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27. Miracle of Ardas (prayer) --Part II

Ardas ( prayer) is an important spiritual tool in the life of a Sikh. A Sikh is a house holder. He works honestly for living and in this world he faces problems like any other individual. An Ardas not only solves his daily life problems but brings him nearer to Waheguru. An Ardas is also a simran. Waheguru ji is ‘antaryami’ meaning already knowing our inner thoughts. HE does not need a prayer with a concentration to know our needs or desires but we need to do Ardas to be nearer to HIM.
An Ardas of a Sikh for his needs is heard and universal forces are activated for the fulfillment.
An Ardas which benefits many is heard.
An Ardas without involving ‘I’ or ego is heard.
An Ardas that reduces ego or haume and is spiritually uplifting is heard.

The life that we are to live as per guru’s guidance is that of living in the presence of Waheguruji. We know and are aware that HE the creator is ever present everywhere. HE is within and without. HE is the Guru within. HE is the only presence. The world is a maya and our separateness is an illusion. The ego perpetrates this separateness. The relationships with, other persons and objects in the world perpetrates this separateness.

A person who lives life as per Guru's given wisdom and understanding is a Sikh (Disciple). The Sikh moulds his mind to Guru's teachings.A Sikh lives life in such a way that the element of separation is gradually reduced and in this way the Sikh gets nearer and nearer to HIM. The Sikh is not a renouncer of the world and its objects but ever lives enjoying the world in a non-attachment way. It is like travelling in a train and knowing all the time that the seat does not belong to him at the same time during the journey it is for his sitting comfort. The Sikh’s relationship with the worldly relations and objects should be like that.

A Sikh also is an ever acceptance state of mind. He knows that what is happening in the world is a result of HIS Will. This WILL is creative force acting in accordance with thoughts and beliefs in collective consciousness. This world is ever changing one. There is cycle of life and death. There are many such cycles. A Sikh does not resists or feels angry at what has happened or is happening but knows that HIS prayer would be heard and the same forces would shift and bring about the desired change. The change brought about is within the ambit if creative pattern of the universe. The change is in accordance with the universal laws.
Take for example, a person who prays to heal the body from a disease .His body has become diseased because of his own karma consisting of negative thinking, emotions and behavior which affect the physiology and creates pathological changes in the body over some time. A prayer would not immediately change the body to a healthy state. The change initiated by prayer is in accordance with the universal laws. Regeneration and recovery is initiated through the removal of cause of disease. At mind level the proximity of divine and the state of surrender dissolves the mental blocks which are now positive emotions. At the ethric level the negative energy is disintegrated. At the physical level the body’s regeneration mechanism becomes operational. The external situations change and the medical intervention where needed is appropriate and effective with right persons involved.
For even such a desired change to occur, the prayer has to be in the right way.
The first requirement is the state of mind that stops struggles and surrenders. There is no resistance of the type ‘Why me?’ There is also no dependence on external sources like a medical system or medication. The medical systems and the medicines work in accordance with the universal forces of change and have nothing absolute about them. Fear and doubt about the effectiveness of the Creator or the divine towards whom the prayer is directed only results in that very fear being manifested. Here we are not allowing the Creator. In this world the rule is ‘what one sows so one reaps’. When we sow the confidence of effectiveness of creative forces then what we reap is the result of a successful prayer outcome. This is perceived as a miracle but in fact not a miracle but a manifestation as per laws. All that happens is within the Hukam (God’s will) .
Prayer is a method of moving forces of creation in a more powerful way than we do in the daily life. When we pray and allow the initiation of action by the higher creative forces without any doubt and fear in the mind and in full confidence and so it happens. The mechanism of ardas is a part and parcel of the design of this world created by Waheguru.It is part of path towards knowing our origin of being same as the creator. In prayer our awareness is focused within at a level of consciousness closer to subtle spiritual dimensions.
Way of the prayer is one of Love. We are in communion with the divine. We are in present eternal time of NOW without any anxiety towards outcome or failure. We pray and remain in a state of confidence.
After the prayer we should recite shabads only and should avoid repeating the prayer as it shows our lack of faith in the prayer and giving of appropriate result by the Karta (creator).The recitation of shabads when any doubt comes would keep us in a positive frame of mind.
Ardas shold be done preferably during amrit vela ( before 6.00 AM early morning) and if possible before SGGSji.During ardas keep eyes closed and the focus of awareness deep within. Feel the presence of Karta within. HE is ever present wether we are aware or not. The purpose of prayer should be genuine and for the benefit . The purpose which has element of raising the ego ( ahankar) or is harmful is less likely to be fulfilled. We can also put forward an arrangement whereby an assertion is made that as thankfulness a spiritually uplifting activity would be undertaken. Here thankfulness which is ritualistic or donation that does not raise ones spiritual level is less likely to be acceptable. In a prayer love relationship and spiritual advancementis of paramount importance.


Everyone begs from You, and all offer prayers to You each day. Those, unto whom You give, receive everything. You are far away from some, and You are close to others.

So offer your prayers to Him, the Giver of Peace, the Destroyer of fear.
Showing His kindness, the Kind Master shall resolve your affairs.

He is the Presence Ever-present; offer your prayers to Him. Pain and pleasure are in the Hands of Karta (creative aspect), the True Creator.
SGGS 352

When your soul is feeling sad, offer your prayers to the Guru. Renounce all your cleverness, and surrender your mind and body to Him. Worship the Feet of the Guru (touch of divine within), and your evil-mindedness shall be burnt away.
SGGS 519

You are our Lord and Master; to You, I offer this prayer. This body and soul are all Your property. You are our mother and father; we are Your children.

SGGS 268

DHANAASAREE, FIFTH MEHL: He has extended His power in all four directions, and placed His hand upon my head. Gazing upon me with his Eye of compassion, He has dispelled the pains of His devotee. 1 The Guru, the Lord of the Universe, has saved the Lord's humble servant. Hugging me close in His embrace, the kind, forgiving Lord has erased all my sins. Pause whatever I ask for from my Lord and Master, he gives that to me. Whatever the Lord's slave Nanak utters with his mouth proves to be true, here and hereafter. 2 14 45
SGGS 681