepted by many technology driven gadgets, new designs. Invention of aeroplane – now we accept that man will travel in space as now in planes. Another is telephone – newer wireless instruments were easily accepted to exist. This category consists of material objects, ideas, styles general behaviour patterns. These exist but changes come in the form of newer versions like in fashion. Whether one likes the change or not but has to accept that it exists. Events in our life occur in accordance with our beliefs / expectations. Similar happenings occur in the case of others. We take it to be how life is. Suppose one lives up to the age of 200 years with a healthy body or case of a person whose liver affected by cancer corrects and regenerates the liver anew. Are these events acceptable to us now? Inspite of the fact that our body is so designed that technically it is possible to live long or to regenerate the liver.
· The third categories are manifestations which are taken not exist at all. These when occur are taken as miracles.

In our daily life there are events unconnected with core processes i.e. way the world around us is made and functions. For example you are driving and the light will be either red or green. This is an event which is not a core process but occurs as per your belief. When you consider that you always get red, it will be so.
At times you feel yourself lucky then you get green throughout the ride.
When in a hurry and pressed for time you get red.
The explanation lies in the state of your mind.
· When in a cheerful state of mind good events are attracted towards you with limitation of past conditioning only. At this time when you see ahead a traffic crawl/jam then your response decides the outcome. When you say and expect a delay and resign to the outcome then delays is there but not to the extant as happened in the past as you are still in a good state of mind. But if you Inspite of past experience are in a positive frame of mind stating you will reach in time and will clear soon then the result is even better. Lucky side roads or diversions take you through.
· When in a bad mood or in a hurry then the experience will be worse. You get red lights. The bad vibrations of the bad mood only attract further bad events.
· Another factor in manifestation is fear. Negative vibrations are grosser compared to positive ones. When you fear that an event may happen and desire it not to happen then the probability of it happening increases. It does happen most of the time the times it does not happen is because of collective consciousness as others want something else.
· Suppose someone wishes they get a clear run through while driving this time then your response generally is that this route has always traffic and you get caught always .This response is out of the acceptance level in your mind which has been formed by past experience. Your expectation creates that very experience. When expectation is different then even in that route you will find at that time a clear run through. But a person who has positive expectation definitely gets positive result. Choice of result is thus dictated by acceptance and doubt .You simply do not have what you choose because this factor influences the result and if the experience is in accordance with your acceptance level it will occur otherwise even if you want a different result then doubt about the outcome creates the opposite result.

Experiment with manifestation. Daily life small events like above or sports make for good practice. Focus only on the desired outcome and do not dwell further so as to avoid doubt influencing result.

The above example has been given to explain the process of manifestation of events.
Know that appearance of disease in the body is also a result of repeated events.
This physical world is being created by consciousness and so is our physical body .The change is inherent to it and the world is always in a process of dynamic change.

The disease originates from our mind. Guru Sahibji repeatedly asserts in SGGSji that our five evil tendencies are the cause of disease.
Today research in mind-body connection clearly point that mind influences the body towards health and disease. Anger, guilt, jealousy, anxiety, victim mentality, grief, remorse and other multitude of mind states influence negatively our body’s physiology on a daily basis whereas the positive state of mind comprising love , warmth , confidence , helpfulness etc keep our body healthy.
Here are some examples of diseases linked with mind states by medical researchers:

Anger, hostile behavior and depressive symptoms in apparently healthy individuals may lead to cardiovascular disease and stroke.
- Psychosomatic Medicine ( Sept.2004)
Anxiety disorders have been linked with Oral health problems.
- General Dentistry( November/December 2003)
Hostile attitude affects Blood Pressure in Social situations which are even non – threatening.
- Psychosomatic Medicine (January/February 2000).
People who are happy and relaxed may have more Immunity to Common Cold than those who are depressed, nervous or angry.
- Psychosomatic Medicine (July.2003).
These are only randomly chosen examples. There is tremendous amount of data available on mind-body connection in disease.
Researcher David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D author of the book Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior (1995) states that attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs are connected with various energetic pathways to all of the body's organs. ". These pathways are same as the meridians of Chinese medical treatment method –acupuncture. The Indian yoga system calls these pathways nadis’. The chakra system described in ancient Indian texts is a part of the energy body we have. According to hawkings the energy of thought induce changes in these energetic pathways and affect overall physiology.
The research work of David R. Hawkins along with Nobelist Linus Pauling, and Eric Kandel, M.D, have concluded that the mind, through our thoughts and memories, influences our physical beings at the most elementary levels.
The actual process may be whatever it is Guru Sahibji had already explicitly given us the cause and the solution.
There are numerous new age methods using imagination to heal the diseases but these have failed to avoid reoccurrence because the root remained. An example is Simonton method of treating cancer in 70,s which used imagination techniques to restore health.
Simran healing takes care of the root cause and treats at all level.

