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Guru Nanak has introduced us to EkOngkar.

Today is 24th November, the day the world celebrates the arrival of Guru Nanak in this age of kalyug. He brought a shining light to the widely prevailing Spiritual darkness. It is not possible to describe the full glory of the light brought about by Guru Nanak; an attempt is made to look at one aspect of it.
Guru Nanak has introduced us to EkOngkar

In this is the numeral one :

The numeral one has been placed before the word Ong -

and added then by adding kar at the end changed it to - EkOngkar.

EkOngkar is representative of the One Creator as well as the oneness in the creation.
EkOngkar also represents the flow of creation.
EkOngkar also represents the Nirankar before the creation.
Gurbani introduces us to all the aspects of EkOngkar. Although the meaning of Ekogkar is beyond our limited mind still something can be touched which of course would be limited.
Let us first look at the smallest form Ong.

Guruji says that:

Blessed, blessed is the sound Ong the flute that the Lord plays.
Wherein the sweet, sweet unstruck sound current comes forth.
-SGGS 988

The Ong represents the Anhat Shabad that emanates. This shabad vibration is within all the creation. The Anhad Shabad ever exists in Ongkar and has a role to play in creation. From Ongkar has come the creation.

From Ongkar has come the creation. The days and the nights been made. The forests, meadows, three worlds, water, the four Vedas, the four sources of creation, the countries, the continents and all the worlds, have all come from THE ONE .
-SGGS 1003

How big and timeless is this creation is some thing we cannot grasp.

Many millions are the fields of creation and the galaxies. Many millions are the etheric skies and the solar systems. Many millions are the divine incarnations. In so many ways, He has unfolded Himself. So many times, He has expanded His expansion. Forever and ever, is HE the ONE, Ekankar. Many millions are created in various forms. From God they emanate, and into God they merge once again. His limits are not known to anyone. Of Himself, and by Himself, O Nanak, God exists.
-SGGS 276

Before the Ongkar Guruji has placed the numeral ONE 1 .

In this ONE is SUNN , the zero , the nothingness ,the void and also his ever presence as represented by line. To understand this let us look at the paths of God Realisation . The major paths are the Bhakti marg , the meditation and the Naam Simran .

In the Bhakti marg the devotee develops relationship with the creator. Sometimes a father, sometimes a mother. As he progresses the stage is reached when Bhagat is not there, only HE remains. From two they have become one.

In the path of meditation the mediator searches within. He goes beyond the thoughts. A stage comes when they reach silence. There is nothing within and without. They reach nothingness. The creator merges with the meditator. They become an image of God. There is no difference between Atma and Parmatma. This is why they are known as and called Bhagwan -God.
What have they seen and how can that be described. They say that there is SUNN, nothingness only zero.

The SUNN has been described as creative aspect of Ongkar in gurbani. From Ongkar has come creation with a creative kalan of suun.

The Infinite Lord assumed creative Void. HE Himself is unattached, infinite and incomparable. He Himself exercised His Creative Power, and HE gazes upon HIS creation; from the Primal Void, He formed the Void. From this Void, HE fashioned air and water. He created the universe, and the king in the fortress of the body. YOUR Light pervades fire, water and souls; creation rests in the Void.
-SGGS 1037

Guruji by introducing the numeral ONE have changed the viewpoint.

Guru ji has gone beyond .
What has been described as nothing or void has also been described as ever existing something.
Both the viewpoints are true. What is void or nothing only appears as nothing. In this nothing is also HIS ever presence. Ekankar is ever existence of HIM.

EkOngkar is HE the Nirankar , the Ongkar , the Anhat Shabad , the ever presence as as oneness in the creation.

The miracle that Guru Nanak has brought about is to bring spirituality in the household. Even while living as a householder the gurmukh reaches the higher spiritual levels . Gurmkh lives in oneness .The jap ,kirtan ,vichar of gurbani brings this change.The inverted lotus within blossoms forth in sehaj.

The path is of simran and the meeting of surt with shabad . The shabad then pulls the surt and gurmukh merges in HIM.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Through Shabad live in Naam.

While reading Shri Guru Granth Saheb ji among the words those comes frequently are ‘Naam’ and ‘Shabad’. These are also the words that have deep meaning and needs to be given much thought.
Guru Sahebji says that :

Through the Guru's Teachings, illumination (knowledge) is received.
And through the Shabad, is received the Lord as Naam.
- SGGS 30

The gurbani in the words of Guruji is ‘Braham Vichar’ – it expounds and presents spiritual knowledge. The gurbani meanings also change as per stage of the devotee who then begins to perceive subtle meanings and explanations about the subtle spiritual realm. The same words which earlier had been read in a go suddenly begin to hold the attention.

Let us now look at the word ‘Shabad ‘which is commonly thought to mean a hymn or sections of SGGSji. The shabad is sung as kirtan. We listen to Guru’s shabad in kirtan. But the word shabad has a different meaning also. Let us try to the subtle hints in SGGSji.

Here Guruji says:

O mind, swim across,
by focusing your consciousness on the Shabad.
- SGGS 19

Here we are being asked to focus conscious attention on the shabad. And this is what the focus does to the mind.

The Shabad of the True one fascinates the mind;
And then God Himself arranges the meeting.
- SGGS 35

What is the secret of this ‘shabad’ that Guru ji which makes possible the merger a devotee yearns for. Here is another explanation from SGGSji.

As Gurmukh we understand that Bani (Guru’s word) is Braham;
through shabad we meet HIM.
- SGGS 39
Braham is the unchanging reality which is the aspect of oneness that is all matter, energy, time, space, beings and everything even beyond in this universe.

We as Sikhs are well aware of Anhad Shabad being a shabad (celestial sound) which is heard at the tenth gate and about hearing of which Guru Amardas ji has uttered the Bani ‘ Anand Sahib’. He exhorts us to hear the shabad. This hearing of the shabad and effort to keep focus on the "heard shabad" is the essence of Surt Shabad meeting.

Liberation is when the Guru unties the bonds; and the honor is obtained by focusing conscious awareness on the Shabad,
- SGGS 1255

Shabad in physical form is the Guru’s bani and shabad is also within us. A sikh who does regular simran within hears shabad inside coming from the area of tenth gate. This celestial sound some say is like a HUMMMM sound and even is compared with night sounds of insects. At the gross level where our surt is generally the sound is heard as such by our inner ears.
As we keep our Surt focused on the shabad we gradually begin to get absorbed it in. On further progress this celestial sound heard is very pleasant. This sound is Anahat meaning that which is formed without any object striking another. Gurbani therefore calls it Anhad Shabad. This shabad has quality of light also and this is why many a devotee sees celestial light as well. The shabad is the one that pulls the Surt through the tenth gate known as Dasam Dwar. Here is how Guruji describes the importance of Shabad.

