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11. Simran and the Healing Power (Part II)

Understanding 3: The nature of the created world is a mind pattern.

First let us read what Guru Sahibji says:

“jiAu supnaa Aru paykhnaa Aaisay jg kAu jaani. Ein mai kchhu saacho nhee Naank binu bhgvaan.”
- SGGS page 1427
Like you see a dream so is this world, this you must know.
None of this is real , says Nanak, without God ( the Sach ).
- SGGS page 1427

“mRig tRisnaa jiAu jg rchnaa yh daykhhu ridai bichaari.”
- SGGS page 536

The created world is like a mirage ( an illusion) ,
- reflecting in your mind you will see this.
- SGGS page 536

“jaisay jl tay budbudaa Aupjai binsai neet.
jg rchnaa taisay rchee khu Naank suni meet”
- SGGS page 1427

As the bubbles in the water appear and disappear again,
so is the created universe; says Nanak, listen, my friend.
- SGGS page 1427

Guru Sahibji has used two metaphors here to describe the created world ,first as a Dream and second as a water bubble.
The inference that can be made is

i) Like a dream the world is not real but is an illusion .
ii) Like a bubble the manifested world is in motion - appearing and disappearing a sort of creation-distruction cycle in the the source.

To understand this we have to take recourse to what science has to say about nature of our world.

The science tells us that matter at the smallest level i.e. sub atomic or quantum level is in the form vibration appearing as matter.The subatomoc particles particles vibrate at different levels to appear as different matter. Any change in matter means vibration is different.

What is this vibration ?
Science calls it a Superstring ?
But the question again appears what is superstring made of ? From where has it come ?

Let us look at what is happening at the macro level where our physical body operates.

We observe that matter does not remain same. It ages , changes shape in fact nothing remains same.
Let us look at our own physical body .

The body is a mass of flesh, bones, muscles, nerves, brain matter, bile, mucous, blood and skin.
Though appearing tangible the body is never for a moment the same. It is ever changing. The numbers of cells in the human body are estimated to be fifty trillion in number. And literally infinite are cellular and other activities within the body at any one time. Much of this activity is seen to be toward cell replacement.
This phenomenon of organ replacement begins 8 weeks after conception and continues throughout our life.
During a period of twelve month about ninety five percent of all the atoms that make the 50 trillion cells are replaced without even any awareness on our part consciously.
· The skin is new every four weeks.
· Gums holding our teeth are replaced every two weeks.
· Our stomach lining is replaced every five days.
· The surface cells of our digestive system recreated by the millions every five minutes.
Muscles get replaced every six month.
Brain gets renewed every one year
Blood is new in four months
DNA the building block every two months
The Taste buds every six days
· We have a new liver every six weeks.
The content of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen in our brain tissues is different than a year ago. Our skeletal systems bone environment gets renewed through the flow of atoms every three months. The damaged nerve cells keep growing new branches.
This is well known to medical science that the body undergoes a complete alteration and renovation as above within seven years whereby each tissue and cell in the body gets replaced.
How is this phenomenal process being orchestrated?
In fact some how the cells know what shape they are to take and the organ they are to form. This they have been ever since the body started forming at conception from the ovum.
The explanation has been given by Biologist Rupert Sheldrake in his theory of existence of Morphogenetic Fields.
Rupert Sheldrake investigated the way the plants and all living things took their form and says that non – physical blueprints known as Morphogenetic Fields give birth to the form. Morphogenetic fields are created by the patterns of physical forms. They help guide the formation of later physical forms. These fields are in fact information fields and available throughout time and space. The information is available to the new systems being formed.

The present frontier of physics is to find missing link between consciousness and matter.The religion already explains that :
The entire physical universe is gross form of pure consciousness and is consciousness energy and vibration.
It is a dream world and a mind creation ever changing. The seed is a thought in our mind interplaying with the created a sort of mental information scripts in action.
Regarding the mind Guru Sahibji explains in SGGSji that:

Eihu mnu sktee Eihu mnu seeAu.
Eihu mnu pNch tt ko jeeAu.

- SGGS page 342

This mind is Shakti and this mind is Shiva.
This mind gives the life to the five elements.
- SGGS page 342

Shakti is the first manifested form of consciousness and the super forces looking at the governance of the world of maya is the trinity : Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Guru Sahibji have refered to this trinity in Japji sahib as well and also at numerous places in SGGSji.

Brahma is the energy responsible for the creation of the physical world. It has created everything that exists in entire creation. Everything means everything - each and every imaginable or unimaginable, perceivable or imperceptible object and being.
Vishnu is the energy responsible for the maintenance of the world governing the cycle of karma with Maya as a tool. We live in this ever-changing world of Maya as co-creators creating our circumstances and environment. To sustain the illusion of reality this world of Maya is ever changing. Through this energy the world is being sustained.
Shiva is the energy of transformation. There is a cycle of birth, growth and death attached with every thing in this world. Change occurs because of this energy.It is said that “ to live is to die and, to die is to live “. Shiva energy is both a destroyer and regenerator. To become a plant the seed has to die. This cycle of change is ever going.

Consciousness has also given rise to two more forms: one is Prana as Jad - non- living five elements air, water, ether, earth and fire and Prana as Chetan - an awakened consciousness in living. Prana exists as a force in the universe that gives shape to each and everything in the world being present.

