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19 . Better Your Daily Life Through Simran

Many a Sikhs on the path of Simran have reported that their problems get resolved automatically ,obstacles just seem to evaporate and needs get fulfilled .The words of desire that these sikhs utter just get fulfilled.

This happens because of Naam connection which simran bestows. As Guru Sahibji says :

Remembering God, one's works get accomplished.
-SGGS page 263

Naam, resolves my affairs .
-SGGS page 863

Many people shy away from simran thinking that they are not worthy or it takes lot of practice to for any fruitful results to come.

Feeling of not being worthy simply negates Guruji’s assertion that “We are Jyot Saroop”. How can one be not worthy of what his origin is and of what he actually is!

Believe me the path is simple and quick, only thing that takes time is the first step. As Guru Sahibji says :

When you step on this Path,
place your head (before Guru), without any reservation.
-SGGS page 1412

Here Guru Sahibji means that it is our own intellectual thinking and ego that is the obstacle as symbolized by the head. We do not bow our head because it is symbolic of surrender. Guru Sahibji wants our head in the sense that the wrong thinking may be replaced with spiritual wisdom. When we surrender, we start on the path of enlightenment through understanding gurbani and molding actions accordingly.

Simran connects us with Naam. We can thereby better our daily life.
Being aware of our nature as Jyot Saroop , our creative power is enhanced. The purity of the connection automatically arranges worldly affairs positively.

There are two ways to bring about a change in our life .One to specifically ask and resolve a problem or fulfill a need. As guru Sahibji says :

Whatever work you wish to accomplish-tell it to the Lord.
He will resolve your affairs; the True Guru gives His Guarantee of Truth
-SGGS page 91

Second way to bring about change is to change ourselves in accordance with gurbani.
Gurbani teaches us certain values which must form base of our decisions and thinking. The thoughts shape our reality..( For details read about the basic understandings in previous posts or in the book on Simran Healing.) What we are experiencing in this world is the direct result of our thoughts and beliefs

To better our daily life experiences we must reshape our thinking. One important change should be to a state of acceptance.

Any bad event that is happening in our life is resisted by us. We are resentful as to why it has occurred. We argue that in spite of we being so truthful and appropriate why a bad thing has come in our life.

We should realize that what has happened has been a result of our own thought and belief. We our-self have attracted that experience sub-consciously.

In fact in this world our role is only to experience the situations and position in life as per the choices we make with our thoughts and beliefs.

These thoughts and beliefs are not always our own, these may be those from group consciousness level. The group beliefs of our culture, peers, nation etc also affect us and bring about change in our circumstances. We unknowingly go along with group thinking.

All this can be altered when we consciously change our thinking vocabulary and our choices are according to values that gurbani teaches. Naam is the empowerment that Simran brings to us. We should change our thoughts to change our daily life. The anxieties ,frustrations ,tensions ,obstacles that come will not affect and trouble us as has been happening before. To bring about change we should stop our mental resistance to the events that occur in our life. Gurbani calls it ‘bhaanai’, which is generally translated to mean Gods Will.

The reality is that what ever is happening in this world including our own existence is because of Creator and the invisible presence of the creative force. The person who is attached with gurbani realizes that there is oneness and all is HIS WILL. Our experiences are HIS experiences also.
So what ever is happening through our thoughts is also his Will in the above sense only. The law that ‘what we sow is what we reap’ is also in operation. When we resist what is happening , we are only adding fuel to the already bad occurrence. Acceptances takes out resistance from the mind and so also the tendency to blame. By acceptance we empower our self to bring desired change.

Gurbani tells us that :

Whatever is Your Sweet Will is good;
by Your Will, my affairs are resolved.
-SGGS page 431

Accept what ever be the present circumstances of your life- good or bad.
Accept the situations in your life.
Accept what ever has happened in your life.
Accept the people in your life- whether you like them or not.
Accept events that had occurred in your life- good or bad.
Accept the diseases that are afflicting your physical body.Whether you agree or do not agree with what is happening ,just accept.

Walking in harmony with the Guru's (God’s)Will,
One shall not suffer pain.
-SGGS page 31

The second aspect of acceptance of bhaanai - Sweet Will of God is not to even anticipate bad in the future.