Shabad is guru in the physical form of SGGSji. On reading the shabad’s we get gyan and through recitation and kirtan our consciousness is lifted and we become more ‘sato guni’. We then move more inward and hear the shabad guru. Shabad is an aspect of Karta . Shabad as guru gives us intuitive understanding of spiritual realms and also guidance relevant to the physical life. As the physical guru liberates us so does the Shabad Guru.

Through the Shabad Guru, one crosses over this world-ocean.
The duality (separation belief) within is burnt within.
The five celestial sounds ( panch shabads) being the arrow and the drawn bow is aimed at the Tenth Gate in the Sky within, the death is beaten.
The faithless cynics cannot attain enlightened awareness of the Shabad. Without awareness of the Shabad, they come and go in reincarnation
- SGGS 1042

The panch sounds referred in the above hymn are the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and the Sky. These five have been created by the celestial shabad.
Gurbani explains that the ‘Nirankar’ has taken first as formless ‘Ekongkar’ (the oneness in the universe).This oneness is our origin and from the ‘Ekongkar’ has emanated ‘Braham’ swaroop. The Braham is also shabad roop. The shabad has given rise to the five elements and the material form in the universe. If we consider the scientific view then the quantum physics is very near here, as it tells everything is vibration.

A question that comes in mind is that as to where the shabad is coming from. Guruji has given a hint in these lines from SGGSji.

The sweet, melodious, unstruck sound current vibrates continuously
in the home of the Nirbhau.
-SGGS 1033

Guru ji has explained in the mool mantar that the Ekongkar is also Nirbhau. When Guruji talks about Nirbhau the word is used as an explanation in the sense that we can understand and relate to. The world we live in a world of duality. It is a world of relationship. The opposites exist so that the other is defined and experienced. We can understand love if fear is there. We can understand big if small is there. We can also understand Cold only if Hot is there. Look around and this relationship is seen around in all existence whether material or abstract. So also we have been created to live as if separate, in order that HE is experienced. Our houme (ego) ensures we feel and live as a distinct separate being. When this veil is lifted there is only HE.

Nirbhau can be translated to mean ‘fearless’. HE is SAT meaning truth .Here the meaning is that HE is not a creation like this created world which is ever changes but is same SAT ever. It is only in the created world that fear exists. The SAT swaroop is only love and anand. Fear does not exist in SAT swaroop. IT is from this SAT swaroop Ekongkar that home of Nirbhau that the shabad is originating. Guru ji has also explained in these lines :

Creation and destruction happen through the Shabad.
Through the Shabad, creation happens again.
--SGGS 117

This shabad has given rise to material world and this shabad is also the “thought energy” in our mind that makes possible thinking. This shabad also takes the form of words and language like everything else in the universe.

Here is an illustration to explain shabad :

Nirankar --> Ekongkar --> Onkar --> World (Duality)

From Ekongkar --> Anahad Shabad -->Shabad (blueprint)--> (Shabad as thoughts & Matter)

? <----- Merger in Naam <----Naam <---- Name illustrative of many roops

This shabad is the creative blue print of existence.
The hymns in SGGSji are called also Shabad because their origin is the shabad and these makes possible our meeting with the shabad within.
The ‘shabad roop hymns’ of SGGS ji give us gyan or spiritual wisdom.
These ‘shabad roop hymns’ change our state of mind and lift our consciousness.
Listening to the ‘shabad roop hymns’ our Surt goes within.
These ‘shabad roop hymns’ enable us to do Simran.
We hear the Shabad within and our surt meets with this shabad. The shabad then pulls the surt upward through Dasam Dwar in a state of merger.

Next is the question of relationship between Shabad and Naam.

Naam is our origin.

Naam is received truly when we reach and become OUR ORIGIN instead of living with a feeling of being separate. We have Naam when we live as jyote swaroop.
This line from SGGSji clarifies much.

Through the Shabad, meditate on the Naam;
through the Shabad, you shall merge in Truth.
- SGGS 67

The form of Naam in the material world is the Name of the Lord or God. Gurbani HE has many names. It is immaterial to call him by any name exclusively as any name would be only limited and cannot connect fully with the limitless. The knowledge of Naam can only be obtained from Guru.

Through the Shabad Naam blossoms within and through shabad we embrace the Naam;
Without the (awareness of) Shabad, the whole world lives as insane, and the earth life is lost in vain. The Shabad alone is Ambrosial Nectar; Says Nanak, as Gurmukh obtain it.
- SGGSji 644

We use names of God for the purpose of jap and simran. We use name as ‘Guru Mantra’ also.
When the purpose of a name a form of Naam in the physical world is served by arranging a meeting with Sat Saroop within there is no need for any name. Then we have Naam – our origin.
We see him existing every where and in everything.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

23.S. Raghbir Singh `Bir' on Healing through Simran

Bhai Saheb Raghbir Singh `Bir' were a poet of a high order, a scholar and spiritually enlightened. This is an extract from his book Bandaginama , - Communion with the Divine .

“To escape disease, or to fight it, our forefathers used a spiritual device that
is now in vogue in the West. This efficacious remedy, in the words of Guru
Arjan, is:

Naam is the panacea for all ills.
“Sarab rog ka aukhad naam”
Guru Arjan- Gauri Sukhmani

If and when drugs bring relief, we become dependent on them. But if
the spiritual device cures a patient, he sheds his fear of disease and is cured
permanently. Through his spiritual progress, he helps to cure others.

Spiritual seekers are well aware of the fact that the body as such is devoid
of life, it is inanimate, cannot move of itself, nor feel anything. Just as a chair
or a table cannot catch fever, similarly the body, which is like a chair or a
table in its want of life, should be incapable of catching fever. Another fact,
which the spiritual seeker is well aware of, is that the soul remains unaffected
and is not subject to disease or death. This means that the mind alone can
be affected by disease. Anything created by thought exists in thought or
fancy. To the spiritual researcher, therefore, disease has no meaning. God
abides in us, in every atom and molecule of our body, as such disease should
impossible. There must be no fear of disease.
Spiritually enlightened people know how to attune themselves to the Infinite, and being in touch with the inexhaustible, treasure-house of force, they
draw strength according to their needs, and do not stand in need of any external
agency for the sustenance of their life and health.