The creation at the level of Maya is a mind script - a matrix of information patterns, which are dynamic in nature.

The energy forces also reside in each one of us. We are also co- creators with our thoughts/ beliefs creating their own mind patterns interacting with universal consciousness. Our thoughts are creating are circumstances and attracting the environment we are living in.

With the above background it is easy to understand why Guru Sahibji has called mind both a Shakti and Shiva.And also one that gives rise to the five elements - air, water, ether, earth and fire.

naank jn khi pukaari supnai ji Au jg psaaru.

- SGGS page 1352

Servant Nanak proclaims that the vast expanse of this world is just a dream.
-- SGGS page 1352

With this understanding of the nature of the world the purpose of Guru Sahibji is to empower us so that we write well the script of our life on this earth.The next understanding shows how it is to be done.

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10. Simran and the Healing Power (Part I)

Simran is known to have cured many a diseases and many of these are called miracle cures. By miracle here means the diseases/ health condition was known to be incurable in the present medical system. However it is also true that many have not benefited to the extent desired through Simran.
The reason is simple to see – lack of commitment and Simran being done improperly.

Simran’s Power to heal is in the Naam connection and our own intention. To properly use Simran to heal the physical body’s diseases we have to first have understanding of core knowledge , which is then used in correct healing method.
This knowledge has been given by Guru Sahibji in the SGGS. These are given in the form of understandings as under:

Understanding 1: We are Jyout Swaroop (divine nature)

This means that we are like the creator with the same qualities. Like a drop of water and the ocean.
As Guru Sahibji says at page 441 of SGGSji:

"O my mind, you are a form of Divine Light - recognize your own origin."

We are not the physical body but mind is commonly known to have two parts – the conscious and the subconscious mind. Psychologists and Philosophers have talk about a superconscious level of the mind which is the soul level and called the Higher self. There is an even higher state of consciousness which is Supraconsciousness .This is the state of mind where Simran leads you – a very creative state of mind having elevated awareness and great power of intention. There is full Naam connection here.

Guru Sahibji defines Naam as to know your origin first as knowledge and next in awareness experientially. Naam is the origin and Naam is everywhere in everything.
We have power to create at all the levels of the mind - conscious, subconscious, superconscious, supraconscious. We are already mentally creating the reality and the world we see daily. This brings us to the second principle.

Understanding 2: The world is a creation of consciousness.

Guru Sahibji repeatedly asserts in SGGSji in a wide variety of ways that

“Sab Gobind Hey, Sab Gobind Hey” meaning “All is God, All is God”.

But in our daily macro reality we see only the world of matter, ask any quantum physicist today and he will tell that scientists are now coming towards the view that world has originated from consciousness .
The challenge before frontier science now is of defining the interactive role between Matter, Intent and Consciousness. They are finding Matter and Consciousness cannot be separated .In fact in the world of elementary particles is baffling them and their views now are coming closer to what religions have been repeatedly saying. Just search internet on Google and you will find proofs a plenty.
Let us now look at what SGGSji tells us.

(Below is a mystic experience often reported by those on spirtual path)

This whole world which you see is the manifestation of the God,
(when through understanding you will observe then )
the image of the God is seen.
Raamkalee, 3rd Mehl, ANAND
SGGS- page 922 line6

You are the tree and the branches that have blossomed forth are (also) You.
From subtle, You have become gross and manifest.
You are the Ocean of Water, and the foam and the bubbles on its surface are (also )You.
So don’t see any other except You manifested (
in this world of maya
) 1
Maajh, 5th Mehl
-SGGS page 102

He Himself created Himself.

Gauree Baavan Akharee 5th Mehal ,Pauree
- SGGS page 250

Nothing is born, and nothing dies.
He Himself stages His own drama.

Ashtapadee - SGGS page 281

Guru Sahibji explains the ONENESS in SGGSji as under:

Wherever I look, I see the One Lord (manifested). 5
Gauree , 5th Mehl - SGGS page 227

In so many ways, the ONE ( Who is the Universal Creator)
has manifested Himself, says Nanak.
Gauree ,5th Mehl Shalok
- SGGS page 296

There is One Creator Lord ( Ekonkar );
the One is manifested in the entire expanse of the universe;
the One Lord is unlimited and infinite.

Raag Bilaaval,5th Mehl, Chau-padas and Du-padas,7th House
- SGGS page 821

The creation of the universe is explained as under :

“Kitaa pasao ekoo kawao”
- SGGS page 3

The ONE has expanded as entire Universe in a Kawao.
(It is difficult to translate and explain Kawao this word appears again at page 463 where it is explained that the life and death are are given and taken in a Kawao , so this word means that the transition occurs instantly.
HE was ONE and then there was the entire expance.)
- SGGS page 3

There are numerous instances in SGGSji where the ultimate reality in a variety of ways so that this becomes a part of what we know and accept as reality. Acceptance of oneness and our Divine nature as a fact is important for living life as a Gurmukh in this physical world free from fear.

Another way The Ekonkar has been referred to by Guru Sahibji is as Sachh (truth) so as to convey that the unchanging as pect of ultimate reality in contrast with the created aspect which ever changes. Sachh is just Sachh ,where as the creation(Kudrat) is an aspect of Sachh which although is illusionary and ever changing but appears to be real .
This opens us up to the next understanding.
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