Friday, May 11, 2007

20.Gurbani Guidance: Secret of Transformation

A secret has been explained by In SGGSji in this Shabad by Guru Arjan Dev ji. This is secret is the essence about our origin and a way of living our life in this world. This is an empowerment to transform our life from being afflicted by disease and painful experiences to a healthy and happy living.
Let us first look at the Shabad and its translation and then attempt an understanding in depth.

Many speak and talk about way to God.
But such a humble servant is very rare who understands the essence of Yoga 1 Pause
There is no pain, only peace; Just see the oneness.
Nothing is bad - all is good, there is no defeat, only victory in the end. 1
There is no sorrow, only happiness; but he does not give this up.
Says Nanak, the humble servant of the Lord is himself the Lord; who then has come and who is present along with. 2

-SGGS page 1302

Here Guru Sahebji has given us the following understandings:

1) There is no difference between the Lord and us.
2) There is oneness and only HIM.
3) HE is both the creator and the creation.
4) Essence is to practice this oneness.
5) Pain, sorrow and defeat are only illusions and not reality.
6) HE is peace and anand.

This Shabad also guides us as to how we are to transform our life and be in peace and happiness. A small incident in my life, which occurred 10 years back, might illustrate the method. At that time I was reading books by Bhai Saheb Raghubir Singh Bir who had profound understanding of Gurbani and had achieved higher states of oneness. Bir Sahebji explained that the diseases are only illusions and we should not consider them as actual reality. I then had a chance to practice this yoga in actuality during trip to Sahebji.

Hemkunt Saheb Gurudwara is situated at about 15000 m in the Himalayas. While starting the walk back, the knee of my left leg started to pain. What to do then. At that time I simply ignored the existence of pain. Mentally, stated it to be an illusion and considered my knee to be fine. And it became fine. This small event opened before me a way that I have used on many occasions to free myself of small ailments. Although I have experimented with several other mind-body methods, as well.

Gurbani guides us well in this Shabad.
When faced with disease consider it to be an illusion as is the world around. The reality is that you are Jyote Swaroop. Accept that Jyote is healthy and so are you.
Face with worldly problems, consider these to be illusions and accept them as such.
View it as resolved. See the solution being forming. Soon all will be well.

This is a practice contrary to what we usually do. When there is a problem, we anticipate further complications. Our efforts towards analysis of the problem, further complicates it. We instead have to look at solution and not how this solution will come about. Who are we to guide the universe as to how to bring about a solution? As Jyote Swaroop we just ask the universe for the end result.

I once heard a sakhi being told by a Ragi Singh. As yet I have not come across the source of this sakhi, but it is very illustrative.
Guru Gobind Singhji , the 10th Guru once was in a place which was dry and had no vegetation. People living around were having a hard living. Guruji looked around and uttered words which meant - “There is so much greenery around.”
An accompanying Singh countered it by saying “I don’t see any greenery, it is all dry.”
Guruji looked at him and again repeated their words. The countered it again. When this occurred third time the Guruji told the Singh that his words would have about the greenery as stated but your words will not bring the result.

In this world, we reap what we sow.
We reap with our thoughts, words, visualizations, beliefs and actions.
So practice and be your origin, Jyote Swaroop.
BE positive, BE confident.Be in oneness.