The disease in the body exists at the three levels:

1. In the mind as a negative mental pattern/belief/attitude.
2. In the ethric body’s energy blueprint by blocking pathways, clouding energy organs, restricting chakra functioning etc.
3. Changed physiology of the body, clots, growths etc

The healing like ways has to take place at all the three levels to be effective.

Treat the threatening problem in the physical body through physical means of allopathic medical practice and you may use other therapies to release disease pattern from the energy body.
When change in the mental pattern occurs the disease formation process is stopped. This is the reason for spontaneous remissions described in medical records.
To appreciate mind- body connection in disease look at the medical cases of multiple personality disorder. The story of "Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde" is a classical description of multiple personality. In multiple personality disorder the personality becomes dissociated into two or more distinct parts. Each of these parts become dominant and controls behavior from time to time to the exclusion of the other parts. The surprising part is that as the personality changes so do the body’s system with the diseases of that personality. If one personality had BP then it appears in the body and as soon as the personality changes along with it the BP, as the new personality does not have a BP in its corresponding body system. Dr. Bernie Siegel did lot of research on multiple personality disorder. Studies have documented that even eye colour changes as the personality changes and even disease like diabetes is manifested along with change of personality.
It is amazing that as the new personality takes over it brings in the body its related illness an example that mental patterns, the beliefs that causes the disease to manifest in the physical body.

Obviously a problem rooted in mind will require a solution at that level or above it. Guru Sahibji has given solution in the form of Naam Aukhad.

Simran treats at all levels because by changing the state of mind it attracts positive events like effective treatment at physical level. The intention influences the energy patterns in the energy body towards removal of blockages and negative energy. The identification with positive qualities builds up new patterns which resonate and bring about positive health.

There are stages of Simran and so are the corresponding healing effects.

Simran Stage I - Awareness

This is the beginning stage. Start is with knowing more about his self and begins to experience that all is within. The beginner starts to be really aware of God and his relationship with HIM. His first relationship starts from being a Sevak (nearest translation is servant) and moves forward to a friendship, parent and finally setting aside ego experiences that all is GOD including him.

Corresponding Healing Stage:

The state of mind is of forgiveness, respect, affection and that of confidence. The fear and anxiety begins to go away and so does the hold of five evils.
The body’s natural defence systems are active and they begin to start restoring health. The intention of the person becomes powerful and when properly focussed starts to loosen up the hold of negative programming at energetic level. There is also beginning of replacement with positive beliefs. He begins to understand the nature of illusion (maya) which keeps creating the world.

Simran Stage II – Identification

What Simran does is that it takes the conscious awareness and places it at a higher plane. One is the above material plane.
The Simran practice further takes him to the stage that he has experiences of oneness and identification with the universal consciousness. One shifts between the two worlds – material and spiritual. He experiences deep meditation. He starts to live the illusion. Once maya had overpowered him now maya waits for his command with folding hands.

Corresponding Healing Stage

The power of intention is very strong. There is identification with the GOD and godly qualities. Positive qualities as intended begin to manifest. Health of the body is a natural state. HE is health and so are you.

Proper focus even brings about regeneration of defective organs.

Simran Stage III - Anand

This is the stage of anand (joy). There is oneness and detachment.

Corresponding Healing Stage:

A stage that can create what is called a miracle.

For progress in the entire above stages guru’s grace is required. As one progresses he meets the true GURU inside him. Guru gives naam in word form and this naam evolves and dwells deep within the when Simran is put into practice.