We generally have fear that something bad may not happen to us in future and this is the cause of many anxieties.

The present is the only reality in our life. The NOW is what there is always.
The future which we experience in the next NOW is ever a potential reality and is dependent upon the state of mind in the present NOW.

A state of expectation of a bad event as a sequel to the present problem generally results in that very event to occur. Whereas by acknowledging the present NOW experience through acceptance and changing to a state of positive expectation in the future NOW the result is a positive event.

Naam connection through Simran empowers us to bring this change.

Guru Sahibji says that :

When the problems are so overweighing,
the remembrance of God shall resolve these in an instant.
-SGGS page 264

When faced with terrible hardships, and no one offering support,
when even friends turn into enemies, and your relations have deserted,
when all support has gone, and all hope has been lost ,
then by remembering the Lord God, even the hot wind shall not affect you.
-SGGS page 70

With Guruji’s such a strong endorsement how easy to resolve are our day to day anxieties, issues and problems.

My deep involvement in study of gurbani and simran came about during the time of fear of a problem at work. These were my days of anxieties .Observing me my father suggested that I should to Delhi’s Bangla Saheb Gurdwara for 40 days so that this issue is resolved.

At that time I thought if 40 days bring solutions so why not be with the Guru regularly so that such or other problems do not trouble. This was a turning point.
As for that problem at work , it did not affect me in any way and got resolved in routine.

During these early days a Gursikh once told me his way of overcoming difficult every day problems. He was working as a manager in a soft drink company where his boss was person who routinely abused his juniors. As a solution when ever the boss called this Gursikh used to say ‘Dhann Guru Nanak’ .He explained that Guru Nanak is equal to Waheguru. The effect of this remembrance was that the boss was mild to him and at times even forgot why he had called him or got distracted.

This is an example of shifting yourself to state of Naam – the creative force that runs the world. Naam smoothes out all obstacles. Naam brings in harmony.
So facing a problem issue shift your awareness to Naam through Simran.
Simran of Gurumantra – ‘Waheguru’ takes awareness to higher level. As most of the time our conscious attention is engrossed outward in the worldly things and affairs we have to place it inside our head while doing jap of ‘Waheguru’ .A jap three times or any other fixed no of times may be used as a trigger for the shift to be brought.

As we practice saying these magic words the change comes about just naturally.

We are Jyot Saroop and connected this way our haume steps aside.
Naam also keeps away the five passions. Which are easy to control now. With further sadhna the Naam connection grows when we begin to hear shabad inside the head.
Guru empowers even a beginner to effect change in his day to day circumstances.

A Sikhs life is that of chardikala - a positive state of mind. One who is in high spirits what ever be the circumstances.

The words we use in our daily life should reflect the positive frame of mind.

Stop using words that depict a negative state for example ‘I’m feeling angry’ or ‘I hate this thing’ .There are so many negative words in our daily vocabulary like anxious , impatient , frustrated , bored , lonely lost , mad , insulted and so on.

Stop using these words rather change your state to a positive one of patient , confident , loving , blessed , happy , perfect , pleasant etc.

With simran it is easy to change our state of mind.
With Naam the obstacles and misfortunes just go away.

Unknowingly, our works are perfectly accomplished.
-SGGS page 1157

It is no wonder that gurbani declares :

Both here and hereafter, the Mighty Guru takes care.
God harmonizes this world and the next,
and all affairs are perfectly resolved.
-SGGS page 825

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18. Beginning Simran

Beginning simran is like doing a postgraduate study first and under graduation, High school later. Elementary school studies are easy and as we progress learning become more and more difficult.
In simran the starting point is difficult and as we persist further progress becoming easy and easy.

This is because our conscious awareness has remained outward in the physical plane creating thought and memory links with the objects and experiences.

Simran connects conscious awareness with higher levels. The working awareness level in the physical plane now shifts inside; at a creative level .This stage of connection with origin are Naam.
We are Jyot Swaroop (Same as our creator) living in this physical world in the physical body with illusion of separateness. This belief and thought of separateness is named Haume in Gurbani.