Even some of those who are not spiritually enlightened, but are endowed with some knowledge about God, through their study of religious books, have been found to cure diseases through God's grace.”

“The devotee should help to cure patients through prayer and Simran. This
will strengthen his faith and enable him to serve humanity in the best way.
I believe that the very touch of a man of Simran could drive away disease.

The perfect devotee is like the proverbial philosopher’s stone, and those who
are within the orbit and aura of his potent influence are healthy and happy.

It is not un-Sikh-like to cure disease through prayer and Simran. In the
Guru Granth there are many hymns of the Fifth Guru wherein the great
Guru chanted his prayers for the recovery of his son, Hargobind, and when
he was cured there were thanksgiving hymns..”

- Extracts from the Book Bandginama, by S. Raghbir Singh `Bir'

Saturday, July 21, 2007

22. Being Jyote Swaroop

In one of my early post I had written about our Divine Origin. This post is about being "Jyote Swaroop " - a share of my understanding from my experience on the path.
This I had shared in a Group on Simran Experience in Sikhnet Sevadars.

"O mind, you are a form of Divine Light - recognize your own origin."
- SGGS page 441

These words of Guru Sahebji that assert in clear terms our origin and direct us in the choice of our path had first stuck in my mind while reading the book “Sarab Rog ka Aukhad Naam “by Bhai Ragubir Singh Bir. Bir Sahebji had written a number of Books and emphasized that Gurbani is a science. The principles underlying gurbani worked only when understood and applied in the proper way.

The aim of simran should be to recognize and experience “our divine origin.”
It so happens that we keep on reading gurbani and the words do not strike a cord within to evoke related experience and understanding. When these strike it is Gurparshad meaning Grace.

Grace is the moment of transformation. Grace attracts the trigger for change. And it is happening to all of us. Grace is ever in our life. Grace comes in many forms.
About our being Jyote Swaroop, one understanding came while reading the following words from the Arti.

"Thousands are Your eyes, and yet You have not even one eye. Thousands are Your forms, and yet You have not even one form. Thousands are Your lotus feet, and yet You have not even one feet. You are without a nose, yet thousands are Your noses. Your play enchants . The Divine Light is within everyone, You are that Light. Within you is same Light that shines within everyone. "
-SGGS page 663

The meditation that developed out of these words is –

“When looking Feel that who is looking is HIM. When walking Feel that who is walking is HIM. While using the hands Feel that who is working is HIM. And so on …”

The simran meditations are have an essential element of pre acceptance . This pre acceptance is ‘Manne” of japji Saheb.
This pre acceptance is what actually is and has to be accepted first without any doubting or questioning. This is where surrender before the Guru comes in. It is acceptance of guru’s teachings.
The pre acceptance has also been expressed in the form of state of being. Feel the state and you transform to that state.
Words have meaning and evoke a response of experience within us.
You want to feel enthusiastic, think and just act enthusiastic and you will be so. Want to be happy, think of happiness and act happy.

Gurbani tells us that all qualities and everything is HIM. So being jyote swaroop we can any time access and be in that state of being.


“He does not die, so (being His light) I have no fear of death (will be living even after life on earth). He does not wither (his virtues remain same), so I do not stumble (get enticed by vices). He is not poor (is abundance), so I have no greed (I am satiated).He is never diseased, so I have no disease. 1The giver of life is our life Himself; and there is no other, only Him (EK ONKAR). When he is the only one, then there is no other Destroyer (a threat to existence). 1 Pause He has no bonds, so I have no bondage. He has no occupation, so I have no entanglements. He has no impurities, so I have no impurities (of mind). He is bliss, so I am ever in bliss. 2He has no anxiety, so I have no cares. He has no stain (affected by vice and virtue), so I have no afflictions (have become clean). He has no need, so I have no desires. As He is immaculate (pure), so I am chaste. 3Says Nanak, the Guru clears away doubts and misgivings. (That) I have no separate existence; He is the only One and there is oneness. Before and after (here and there) He alone exists. When I meet him (in a state of being), we are of same color (are similar).”
- SGGS page 391

This awareness of being Jyote Swaroop is possible in a mind state of ‘unman’ meaning when we keep focus of our awareness inward.
Simran is the way to detach our ever outward directed awareness and thinking inward. Simran leads us to Naam – our origin.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Simran Experience :Simran Method Questions from Harvinder Singh

Harvinder Singh has recently asked questions on simran method through email.

The questions and the answers are being shared for the benifit of the seeker who needs further clues .

The Guru within guides and attracts in the life the book , article , Vichar and even a blog post for clarity.

Harvinder Singh wrote as

"I have read your simran healing ebook recently and I have certainly enjoyed reading it as the ebook content was informative as well as interesting.

I have some questions regarding simran if you can please answer for me:

(1). When I practice simran I normally do it vocally. I have difficulty practicing it mentally. What happens is that for a few minutes I can do it mentally, but after that my mind tires and I cannot hold this thought for too long.

(2). Can one open their dasam duar if they do simran vocally? I would probably imagine one would have to do it for many hours a day over a long period of time?

(3). How can one improve their concentration so that one can perform mental simran? "

The Answer sent to this mail is as below :

"It is Guru 's Mehar that opportunity for sangat on the topic of simran has come about.

In the first question you have asked that :

"When I practice simran I normally do it vocally. I have difficulty practicing it mentally. What happens is that for a few minutes I can do it mentally, but after that my mind tires and I cannot hold this thought for too long. "

The Simran is different corresponding to the three levels :
1. Physical or Gross
2. Subtle energy plane– our emotional and mental body energies correspond to this plane.Also known as Astral plane.
3. Spirtual plane – also known as causal plane.

This is a broad classification and we have bodies corresponding to these levels.We can place our conscious awareness (SURT) at any of these planes.Normaly the surt is enbrossed in physical plane during our waking ours.

At the physical level the simran is vocal and is known as Jap and is done with the tongue.
Jap is mainly done of gurbani shabads.

Shabads are repeated again and again for Gyan , change of our state of mind (filling it with LOVE of Waheguru) and agreeing ( maniya) that HE is HAZAR NAZAR.

Waheguru shabad recitation voiced outside be listened by the ears (Suniya) so that the SURT is pulled automatically inside.

Then the Waheguru Gurumantra is spoken inside without involving tongue.Here also it is to be heard by the ears.

The above is a tool or method only as the aim is for the SURT to meet the Shabad going on inside.

The minds chatter goes on and on as it is the nature of mind.The SURT which is subtle goes beyond and above the viel of mental chatter.

