Friday, June 14, 2019

Jap Meditation Revealed - Book

The book on Jap Meditation has been released on Amazon as an eBook first. The paperback would be available shortly as it is under print. 

This book is internally guided and based on actual experience and revelations by Satguru. It gives English translation of Japji along with Comments. There is a Chapter on Jap meditation.

The book gives location of Charnarbind as mentioned in Gurbani. This point is also called Pawan Bind in Gurbani, indicating the location. At this point the Anhad Shabad is heard. This point is translated as Nirgun Point in English.

The Jap Meditation takes us to a “Nirgun Point” within where the ever-present Anhad Shabad, the Celestial Sound Vibration of Creation is heard. This is the place where we are to place our awareness even with eyes open while doing worldly affairs.

This book reveals the Jap Method not commonly known. It is available on Amazon.