Tuesday, May 27, 2008

28. Blog Book 'Simran- Naam'

An e-book titled 'Simran- Naam' has been built from some earlier blog posts in pdf format for easy share and reading. this book is available for download from the link on this page.

Here is the introduction in this blog-book.


Path of spiritual life with ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahebji’ starts with surrender. A bowing before SGGSji when we touch the floor with our forehead is symbolic of surrender of our beliefs/thoughts/ideas of a spiritual life and openness to accept the Guru’s knowledge and changing our thoughts and living with new beliefs.
The Shabad Guru – an abode of Parmeshwar (GOD) lifts its disciple to the level where the devotee and the object of devotion are ONE.

The treasure house of spiritual knowledge SGGSji directs the Sikh (disciple) to seek Naam – the state when the sikh comes to what his origin (real nature) is starts to live life in Naam.

The path towards Naam is the path of Simran.

Simran in essence means remembrance ;
and we remember and keep remembering through repeated focus.

It is through regular recitation of bani from SGGSji , listening and singing of Shabads (hymns) from SGGSji that love of Waheguru (God) swells within. The meaning of Shabads begins to dawn and the state of mind/heart described in Shabads begins to be experienced.
The spiritual path of Shabad Guru understands through experiencing.

The Sikh then finds that the Shabad Guru is always with him ever giving intuitive guidance.
The Sikh then finds that the Shabad Guru and Waheguru (God) are one and same.
The Sikh also finds that he and Waheguru are same. In between them is his haume (ego) – an illusion of separate self existence. "