In Japji Saheb Guru Sahebji says as under :

suni-aa mani-aa man keetaa bhaa-o.
antargat tirath mal naa-o.

When SURT is inside the simran is mental. Here feel the presence of Waheguru.When presence is felt recitation gets dropped .

Feel being filled with Light and love.
All qualities are HIS. All is HIM.So our attitude should be of acceptance whether we like it or not.Feel your negative gross qualities going. This way the emotional-mental energies become lighter and after some time the do not have much strength to take you out unless you desire.

Your second question is " Can one open their dasam duar if they do simran vocally? I would probably imagine one would have to do it for many hours a day over a long period of time? "

Vocal simran is jap and a start.One should prefer to do vocal simran of Gurbani Shabads ( full bani , shabad or part). Gurbani is Brahm Vichar.Gurbani gives us Gyan. Gurbani speaks of Waheguru.The proximity increases.

We have to go inside .Be in a state of UNMAN,meaning our SURT is kept inward and are not attached with the outward world. This is even when our eyes are open.
Even when we are sitting in a group.
Even when we are doing work or walking.

We do have to concentrate on worldly things or work but then even without our awareness the subconscious is engrossed in simran in the same way as it does the driving automatically even when our mind is elsewhere. Subconscious then does what we normally do and drives the car on the daily route.
Sikh way is SURAT- SHABAD abhyas. The inner shabad when connected with surt pulls it through Dasam Dwar.
Do not focus on the "time taken ". Time taken is quite variable ,when conditions are right the next shift automatically occurs.
As I had explained in the Simran Healing Book our thoughts are creative.When we focus and believe in the thought that "time taken is more "it would the become our experience – time taken would be more.

Your third question is " How can one improve their concentration so that one can perform mental simran?"

A form of meditation is that Mantra word is recited inside with concentration.One comes back again and again when concentration is lost.
I feel that this form of meditation is for a sidhi.
Another way is to find gap between thoughts so that surt goes across.

Sikh way is Simran - meaning re- membrance .We are Jyote Swaroop and the viel of HAUME (separateness ) has to be lifted.
For remaining inside with concentration.
Practice is required so that the mind gets used to it.

One can also use the triggers for the shifts.Here is how it can be done.

After closing eyes do backward counting from 20 to 1 . (later it can be reduced to 10 to 1 or 5 to 1).

This acts as a trigger for shift to occur.Other triggers can be made are " Ekonkar to Gurprasad".
One affirms mentally that "As I count from 20 to 1 my awareness focus will shift to …….and I would be connected with my physical body/emotional body/mental body/causal body (as per the reqirement)"
When count is finished affirm that you are now in _____ Body.
This method I advice for healing purpose but is good for spiritual practice as well in the beginning. Through this method one get used to be within..

When connected with physical body one can ask it to relax and remove any stress .In the mental plane we can remove mental thought forms or patterns .In the spiritual plane we can talk with our higher self or spiritual personalities.

Eventually we should listen to shabad inside which is sikh way.
All this is a part of NAAM connection. "


Plese feel free to ask and even share.

A simran abhyasi should not shy away from sharing.

Guru sahebji has said :

Friday, May 11, 2007

20.Gurbani Guidance: Secret of Transformation

A secret has been explained by In SGGSji in this Shabad by Guru Arjan Dev ji. This is secret is the essence about our origin and a way of living our life in this world. This is an empowerment to transform our life from being afflicted by disease and painful experiences to a healthy and happy living.
Let us first look at the Shabad and its translation and then attempt an understanding in depth.

Many speak and talk about way to God.
But such a humble servant is very rare who understands the essence of Yoga 1 Pause
There is no pain, only peace; Just see the oneness.
Nothing is bad - all is good, there is no defeat, only victory in the end. 1
There is no sorrow, only happiness; but he does not give this up.
Says Nanak, the humble servant of the Lord is himself the Lord; who then has come and who is present along with. 2

-SGGS page 1302

Here Guru Sahebji has given us the following understandings:

1) There is no difference between the Lord and us.
2) There is oneness and only HIM.
3) HE is both the creator and the creation.
4) Essence is to practice this oneness.
5) Pain, sorrow and defeat are only illusions and not reality.
6) HE is peace and anand.

This Shabad also guides us as to how we are to transform our life and be in peace and happiness. A small incident in my life, which occurred 10 years back, might illustrate the method. At that time I was reading books by Bhai Saheb Raghubir Singh Bir who had profound understanding of Gurbani and had achieved higher states of oneness. Bir Sahebji explained that the diseases are only illusions and we should not consider them as actual reality. I then had a chance to practice this yoga in actuality during trip to Sahebji.

Hemkunt Saheb Gurudwara is situated at about 15000 m in the Himalayas. While starting the walk back, the knee of my left leg started to pain. What to do then. At that time I simply ignored the existence of pain. Mentally, stated it to be an illusion and considered my knee to be fine. And it became fine. This small event opened before me a way that I have used on many occasions to free myself of small ailments. Although I have experimented with several other mind-body methods, as well.

Gurbani guides us well in this Shabad.
When faced with disease consider it to be an illusion as is the world around. The reality is that you are Jyote Swaroop. Accept that Jyote is healthy and so are you.
Face with worldly problems, consider these to be illusions and accept them as such.
View it as resolved. See the solution being forming. Soon all will be well.

This is a practice contrary to what we usually do. When there is a problem, we anticipate further complications. Our efforts towards analysis of the problem, further complicates it. We instead have to look at solution and not how this solution will come about. Who are we to guide the universe as to how to bring about a solution? As Jyote Swaroop we just ask the universe for the end result.

I once heard a sakhi being told by a Ragi Singh. As yet I have not come across the source of this sakhi, but it is very illustrative.
Guru Gobind Singhji , the 10th Guru once was in a place which was dry and had no vegetation. People living around were having a hard living. Guruji looked around and uttered words which meant - “There is so much greenery around.”
An accompanying Singh countered it by saying “I don’t see any greenery, it is all dry.”
Guruji looked at him and again repeated their words. The countered it again. When this occurred third time the Guruji told the Singh that his words would have about the greenery as stated but your words will not bring the result.

In this world, we reap what we sow.
We reap with our thoughts, words, visualizations, beliefs and actions.
So practice and be your origin, Jyote Swaroop.
BE positive, BE confident.Be in oneness.

Monday, April 16, 2007

19 . Better Your Daily Life Through Simran

Many a Sikhs on the path of Simran have reported that their problems get resolved automatically ,obstacles just seem to evaporate and needs get fulfilled .The words of desire that these sikhs utter just get fulfilled.

