Saturday, November 24, 2007

Guru Nanak has introduced us to EkOngkar.

Today is 24th November, the day the world celebrates the arrival of Guru Nanak in this age of kalyug. He brought a shining light to the widely prevailing Spiritual darkness. It is not possible to describe the full glory of the light brought about by Guru Nanak; an attempt is made to look at one aspect of it.
Guru Nanak has introduced us to EkOngkar

In this is the numeral one :

The numeral one has been placed before the word Ong -

and added then by adding kar at the end changed it to - EkOngkar.

EkOngkar is representative of the One Creator as well as the oneness in the creation.
EkOngkar also represents the flow of creation.
EkOngkar also represents the Nirankar before the creation.
Gurbani introduces us to all the aspects of EkOngkar. Although the meaning of Ekogkar is beyond our limited mind still something can be touched which of course would be limited.
Let us first look at the smallest form Ong.

Guruji says that:

Blessed, blessed is the sound Ong the flute that the Lord plays.
Wherein the sweet, sweet unstruck sound current comes forth.
-SGGS 988

The Ong represents the Anhat Shabad that emanates. This shabad vibration is within all the creation. The Anhad Shabad ever exists in Ongkar and has a role to play in creation. From Ongkar has come the creation.

From Ongkar has come the creation. The days and the nights been made. The forests, meadows, three worlds, water, the four Vedas, the four sources of creation, the countries, the continents and all the worlds, have all come from THE ONE .
-SGGS 1003

How big and timeless is this creation is some thing we cannot grasp.

Many millions are the fields of creation and the galaxies. Many millions are the etheric skies and the solar systems. Many millions are the divine incarnations. In so many ways, He has unfolded Himself. So many times, He has expanded His expansion. Forever and ever, is HE the ONE, Ekankar. Many millions are created in various forms. From God they emanate, and into God they merge once again. His limits are not known to anyone. Of Himself, and by Himself, O Nanak, God exists.
-SGGS 276

Before the Ongkar Guruji has placed the numeral ONE 1 .

In this ONE is SUNN , the zero , the nothingness ,the void and also his ever presence as represented by line. To understand this let us look at the paths of God Realisation . The major paths are the Bhakti marg , the meditation and the Naam Simran .

In the Bhakti marg the devotee develops relationship with the creator. Sometimes a father, sometimes a mother. As he progresses the stage is reached when Bhagat is not there, only HE remains. From two they have become one.

In the path of meditation the mediator searches within. He goes beyond the thoughts. A stage comes when they reach silence. There is nothing within and without. They reach nothingness. The creator merges with the meditator. They become an image of God. There is no difference between Atma and Parmatma. This is why they are known as and called Bhagwan -God.
What have they seen and how can that be described. They say that there is SUNN, nothingness only zero.

The SUNN has been described as creative aspect of Ongkar in gurbani. From Ongkar has come creation with a creative kalan of suun.

The Infinite Lord assumed creative Void. HE Himself is unattached, infinite and incomparable. He Himself exercised His Creative Power, and HE gazes upon HIS creation; from the Primal Void, He formed the Void. From this Void, HE fashioned air and water. He created the universe, and the king in the fortress of the body. YOUR Light pervades fire, water and souls; creation rests in the Void.
-SGGS 1037

Guruji by introducing the numeral ONE have changed the viewpoint.

Guru ji has gone beyond .
What has been described as nothing or void has also been described as ever existing something.
Both the viewpoints are true. What is void or nothing only appears as nothing. In this nothing is also HIS ever presence. Ekankar is ever existence of HIM.

EkOngkar is HE the Nirankar , the Ongkar , the Anhat Shabad , the ever presence as as oneness in the creation.

The miracle that Guru Nanak has brought about is to bring spirituality in the household. Even while living as a householder the gurmukh reaches the higher spiritual levels . Gurmkh lives in oneness .The jap ,kirtan ,vichar of gurbani brings this change.The inverted lotus within blossoms forth in sehaj.

The path is of simran and the meeting of surt with shabad . The shabad then pulls the surt and gurmukh merges in HIM.