Why shy away from simran when it places you in a state of Anand (love), you are empowered; you hold a treasure of immense value; suddenly all world becomes a friend. Needs gets fulfilled; health improves; works get done; you feel safe; you even forget what is anxiety and stress.

Shift to Naam is gradually in degrees. Even at beginning stages the benefits begin to descend, rather start appearing. Naam is ever present, except that it is not in awareness because of Haume. Simran starts to bring you back home, which Gurbani calls Nij Ghar.

Here are some suggestions on a few simran beginners’ issues.

Simran through Gurbani

Simran means to remember. It is to re-member i.e. to become member of oneness again. So simran should be done of those ‘words’ that will re-connect you.

Gurbani is equated with God as its Jap gives you understanding and words evoke state of true love of God.

Jap means reading and listening with concentration. In a mere reading or listening concentration is missing and so are the results.

While reading gurbani go for understanding the meaning of words and also feel them to be applicable to you. Gurbani’s knowledge is for YOU .The state of mind and oneness referred in gurbani again is for YOU. Let the understanding sink in; let the state of mind referred be there.
Objective of Gurbani is Simran and bestowing of Naam.

‘Really listen’ to kirtan of shabads from SGGSji only.
Reading of gurbani daily should be with concentration and involvement. Concentration comes when one goes for meaning of the words and see these being applicable to him.

Simran through Gurumantra

Gurumantra given by Guru Sahibji is ‘Waheguru’.
Wahe is a word uttered when you feel some thing wonderful. Here it is the wonder of creation. Guru in gurbani refers to both the guru in the physical form and GOD inner guidance within us. ‘True Guru’ referred in Gurbani is GOD.

Guru mantra ‘Waheguru’ is same as GOD and simran of this is so potent that it is like flying in a plane compared to a car on the ground. We do not always fly so it is a mix of car and plane.

Waheguru Gurumantra can be said loudly initially but should soon be voiced inside.
Listen to your own voicing of Gurumantra.
Place awareness inside – in the head, behind eyes, at the top of mouth cavity. This is not a physical point; awareness rests at this point intuitively.

Do simran resting awareness at the above point. Feel GOD to be present within and around.

Going inside is the difficult part as the body resists .This resistance is because of Haume – which does not want that you come out of illusion.

At times there is itching or pain here or there and off course distracting chain of thoughts.

Body’s distractions can be removed by relaxing the body parts through mind commands starting from scalp at the top to toe. Just place awareness at the body part and ask it to relax. Then feel it being relaxed. Move from one part to another one by one i.e. scalp, forehead, eyes, face, head, throat, left shoulder, left arm, left hand, right shoulder, right arm, and so on.

The chain of thoughts is another distraction.First suggestion is that do not try to suppress or get irritated with this as it is the nature of mind. The mind has thoughts ,emotions as remembrances all interconnected in a chain.This is how our daily life is possible on earth.Best is to hedge through several ways till the energy force of thoughts parts and allows awareness to go further.
The happens when there is kirpa.
Kirpa comes about when state of mind and knowledge both are there.There is no question of pick and choose.When conditions are right the shift in awareness comes automatically in a natural way.
There are several initial ways suggested in SGGSji.
One way is to do simran with breath.While inhaling say
‘Wahe’ and while exaling say ‘Guru’.
While eating keep saying ‘Waheguru’ ‘Waheguru’ ‘Waheguru’ … during the chewing process.
While walking do simran of ‘Waheguru’‘Waheguru’‘Waheguru’…

Use power words or sentences choosen from gurbani.In any shabad there are words or lines that that one takes fancy to at different times.
One can do simran through repeating these along with gurumantra.

These are power words that lifts you to next higher level.

As examples are these words :

Praise the Sach One,
considering HIM being ever-present.

- page SGGS 120

Whatever is Visible, shall pass away.

-page SGGS 268

As is honor, so is dishonor.

-page SGGS 275

These power words bring about the stated state of mind.

There is an abundent treasure of these power words in SGGS.

When will the results come in the case of healing of the physical body.

Experience shows that healing starts the moment you start simran.
Latter simran is preventive.

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