This happens because of Naam connection which simran bestows. As Guru Sahibji says :

Remembering God, one's works get accomplished.
-SGGS page 263

Naam, resolves my affairs .
-SGGS page 863

Many people shy away from simran thinking that they are not worthy or it takes lot of practice to for any fruitful results to come.

Feeling of not being worthy simply negates Guruji’s assertion that “We are Jyot Saroop”. How can one be not worthy of what his origin is and of what he actually is!

Believe me the path is simple and quick, only thing that takes time is the first step. As Guru Sahibji says :

When you step on this Path,
place your head (before Guru), without any reservation.
-SGGS page 1412

Here Guru Sahibji means that it is our own intellectual thinking and ego that is the obstacle as symbolized by the head. We do not bow our head because it is symbolic of surrender. Guru Sahibji wants our head in the sense that the wrong thinking may be replaced with spiritual wisdom. When we surrender, we start on the path of enlightenment through understanding gurbani and molding actions accordingly.

Simran connects us with Naam. We can thereby better our daily life.
Being aware of our nature as Jyot Saroop , our creative power is enhanced. The purity of the connection automatically arranges worldly affairs positively.

There are two ways to bring about a change in our life .One to specifically ask and resolve a problem or fulfill a need. As guru Sahibji says :

Whatever work you wish to accomplish-tell it to the Lord.
He will resolve your affairs; the True Guru gives His Guarantee of Truth
-SGGS page 91

Second way to bring about change is to change ourselves in accordance with gurbani.
Gurbani teaches us certain values which must form base of our decisions and thinking. The thoughts shape our reality..( For details read about the basic understandings in previous posts or in the book on Simran Healing.) What we are experiencing in this world is the direct result of our thoughts and beliefs

To better our daily life experiences we must reshape our thinking. One important change should be to a state of acceptance.

Any bad event that is happening in our life is resisted by us. We are resentful as to why it has occurred. We argue that in spite of we being so truthful and appropriate why a bad thing has come in our life.

We should realize that what has happened has been a result of our own thought and belief. We our-self have attracted that experience sub-consciously.

In fact in this world our role is only to experience the situations and position in life as per the choices we make with our thoughts and beliefs.

These thoughts and beliefs are not always our own, these may be those from group consciousness level. The group beliefs of our culture, peers, nation etc also affect us and bring about change in our circumstances. We unknowingly go along with group thinking.

All this can be altered when we consciously change our thinking vocabulary and our choices are according to values that gurbani teaches. Naam is the empowerment that Simran brings to us. We should change our thoughts to change our daily life. The anxieties ,frustrations ,tensions ,obstacles that come will not affect and trouble us as has been happening before. To bring about change we should stop our mental resistance to the events that occur in our life. Gurbani calls it ‘bhaanai’, which is generally translated to mean Gods Will.

The reality is that what ever is happening in this world including our own existence is because of Creator and the invisible presence of the creative force. The person who is attached with gurbani realizes that there is oneness and all is HIS WILL. Our experiences are HIS experiences also.
So what ever is happening through our thoughts is also his Will in the above sense only. The law that ‘what we sow is what we reap’ is also in operation. When we resist what is happening , we are only adding fuel to the already bad occurrence. Acceptances takes out resistance from the mind and so also the tendency to blame. By acceptance we empower our self to bring desired change.

Gurbani tells us that :

Whatever is Your Sweet Will is good;
by Your Will, my affairs are resolved.
-SGGS page 431

Accept what ever be the present circumstances of your life- good or bad.
Accept the situations in your life.
Accept what ever has happened in your life.
Accept the people in your life- whether you like them or not.
Accept events that had occurred in your life- good or bad.
Accept the diseases that are afflicting your physical body.Whether you agree or do not agree with what is happening ,just accept.

Walking in harmony with the Guru's (God’s)Will,
One shall not suffer pain.
-SGGS page 31

The second aspect of acceptance of bhaanai - Sweet Will of God is not to even anticipate bad in the future.

We generally have fear that something bad may not happen to us in future and this is the cause of many anxieties.

The present is the only reality in our life. The NOW is what there is always.
The future which we experience in the next NOW is ever a potential reality and is dependent upon the state of mind in the present NOW.

A state of expectation of a bad event as a sequel to the present problem generally results in that very event to occur. Whereas by acknowledging the present NOW experience through acceptance and changing to a state of positive expectation in the future NOW the result is a positive event.

Naam connection through Simran empowers us to bring this change.

Guru Sahibji says that :

When the problems are so overweighing,
the remembrance of God shall resolve these in an instant.
-SGGS page 264

When faced with terrible hardships, and no one offering support,
when even friends turn into enemies, and your relations have deserted,
when all support has gone, and all hope has been lost ,
then by remembering the Lord God, even the hot wind shall not affect you.
-SGGS page 70

With Guruji’s such a strong endorsement how easy to resolve are our day to day anxieties, issues and problems.

My deep involvement in study of gurbani and simran came about during the time of fear of a problem at work. These were my days of anxieties .Observing me my father suggested that I should to Delhi’s Bangla Saheb Gurdwara for 40 days so that this issue is resolved.

At that time I thought if 40 days bring solutions so why not be with the Guru regularly so that such or other problems do not trouble. This was a turning point.
As for that problem at work , it did not affect me in any way and got resolved in routine.

During these early days a Gursikh once told me his way of overcoming difficult every day problems. He was working as a manager in a soft drink company where his boss was person who routinely abused his juniors. As a solution when ever the boss called this Gursikh used to say ‘Dhann Guru Nanak’ .He explained that Guru Nanak is equal to Waheguru. The effect of this remembrance was that the boss was mild to him and at times even forgot why he had called him or got distracted.

This is an example of shifting yourself to state of Naam – the creative force that runs the world. Naam smoothes out all obstacles. Naam brings in harmony.
So facing a problem issue shift your awareness to Naam through Simran.
Simran of Gurumantra – ‘Waheguru’ takes awareness to higher level. As most of the time our conscious attention is engrossed outward in the worldly things and affairs we have to place it inside our head while doing jap of ‘Waheguru’ .A jap three times or any other fixed no of times may be used as a trigger for the shift to be brought.

As we practice saying these magic words the change comes about just naturally.

We are Jyot Saroop and connected this way our haume steps aside.
Naam also keeps away the five passions. Which are easy to control now. With further sadhna the Naam connection grows when we begin to hear shabad inside the head.
Guru empowers even a beginner to effect change in his day to day circumstances.

