Tuesday, September 23, 2008

29. Anhad Shabad : The celestial sound within

Listening to the Shabad within is the Surt-Shabad technique of Guru Nanak Devji enumerated in Shree Guru Granth Sahebji . Shabad in Guru roop is ever with the Sikhs . they only have to keep their surt (conscious awareness) within and listen to the Anhad Shabad . The intuitive guidance of the Shabad Guru is always available to them as HE is ever present.
The sehsa (doubt) a sikh has to remove during Simran efforts is that Waheguruji HIMSELF are shabad swaroop in SGGSji and as Shabad Guru are ever accessible within. Waheguruji is all around in the creation and are the substance of creation as well. HE is player on bothsides. We as jyote swaroop have to go across our ego to be one with HIM.
More has been written on this topic in the eBook titled “Anhad Shabad :the celestial sound within” in pdf form ,which is available for download at the ebook links space on this blog page.

The direct link to this free eBook is here Anhad Shabad :the celestial sound within