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18. Beginning Simran

Beginning simran is like doing a postgraduate study first and under graduation, High school later. Elementary school studies are easy and as we progress learning become more and more difficult.
In simran the starting point is difficult and as we persist further progress becoming easy and easy.

This is because our conscious awareness has remained outward in the physical plane creating thought and memory links with the objects and experiences.

Simran connects conscious awareness with higher levels. The working awareness level in the physical plane now shifts inside; at a creative level .This stage of connection with origin are Naam.
We are Jyot Swaroop (Same as our creator) living in this physical world in the physical body with illusion of separateness. This belief and thought of separateness is named Haume in Gurbani.

Why shy away from simran when it places you in a state of Anand (love), you are empowered; you hold a treasure of immense value; suddenly all world becomes a friend. Needs gets fulfilled; health improves; works get done; you feel safe; you even forget what is anxiety and stress.

Shift to Naam is gradually in degrees. Even at beginning stages the benefits begin to descend, rather start appearing. Naam is ever present, except that it is not in awareness because of Haume. Simran starts to bring you back home, which Gurbani calls Nij Ghar.

Here are some suggestions on a few simran beginners’ issues.

Simran through Gurbani

Simran means to remember. It is to re-member i.e. to become member of oneness again. So simran should be done of those ‘words’ that will re-connect you.

Gurbani is equated with God as its Jap gives you understanding and words evoke state of true love of God.

Jap means reading and listening with concentration. In a mere reading or listening concentration is missing and so are the results.

While reading gurbani go for understanding the meaning of words and also feel them to be applicable to you. Gurbani’s knowledge is for YOU .The state of mind and oneness referred in gurbani again is for YOU. Let the understanding sink in; let the state of mind referred be there.
Objective of Gurbani is Simran and bestowing of Naam.

‘Really listen’ to kirtan of shabads from SGGSji only.
Reading of gurbani daily should be with concentration and involvement. Concentration comes when one goes for meaning of the words and see these being applicable to him.

Simran through Gurumantra

Gurumantra given by Guru Sahibji is ‘Waheguru’.
Wahe is a word uttered when you feel some thing wonderful. Here it is the wonder of creation. Guru in gurbani refers to both the guru in the physical form and GOD inner guidance within us. ‘True Guru’ referred in Gurbani is GOD.

Guru mantra ‘Waheguru’ is same as GOD and simran of this is so potent that it is like flying in a plane compared to a car on the ground. We do not always fly so it is a mix of car and plane.

Waheguru Gurumantra can be said loudly initially but should soon be voiced inside.
Listen to your own voicing of Gurumantra.
Place awareness inside – in the head, behind eyes, at the top of mouth cavity. This is not a physical point; awareness rests at this point intuitively.

Do simran resting awareness at the above point. Feel GOD to be present within and around.

Going inside is the difficult part as the body resists .This resistance is because of Haume – which does not want that you come out of illusion.

At times there is itching or pain here or there and off course distracting chain of thoughts.

Body’s distractions can be removed by relaxing the body parts through mind commands starting from scalp at the top to toe. Just place awareness at the body part and ask it to relax. Then feel it being relaxed. Move from one part to another one by one i.e. scalp, forehead, eyes, face, head, throat, left shoulder, left arm, left hand, right shoulder, right arm, and so on.

The chain of thoughts is another distraction.First suggestion is that do not try to suppress or get irritated with this as it is the nature of mind. The mind has thoughts ,emotions as remembrances all interconnected in a chain.This is how our daily life is possible on earth.Best is to hedge through several ways till the energy force of thoughts parts and allows awareness to go further.
The happens when there is kirpa.
Kirpa comes about when state of mind and knowledge both are there.There is no question of pick and choose.When conditions are right the shift in awareness comes automatically in a natural way.
There are several initial ways suggested in SGGSji.
One way is to do simran with breath.While inhaling say
‘Wahe’ and while exaling say ‘Guru’.
While eating keep saying ‘Waheguru’ ‘Waheguru’ ‘Waheguru’ … during the chewing process.
While walking do simran of ‘Waheguru’‘Waheguru’‘Waheguru’…

Use power words or sentences choosen from gurbani.In any shabad there are words or lines that that one takes fancy to at different times.
One can do simran through repeating these along with gurumantra.

These are power words that lifts you to next higher level.

As examples are these words :

Praise the Sach One,
considering HIM being ever-present.

- page SGGS 120

Whatever is Visible, shall pass away.

-page SGGS 268

As is honor, so is dishonor.

-page SGGS 275

These power words bring about the stated state of mind.

There is an abundent treasure of these power words in SGGS.

When will the results come in the case of healing of the physical body.

Experience shows that healing starts the moment you start simran.
Latter simran is preventive.