A Sikhs life is that of chardikala - a positive state of mind. One who is in high spirits what ever be the circumstances.

The words we use in our daily life should reflect the positive frame of mind.

Stop using words that depict a negative state for example ‘I’m feeling angry’ or ‘I hate this thing’ .There are so many negative words in our daily vocabulary like anxious , impatient , frustrated , bored , lonely lost , mad , insulted and so on.

Stop using these words rather change your state to a positive one of patient , confident , loving , blessed , happy , perfect , pleasant etc.

With simran it is easy to change our state of mind.
With Naam the obstacles and misfortunes just go away.

Unknowingly, our works are perfectly accomplished.
-SGGS page 1157

It is no wonder that gurbani declares :

Both here and hereafter, the Mighty Guru takes care.
God harmonizes this world and the next,
and all affairs are perfectly resolved.
-SGGS page 825

(Download book on simran healing as it also describes simran method and Naam.
Please send feedback or share experiences by writing at )

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18. Beginning Simran

Beginning simran is like doing a postgraduate study first and under graduation, High school later. Elementary school studies are easy and as we progress learning become more and more difficult.
In simran the starting point is difficult and as we persist further progress becoming easy and easy.

This is because our conscious awareness has remained outward in the physical plane creating thought and memory links with the objects and experiences.

Simran connects conscious awareness with higher levels. The working awareness level in the physical plane now shifts inside; at a creative level .This stage of connection with origin are Naam.
We are Jyot Swaroop (Same as our creator) living in this physical world in the physical body with illusion of separateness. This belief and thought of separateness is named Haume in Gurbani.

Why shy away from simran when it places you in a state of Anand (love), you are empowered; you hold a treasure of immense value; suddenly all world becomes a friend. Needs gets fulfilled; health improves; works get done; you feel safe; you even forget what is anxiety and stress.

Shift to Naam is gradually in degrees. Even at beginning stages the benefits begin to descend, rather start appearing. Naam is ever present, except that it is not in awareness because of Haume. Simran starts to bring you back home, which Gurbani calls Nij Ghar.

Here are some suggestions on a few simran beginners’ issues.

Simran through Gurbani

Simran means to remember. It is to re-member i.e. to become member of oneness again. So simran should be done of those ‘words’ that will re-connect you.

Gurbani is equated with God as its Jap gives you understanding and words evoke state of true love of God.

Jap means reading and listening with concentration. In a mere reading or listening concentration is missing and so are the results.

While reading gurbani go for understanding the meaning of words and also feel them to be applicable to you. Gurbani’s knowledge is for YOU .The state of mind and oneness referred in gurbani again is for YOU. Let the understanding sink in; let the state of mind referred be there.
Objective of Gurbani is Simran and bestowing of Naam.

‘Really listen’ to kirtan of shabads from SGGSji only.
Reading of gurbani daily should be with concentration and involvement. Concentration comes when one goes for meaning of the words and see these being applicable to him.

Simran through Gurumantra

Gurumantra given by Guru Sahibji is ‘Waheguru’.
Wahe is a word uttered when you feel some thing wonderful. Here it is the wonder of creation. Guru in gurbani refers to both the guru in the physical form and GOD inner guidance within us. ‘True Guru’ referred in Gurbani is GOD.

Guru mantra ‘Waheguru’ is same as GOD and simran of this is so potent that it is like flying in a plane compared to a car on the ground. We do not always fly so it is a mix of car and plane.

Waheguru Gurumantra can be said loudly initially but should soon be voiced inside.
Listen to your own voicing of Gurumantra.
Place awareness inside – in the head, behind eyes, at the top of mouth cavity. This is not a physical point; awareness rests at this point intuitively.

Do simran resting awareness at the above point. Feel GOD to be present within and around.

Going inside is the difficult part as the body resists .This resistance is because of Haume – which does not want that you come out of illusion.

At times there is itching or pain here or there and off course distracting chain of thoughts.

Body’s distractions can be removed by relaxing the body parts through mind commands starting from scalp at the top to toe. Just place awareness at the body part and ask it to relax. Then feel it being relaxed. Move from one part to another one by one i.e. scalp, forehead, eyes, face, head, throat, left shoulder, left arm, left hand, right shoulder, right arm, and so on.

The chain of thoughts is another distraction.First suggestion is that do not try to suppress or get irritated with this as it is the nature of mind. The mind has thoughts ,emotions as remembrances all interconnected in a chain.This is how our daily life is possible on earth.Best is to hedge through several ways till the energy force of thoughts parts and allows awareness to go further.
The happens when there is kirpa.
Kirpa comes about when state of mind and knowledge both are there.There is no question of pick and choose.When conditions are right the shift in awareness comes automatically in a natural way.
There are several initial ways suggested in SGGSji.
One way is to do simran with breath.While inhaling say
‘Wahe’ and while exaling say ‘Guru’.
While eating keep saying ‘Waheguru’ ‘Waheguru’ ‘Waheguru’ … during the chewing process.
While walking do simran of ‘Waheguru’‘Waheguru’‘Waheguru’…

Use power words or sentences choosen from gurbani.In any shabad there are words or lines that that one takes fancy to at different times.
One can do simran through repeating these along with gurumantra.

These are power words that lifts you to next higher level.

As examples are these words :

Praise the Sach One,
considering HIM being ever-present.

- page SGGS 120

Whatever is Visible, shall pass away.

-page SGGS 268

As is honor, so is dishonor.

-page SGGS 275

These power words bring about the stated state of mind.

There is an abundent treasure of these power words in SGGS.

When will the results come in the case of healing of the physical body.

Experience shows that healing starts the moment you start simran.
Latter simran is preventive.

( Download book on simran Healing ; link on blog page)

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17. Simran Healing: Cure for Root Cause of Cancer

Cancer arises out of normal cells in the body and involves the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. Cancer can develop in almost any organ or tissue, such as the lungs, colon, breast, skin, mouth, uterus, liver, bones, or nerves.

In general, cause of cancer appears to be abnormal regulation of cell division wherein cells divide too rapidly or when cells “forget” how to die.
At physical level tobacco, or radiation, or chemicals may trigger some forms of cancer but fact remains that the cause of many type of cancer still remains unknown.

Simran Healing is to be used for initiating cure at mind level. For that, we have to first understand the mind pattern that created the ground for cancer to develop in the physical body.

