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17. Simran Healing: Cure for Root Cause of Cancer

Cancer arises out of normal cells in the body and involves the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. Cancer can develop in almost any organ or tissue, such as the lungs, colon, breast, skin, mouth, uterus, liver, bones, or nerves.

In general, cause of cancer appears to be abnormal regulation of cell division wherein cells divide too rapidly or when cells “forget” how to die.
At physical level tobacco, or radiation, or chemicals may trigger some forms of cancer but fact remains that the cause of many type of cancer still remains unknown.

Simran Healing is to be used for initiating cure at mind level. For that, we have to first understand the mind pattern that created the ground for cancer to develop in the physical body.

Roots of Cancer in the Mind

At physical level, the cancer pathology indicates a system in a state of disorder. The individual cancer cell no longer submits to the overall organization of the body, is independent, and has no concern for the effects on the rest of the body.
Similarly, the modern world is characterized by ruthless expansion regardless of the consequences to the society and the environment. Many people today also pursue their own interests and exploit others to achieve their own egoistic ideas and goals. They consider others as a ‘host organism’ to be ruthlessly exploited like what the cancer cells do.

Most of the people are by nature peace loving and believe in order. They desire to live in harmony and cooperation. But those who are egoist exploit and hurt them for their own interests.
These people experience an emotional wound which takes the form of rejection, abandonment, injustice, betrayal, hopelessness, or humiliation. Some even have multiple wounds.

Being loving and soft person, they had completely repressed the feelings of bitterness, resentment and even hatred that these experiences had generated.

All this means, accumulation of resentment, self-pity, disappointments, deep hurt, hatred, hopelessness, helplessness, and depression.

This results in a psychological and emotional level distortion.
They find it hard inwardly to trust others and maintain lasting relationships.
They tend to blame others and are low in self esteem.
These repressed feelings affect the life energy flow, the physiology, and in time manifests as a growth.
Their physical body then mirrors the outside world of exploitation. No wonder cancer is so prevalent today.

Many in the medical world had suspected this link and there had been numerous studies since 50’s. Here are a few of these:

A Possible Relationship between Psychological Factors and Human Cancer

“The data obtained suggest that long-standing, intense emotional stress may exert a profoundly stimulating effect on the growth rate of an established cancer in man.”
Psychosomatic Medicine 16:277-286 (1954)

Life change and gastric cancer
“These findings suggest that emotional stress may be a predisposing factor in gastric cancer.”
Psychosomatic Medicine 18:304-309 (1956)

Psychoanalytical Explorations of Emotional Correlates of Cancer of the Breast
“It is suggested that depressive reactions have an important effect through decreasing host resistance.”
Psychosomatic Medicine, Vol 42, Issue 5 499-502

Life Stress and Cancer of the Cervix
“A higher proportion of severe personality maladjustment of a particular kind was found in those with cancer of the cervix, than in the women with cancer at other sites.”
Psychosomatic Medicine Submitted on May 6, 1953

Life events and the occurrence of cancer in children
“Histories obtained from families in both groups also revealed that in the cancer group certain important life events were found to have occurred with greater frequency in the year prior to the onset of the disease.”
Psychosomatic Medicine 28:714-721 (1966)

Person variables and health: personality predispositions and acute psychological states as shared determinants for disease
MF Scheier and MW Bridges Department of Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.
“This article reviews prospective evidence linking certain classes of person variables to multiple disease end points. Included in the review is a consideration of the effects of hostility and anger, emotional suppression, depression, fatalism, and pessimism on coronary heart disease, cancer, and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.”
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 33, No. 2, 238-250 (2007)

Using Simran Healing

The approach of Simran Healing is to not to focus on the personality effect created by past events.

We are not to focus on removing depression, hatred or resentment, rather on manifesting confidence, joy, peace, cooperation etc.

The whole mood of the physical body, changes and body begins to function in harmony.
We are Jyot Swaroop (same as GOD, in fact we and GOD are one).

First step:

Accept first what is as IS. The position in the present is to be accepted for a change to occur.
Best way to do is to FORGIVE your self and the others. This breaks the link with the past events and their influence on the present.

Forgiveness is a state of mind. Forgiveness is to be done mentally in the mind.
Way of simran healing to bring about shift in the state of mind is to offer Ardas (prayer).

When the living being has problems,
offer prayer to the Guru (GOD).
Renounce the thought that of being ‘all knowing’,
and dedicate your mind and body as belonging to HIM .

-page 519 SGGS

Offer your prayers to HIM, feeling HIS presence.
Pain and pleasure are manifested out creative aspect of GOD (universal consciousness).
-page 352 SGGS

During ardas feel the presence of GOD, think of the body and mind as HIS (keep aside your ego).

Think of your mind and body being now filled with peace and love or any other required quality like harmony, cooperation, confidence, natural healthy body.

Second step:

Next step is to do simran of Shabads or Guru Mantra ‘Waheguru’ as has been explained in the book Simran Healing. The book is available for download in PDF form.
The following Shabads from Sri Guru Granth Sahibji are given as suggestion only.

There are many other Shabads which can be looked up in SGGSji. These Shabads can be downloaded through the link given on this blog page.

Recite full shabad and repeat short lines so that the meaning and the result sinks in the mind and body.

Listen to gurbani kirtan (singing of shabads with music) which is another way of simran.

The qualities to be manifested through Simran Healing are:

For Resentment ---- Peace
For Depression ---- Joy
For Hurt ---- Love
For Hopelessness ---- Confidence
For Disappointment ---- Optimism

So focus to manifest peace,joy,love,confidence,optimism only during simran.

Consider and dedicate your mind and body to HIM, who embraces you as such. (There are no conditions attached with love.)

In such a state, the thought that 'Cancer is Killing Me' does not disturb you and in its place there is feeling of harmony in the body’s functioning which begins to regenerate health.

(Download Book on Simran Healing to know the method from the link given on this blog page)

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Book on Simran Healing

The book on Simran Healing in pdf form is now available for free download .The link is available on blog page.

The book explains the simran healing method -a Spiritual Mind-Body Healing Method of Using Power of Consciousness to Heal
as explained in Siri Guru Granth Sahibj.

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16. How Simran is different from other Meditations?

Meditation in general involve focusing the mind upon a sound, phrase, prayer, object, visualized image, the breath, ritualized movements etc.
Purpose of meditation varies from simply increasing awareness of the present moment to body relaxation or reducing stress or for personal / spiritual growth.
The goal for some in meditation is to reach a state of "thoughtless awareness”.

Various types of meditation use different techniques and some of them are:

Mindfulness — This involves focusing on a physical sensation and when thoughts intrude, then return back to focus.

Breath mediation — This involves focusing on the breathing.

Visualization — This involves focusing on specific places or situations.

Walking meditation — This Zen Buddhist form of meditation involves focusing on the sensation of the feet against the ground

Transcendental meditation — This involves focusing on a mantra (a sound, word or phrase)that is repeated over and over, either aloud or as a chant or silently.

SIMRAN is different.

In Simran the focus from the beginning itself is on GOD.

A GOD that is formless, omnipresent and omnipotent.

The tool is to repeat gurumantra which is “waheguru” (another name of GOD specifically for meditation) or gurbani (words/hymns from SGGSji).One listens to these himself.

Simran pulls attention inward .From initially feeling presence of GOD the further growth is towards awareness of oneness and then stepping beyond ego.

Purpose varies from simple desire fulfillment or healing or knowing GOD or merging in oneness.

Simran is straightforward as it makes you aware of your origin. Brings about present awareness, relaxes the body, fulfills needs and brings in anand i.e joy.