Saturday, August 04, 2007

23.S. Raghbir Singh `Bir' on Healing through Simran

Bhai Saheb Raghbir Singh `Bir' were a poet of a high order, a scholar and spiritually enlightened. This is an extract from his book Bandaginama , - Communion with the Divine .

“To escape disease, or to fight it, our forefathers used a spiritual device that
is now in vogue in the West. This efficacious remedy, in the words of Guru
Arjan, is:

Naam is the panacea for all ills.
“Sarab rog ka aukhad naam”
Guru Arjan- Gauri Sukhmani

If and when drugs bring relief, we become dependent on them. But if
the spiritual device cures a patient, he sheds his fear of disease and is cured
permanently. Through his spiritual progress, he helps to cure others.

Spiritual seekers are well aware of the fact that the body as such is devoid
of life, it is inanimate, cannot move of itself, nor feel anything. Just as a chair
or a table cannot catch fever, similarly the body, which is like a chair or a
table in its want of life, should be incapable of catching fever. Another fact,
which the spiritual seeker is well aware of, is that the soul remains unaffected
and is not subject to disease or death. This means that the mind alone can
be affected by disease. Anything created by thought exists in thought or
fancy. To the spiritual researcher, therefore, disease has no meaning. God
abides in us, in every atom and molecule of our body, as such disease should
impossible. There must be no fear of disease.
Spiritually enlightened people know how to attune themselves to the Infinite, and being in touch with the inexhaustible, treasure-house of force, they
draw strength according to their needs, and do not stand in need of any external
agency for the sustenance of their life and health.

Even some of those who are not spiritually enlightened, but are endowed with some knowledge about God, through their study of religious books, have been found to cure diseases through God's grace.”

“The devotee should help to cure patients through prayer and Simran. This
will strengthen his faith and enable him to serve humanity in the best way.
I believe that the very touch of a man of Simran could drive away disease.

The perfect devotee is like the proverbial philosopher’s stone, and those who
are within the orbit and aura of his potent influence are healthy and happy.

It is not un-Sikh-like to cure disease through prayer and Simran. In the
Guru Granth there are many hymns of the Fifth Guru wherein the great
Guru chanted his prayers for the recovery of his son, Hargobind, and when
he was cured there were thanksgiving hymns..”

- Extracts from the Book Bandginama, by S. Raghbir Singh `Bir'