Roots of Cancer in the Mind

At physical level, the cancer pathology indicates a system in a state of disorder. The individual cancer cell no longer submits to the overall organization of the body, is independent, and has no concern for the effects on the rest of the body.
Similarly, the modern world is characterized by ruthless expansion regardless of the consequences to the society and the environment. Many people today also pursue their own interests and exploit others to achieve their own egoistic ideas and goals. They consider others as a ‘host organism’ to be ruthlessly exploited like what the cancer cells do.

Most of the people are by nature peace loving and believe in order. They desire to live in harmony and cooperation. But those who are egoist exploit and hurt them for their own interests.
These people experience an emotional wound which takes the form of rejection, abandonment, injustice, betrayal, hopelessness, or humiliation. Some even have multiple wounds.

Being loving and soft person, they had completely repressed the feelings of bitterness, resentment and even hatred that these experiences had generated.

All this means, accumulation of resentment, self-pity, disappointments, deep hurt, hatred, hopelessness, helplessness, and depression.

This results in a psychological and emotional level distortion.
They find it hard inwardly to trust others and maintain lasting relationships.
They tend to blame others and are low in self esteem.
These repressed feelings affect the life energy flow, the physiology, and in time manifests as a growth.
Their physical body then mirrors the outside world of exploitation. No wonder cancer is so prevalent today.

Many in the medical world had suspected this link and there had been numerous studies since 50’s. Here are a few of these:

A Possible Relationship between Psychological Factors and Human Cancer

“The data obtained suggest that long-standing, intense emotional stress may exert a profoundly stimulating effect on the growth rate of an established cancer in man.”
Psychosomatic Medicine 16:277-286 (1954)

Life change and gastric cancer
“These findings suggest that emotional stress may be a predisposing factor in gastric cancer.”
Psychosomatic Medicine 18:304-309 (1956)

Psychoanalytical Explorations of Emotional Correlates of Cancer of the Breast
“It is suggested that depressive reactions have an important effect through decreasing host resistance.”
Psychosomatic Medicine, Vol 42, Issue 5 499-502

Life Stress and Cancer of the Cervix
“A higher proportion of severe personality maladjustment of a particular kind was found in those with cancer of the cervix, than in the women with cancer at other sites.”
Psychosomatic Medicine Submitted on May 6, 1953

Life events and the occurrence of cancer in children
“Histories obtained from families in both groups also revealed that in the cancer group certain important life events were found to have occurred with greater frequency in the year prior to the onset of the disease.”
Psychosomatic Medicine 28:714-721 (1966)

Person variables and health: personality predispositions and acute psychological states as shared determinants for disease
MF Scheier and MW Bridges Department of Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.
“This article reviews prospective evidence linking certain classes of person variables to multiple disease end points. Included in the review is a consideration of the effects of hostility and anger, emotional suppression, depression, fatalism, and pessimism on coronary heart disease, cancer, and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.”
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 33, No. 2, 238-250 (2007)

Using Simran Healing

The approach of Simran Healing is to not to focus on the personality effect created by past events.

We are not to focus on removing depression, hatred or resentment, rather on manifesting confidence, joy, peace, cooperation etc.

The whole mood of the physical body, changes and body begins to function in harmony.
We are Jyot Swaroop (same as GOD, in fact we and GOD are one).

First step:

Accept first what is as IS. The position in the present is to be accepted for a change to occur.
Best way to do is to FORGIVE your self and the others. This breaks the link with the past events and their influence on the present.

Forgiveness is a state of mind. Forgiveness is to be done mentally in the mind.
Way of simran healing to bring about shift in the state of mind is to offer Ardas (prayer).

When the living being has problems,
offer prayer to the Guru (GOD).
Renounce the thought that of being ‘all knowing’,
and dedicate your mind and body as belonging to HIM .

-page 519 SGGS

Offer your prayers to HIM, feeling HIS presence.
Pain and pleasure are manifested out creative aspect of GOD (universal consciousness).
-page 352 SGGS

During ardas feel the presence of GOD, think of the body and mind as HIS (keep aside your ego).

Think of your mind and body being now filled with peace and love or any other required quality like harmony, cooperation, confidence, natural healthy body.

Second step:

Next step is to do simran of Shabads or Guru Mantra ‘Waheguru’ as has been explained in the book Simran Healing. The book is available for download in PDF form.
The following Shabads from Sri Guru Granth Sahibji are given as suggestion only.

There are many other Shabads which can be looked up in SGGSji. These Shabads can be downloaded through the link given on this blog page.

Recite full shabad and repeat short lines so that the meaning and the result sinks in the mind and body.

Listen to gurbani kirtan (singing of shabads with music) which is another way of simran.

The qualities to be manifested through Simran Healing are:

For Resentment ---- Peace
For Depression ---- Joy
For Hurt ---- Love
For Hopelessness ---- Confidence
For Disappointment ---- Optimism

So focus to manifest peace,joy,love,confidence,optimism only during simran.

Consider and dedicate your mind and body to HIM, who embraces you as such. (There are no conditions attached with love.)

In such a state, the thought that 'Cancer is Killing Me' does not disturb you and in its place there is feeling of harmony in the body’s functioning which begins to regenerate health.

(Download Book on Simran Healing to know the method from the link given on this blog page)

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Book on Simran Healing

The book on Simran Healing in pdf form is now available for free download .The link is available on blog page.

The book explains the simran healing method -a Spiritual Mind-Body Healing Method of Using Power of Consciousness to Heal
as explained in Siri Guru Granth Sahibj.

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16. How Simran is different from other Meditations?

Meditation in general involve focusing the mind upon a sound, phrase, prayer, object, visualized image, the breath, ritualized movements etc.
Purpose of meditation varies from simply increasing awareness of the present moment to body relaxation or reducing stress or for personal / spiritual growth.
The goal for some in meditation is to reach a state of "thoughtless awareness”.

Various types of meditation use different techniques and some of them are:

Mindfulness — This involves focusing on a physical sensation and when thoughts intrude, then return back to focus.

Breath mediation — This involves focusing on the breathing.

Visualization — This involves focusing on specific places or situations.

Walking meditation — This Zen Buddhist form of meditation involves focusing on the sensation of the feet against the ground

Transcendental meditation — This involves focusing on a mantra (a sound, word or phrase)that is repeated over and over, either aloud or as a chant or silently.

SIMRAN is different.

In Simran the focus from the beginning itself is on GOD.

A GOD that is formless, omnipresent and omnipotent.

The tool is to repeat gurumantra which is “waheguru” (another name of GOD specifically for meditation) or gurbani (words/hymns from SGGSji).One listens to these himself.

Simran pulls attention inward .From initially feeling presence of GOD the further growth is towards awareness of oneness and then stepping beyond ego.