( Download book on simran Healing ; link on blog page)


Anonymous said...

wjkk wjkf ji, after doing 15-20 minutes of naam simran my upper right back starts hurting, this distracts me because I have to bend down to make the pain go away. How can this heal?

gurmit singh said...

wjkk wjkf

It happens that body disturbances come up during naam simran.

Guruji suggests doing naam simran while sitting,standing walking in fact in what ever way and at whatever time. So you can try using a different position rather than a straight back like reclining or with a support.
Simran is Jap of Guru mantar and thought of Waheguruji both. The thoughts should be those from gurbani.
Simran is to change the mind. To imbibe the mind with thoughts of Waheguruji. Of Wonderous play and love.

The back pain would not disturb then. Do jap of gurbani pungtees and pain would go.

Anonymous said...

My back been in pain for last 5 years
What should I do ?

Unknown said...

Veer ji

what do we have to do when we cannot concentrate while doing simran . Our mind wanders like crazy ....and on top of that we cant sit for hours as our leg and body hurts we move alot during simran .......doesnt simran suppose to make us feel at peace ....we are always restless when doing simran .....


gurmit singh said...


Dalvinder Bhenji

The nature of the mind is to shift from one thought to another, to shift to memories of past and to anxieties about future. We through these feel emotions. This minds chatter also keeps us from going beyond within us.
It is called within us because our Surt (awareness) is mostly involved and focused in the material world. We thus are repeatedly unaware of the soul within. The brain and mind appear to be running us and we live in feeling of separate identity. This identity is individualistic. Gurbani calls it Haume.
The outside world has dominance of fear. The subtle aspects of life love,anad ,joy, togetherness etc are not regularly felt.
The shift of awareness inward is away from the outer world. So we can feel the peace and joy only when awaress is shifted or kept within even while eyes are open.

Gurbanis way is to listen to "Waheguru" gurumanter ourself and during amritwela (when worldly affairs do not intrude). We can listen to gurbani being recited by us this way.
Our intention is important.
This way the awareness goes within.
( other methods as additional assistance is to do backward counting from 50 or 20 to 1 - this is like the trigger mechanism. We are familiar with 3 2 1 in races and also backward counting when rocket launches. I have used this trigger counting along with jap of Gurumanter. 5 waheguru 4 waheguru 3 waheguru 2 waheguru 1 waheguru. In the old days simrani was used . The mala has now appear old fashioned. Here to a tactile sensation trigger is being used .)
The trigger method of counting is also helpful by intending that as the count of one is reached the awareness shifts within. So we then find the awareness has shifted with in. Keep it deep within ,behind eyes at a general spot at top of mouth palate - where breath strikes.

Then do simran.
While doing simran it is not necessary to sit. One can walk inside the room or even outside. Do simran while walking.

Once within we are nearer to our soul and away from chatter. We can then are also closer to hear the Shabd guru's intutive message. A communion.

Guru Mehar kare

Gurmeet Singh

Unknown said...

I don't know what happened with me while doing gurmantra simran one time. It was Amrit wela and I was doing simran by saying Waheguru loudly and then it started inside. My awareness went within. My eyes started to hurt. It felt like my eyes were looking inside and went backwards. Then I started feeling anxiety and fear of going deeper inside. My body started shivering a little.
What does that all mean? Am I going in the right direction?

Unknown said...

I have a question please if someone knows the answer. I was doing gurmantra simran one time Amrit wele. I was saying Waheguru loudly then it started inside. My eyes were closed and they started to hurt after a while. It felt like my eyes were looking inside and turned backwards. Then I started feeling fear and anxiety as I went deeper and deeper within. My body started shivering a little. Felt like I was traveling within. What does all that mean? Am I going in the right direction? Am I doing it right?

gurmit singh said...

Reply to above question :

Raj K said...
I have a question please if someone knows the answer....

The purpose of Gurumantra simran is to first move the surt (awareness) inside.

Our mind-body link is accustomed to interact with outside world environment. All our senses are accordingly attuned.

It is quite common that when this shift occurs there is cellular readjustment in the body. Pain is often felt during this time which goes away as the mind-body gets accustomed.

The awareness does move inside through different subtle energy fields. Emotional thought forms can also be encountered.

Gurbani also explains this state " Unmann". Mind's thoughts and senses are inclined to rush towards the outer world issues. Mind has to be shifted away from this - to move within. Mind also has to develop detachment. Mind also has to be made to accept what Gurbani explains - about the nature of reality ' The Mool"

Inside is The jyote swarope soul which.
Inside is the Anhad Shabad.
only after going within that the Gursikh talks to the Guru- the "angsang guru ".

Fear and anxiety comes because of suddenness of the experience.
Simran is to be continued with faith that Waheguru is 'Hazar Hazoor".

wjkk wjkf
Gurbani explains

Unknown said...

Thanks Veerji for the reply

Surinder said...
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