Monday, January 07, 2008

26.The Miraculous Power of Ardas (Part I)

Ardas (Prayer) has been used to seek divine assistance during problems, difficulties and for healing since ages. While miraculous results have been recorded, it is also true that many prayers go unanswered. But when Guru Sahibji declares that

The prayer of the Lord's humble servant is never goes vain.
-SGGS 819

When it is declared that “No prayer goes unanswered” then we have to check whether the prayer conforms to the prayer preconditions. When done properly a prayer never goes unanswered.

All thoughts we have are in a way prayers as these create our reality. The all pervading creative force is ever creating our reality, the world, the universe. The reality that we are experiencing is in accordance to our present thoughts and belief pattern. These patterns are crystallized thought energy which acts on our body’s physiology and has produced pathological changes and result in diseases. These thought patterns activate universal forces and create our circumstances and situations.

Prayer is a method to go across and submit our intention to the creative force to initiate the changes at spiritual level that percolate and bring about healingin the body and change in the circumstances.Prayer is done before God, the lord. To be effective we must have a belief in the existence of the almighty. This belief is the first condition.HE before whom we address our prayer is to be understood, first at least intellectually.

Here is how Guru Nanak describes HIM. The words are in Gurmukhi script and cannot be properly translated so I have given brief explanations.

ik-oNkaar sat naam kartaa purakh nirbha-o nirvair akaal moorat ajoonee saibhaN gur parsaad.

ik-oNkaar - Ek ongkar symbolizes HIM. The EK which means one symbolizes oneness. There is only HE in the entire universe. Everything is HIM including us and the material world.
The Ongkar symbolizes HIS created universe. From the formless has come the form. From eternal void and the silence has come the creative sound (known as shabad), the vibration which is everywhere and in everything and so is universal consciousness. The created world is a maya – which means it appears real but is not real.

Sat naam – Sat means truth. Truth is that which does not change. Eternal Truth is His Name (identity).He is also our real identity. Our individual consciousness is simply HIS consciousness intermingled with (an illusionary) ego – that creates experience of separateness.

kartaa purakh - He is the Doer of everything. Karta Purakh means that HIS presence is the real creative force. Everything in the world including the physical laws work because of HIS presence .HE is the real karta ( the doer) the invisible creative force.

Nirbha-o - Without fear. Fear is not a part of HIM. Fear is an illusionary part of creation. A work of maya (the grand illusion).

Nirvair - Without vengeance or anger. These again do not symbolize HIM but is maya. These exist in the created world. The caste, creed, status, shortcomings, evil or good nature etc has no consideration before HIM.

Akaal moorat - Undying form (deathless).HE is eternal. Ever same. Has timeless existence. Death is there in the created world.ajoonee - Unborn. Birth and death is in the created word. He is ‘Akaal’ – meaning ever living and has not been born.

SaibhaN - Not begotten, being of His own Being. ‘Saibangh’ means exists as such and self-created. There is no other only HIM.

Gur parsaad. - By the Grace of the Guru, made known to mankind. We are so much in an illusion of separateness and our own identity that HIS knowledge can come only through Guru’s grace. Only a real guru in one with HIM can impart this knowledge and show the path of self- realization. This realization is of what our true origin is.We deep within our beings are one with HIM. All HIS creative force is available to HIS. The GODS or Avatars’ are those who while living in the physical body are ONE with HIM. They do not have the illusion of separateness and are the messengers. The saints are ONE with HIM but do not have the purpose which Avatars have.

The highest form of prayer is to address the prayer directly to HIM – the creator.

The prayer can be addressed before an avatar or saint’s image or without an image with a clear knowledge that it is actually directed at the creator.We keep the conscious awareness WITHIN during prayer. HE is within us too.

The conditions for a prayer are as under:

First – Belief in the existence of creator and HIS presence within us.

Second – Belief that the creative power acts and the material forces are aligned towards fulfillment of the intention in the prayer.

Third – Belief that the intention or purpose is right and we are actually ready to accept the outcome.

Fourth – Faith and belief that the prayers outcome would be positive. It would be fulfilled. We do not harbor any doubt.

Fifth – We express full faith and do not have a divided faith. Like we pray but at the same time are expecting that the result can or would be by so and so human means. His creative force is actually acting in whatsoever manner and through whomsoever as is right for the result.

The reliance on man is futile.

Others are in similar fear .
Our reality creation is due to our thoughts and collective consciousness.
The source of result is within where we approach the creator of the universe.