Purpose varies from simple desire fulfillment or healing or knowing GOD or merging in oneness.

Simran is straightforward as it makes you aware of your origin. Brings about present awareness, relaxes the body, fulfills needs and brings in anand i.e joy.

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15 Simran Healing - The Method Part II


This step uses understandings 3 & 4.

Guru Sahibji has declared that:

“O my mind, chant and meditate on the Name of the Lord.
The mind's stated desires are fructified.
And (through state of mind achieved)
the all suffering and sorrow depart.”
-SGGS page 48

Guru Sahibji has describes again and again several times, the state of mind after simran. In this state our power of intention is enhanced manifold.

The world is a mind creation and we have created and are creating our present reality. Next step is to use tools of our intentions. We being part of the essence use intention to dip in the source and chose to manifest what are needed. You already have everything... you are connected. Removing the illusion of separatism, reconnect and exercise choice. We are in abundance of everything. It is the choices which we are experiencing in this world. The choices could be our own colored by cultural believes or beliefs of our patents, friends and teachers. We are experiencing in the world the effect of our choices.

To understand how the mind script manifests reality let us look at typical person having hypertension.

Hypertension/High Blood Pressure is a common response to an emergency situation for a fight or flight reaction. In a hypertense person the B.P does not come down; means the body is envisaging emergency situation all the time. This person’s personality when looked at closely reveals that he is afraid or angry within. The feeling is of deprivation and connected emotion anger. There is an element of resentment in him.
The hypertensive personality generally develops in people who grow up in a tense atmosphere among quarrelsome family members. Their environment is demanding and they were under threat to perform well. Their early upbringing developed in them feeling of being deprived. Their inner subconscious belief and attitude is may be that the world is competitive, people are difficult, other are lucky or similar others. Such beliefs automatically attract circumstances in the life of that person which corresponds to his belief-- competitive situations, a difficult to please persons, failure in fulfilling desires and so on. They will be experiencing what they believe. No wonder their boss would be hard to please or irrational. What is felt in the mind is reflected in the physiology of the body as well, right down to the cellular level as hypertension.
Right or wrong the subconscious is the driving force in deciding what can happen and what not. The subconscious sets the limitations learnt. Because this is how we live in this world as our actions and behavior are automatic most of the time. When a situation arises in outer world either we should consciously direct it otherwise the subconscious chooses the behavior pattern used in the past and conditioned previously.

The inner world of our mind is reflected in the outside visible world. The feelings, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs perceptions, judgments are in our inner world and corresponding circumstances, situations, material objects, physical body, relationships etc. are in the outside world.
To be in harmony and joy the inner world should be joy as well’
Guru Sahib’s prescription is to be in touch with Naam (the essence) and live in prosperity, abundance and health with responsible choice based on gurbani’s principle.

As an example let us look at ANGER - a cause of many human sufferings. Anger is a resistance. The person gets angry because the world is not being the way he wants it to be. He experiences lack of self worth so gets angry. He experiences powerless so gets angry. He experiences being ignored so gets angry. All along he is ignorant that these circumstances have come about because of his beliefs. He believes he is not worthy. He beliefs world does not understand him and attracts circumstances and relationships where is not understood.

The solution is simple.

Reshape yourself and the world is reshaped.

There is only one best as well as most simple way to reshape effectively and that is:

Connect with the essence and use power of intention.

An intention is the use of our will power, using intention means commitment to accomplish an objective. It is how we create and have been creating since birth. Even when an infant cries in discomfort it is an exercise of intention. Experience created is “attention”. This process is continued through out life creating experiences. Nothing is accomplished without intention.

The method of simran healing is to use intention intelligently as a choice rather than allowing the boat to float without oars, picking up patterns for manifestation of reality from our subconscious mind.

So focus on thoughts as these are the first cause. Thoughts are connected with emotions. Emotions affect the energetic flow in the energy body (the meridians and chakras). This energy body in turn affects the physical body.

Simplicity of simran healing is to connect and intend; keeping ego aside. Ego is nowhere in the picture then.

As HE is health so we are healthy;
As HE is perfection out body systems are perfect;
As HE is consciousness we are consciousness

Simran healing calls for you to express your choice and intention with clarity of manifesting health.

View the body as consciousness - as pure intelligent energy with physical parts being there because of an ‘information script’. This script is dynamic and affected by your thoughts.

Choose and intend stating in prayer mode

“I accept that this illness/disease …is a result of my own thoughts and beliefs and I now choose to give up these thoughts and beliefs. Let these thoughts that created this change go and dissolve.”
Next in prayer say :

“This body is YOURS.The one who sees is YOU. The one who talks is YOU and so the one who walks.YOU are all that is.
You are healthy so this body’s physiology, biochemistry, cell structure are healthy.

The body’s systems and organs are natural and their functioning normal.”

FEEL HEALTH and healthy functioning of body’s organs. FEELING is must and is the key.

As you do simran state “As HE is healthy so you are healthy”.

The body has been structured by HIM; all has been made by HIM. You were not asked what shape you want your body to be. The only thing yours has been the choices .The choice to express anger, irritation, anxiety, jealousy has been yours and so also confidence, warmth, friendship and love. The negative choices related to ego had made you ill. Your real state is Love and Joy so connect with it. Feel it to be the natural state and ill health an illusion brought about as a modification of natural state - a product of ego (which again is an illusion ).
Feel the illusion dissolving and healthy organs and physiology being restored in their natural state.

When connected with the source we are in the NOW – a timeless world. Time is a part of material world because experience occurs in a sequence and hence illusion of time. What ever that is happening in the present is a result of your choices. Right or wrong, accept what IS. This way you do not resist the experience and let it occur. Once its existence is allowed you can then change it other wise it will persist fuelled by fear energy of resistance.

Another word of caution is not to have Doubt. Doubt also tries to block manifestation of desired change. We doubt our ability. We doubt whether outcome will happen. Doubt is such that we even doubt our GURU. Don’t focus on doubtful thoughts. Mentally affirm and say “I cancel these thoughts of doubts”. Keep focus on the positive.

Identification with source brings about the shift towards the experience of health and joy.

So give up disease and disease pattern through simran and Reset to health and healthy organs

When we are identified with ego it brings about feeling of separation from source and fear is the accompanying emotion. The forms of fear like jealously, resistance, doubt, anxiety etc bring about related behavior which affects the ethric channels of the body and results in a diseased state.

Keep aside resistance and doubt. As the depth of connection with the source increases so will the ability to manifest choices early.