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What ever type or stage of disease you may have ,just start simran. Disease afflicts the body at three levels.. Mind of the person has a negative pattern and accompanying emotions. There is change in energetic flow in the subtle body , even blockages. At the physical level there is change in physiology and at cellular level causing distress.

Continue the present treatment methods. Simran healing aims at the first cause. Simran healing will be preventive subsequently .It will ensure no relapse.

The method for simran healing is a two step process mainly:-


First step is a move from knowledge to knowingness. The gyan (knowledge) that SGGSji imparts us has to be lived in this first part.
Among gyan given by Guru sahibji are these understandings as explained in the previous posts.

Understanding 1:
We are Jyout Swaroop (divine nature)

Understanding 2:
The world is a creation of consciousness. (Oneness)

Understanding 3:
The nature of the created world is a mind pattern.

Understanding 4:
As are your thoughts so is your state of mind and accordingly are events/circumstances in your life.

Armed with this knowledge of our Divine organ and oneness’ of the visible and invisible world, the first step is to reduce the gap of separation we have from the essence.

Simran is the tool to bridge this gap.
Simran means top “remember with feeling”.
Simran method involves recitation of Guru Mantra or/and Guru’s Shabads (words).

Guru mantra given by the guru is “waheguru” (pronounced as wahe-guru} wahe is an exclamation used when observing the creation with wonder. The complete word “waheguru” is another name of God. God is not restricted to one name he has numerous names.

Here is the method of simran:

i) Sit comfortably and close your eyes. For the beginner for sure and even for an adept, the time for simran prescribed is preferably Amrit Vela ( early morning from approx 4 am to 6 am ) when there is less worldly disturbance . At this time the thought vibrations of others do not disturb nor does daily motivators for work to be done. Similarly evening time after 6 pm is suitable (but not in these modern times as is the Amrit vela). If quiet time is available otherwise do utilize it for simran.

ii) Do jap ( Chant repeatedly) of Guru Manta WAHE GURU . Slowly in the beginning so that concentration is there. For focus one can also do jap by saying WAHE while taking breath in and GURU while breathing out. Beginners can voice out the word.

iii) Start to listen to your own voice.

iv) Simran then takes you inside through a natural gentle subtle automatic pull and places your focus point inside the head. The point is approximately between the two ears, slightly lower , at a point inside where the breath strikes on the mouth cavity. As this is a point in our subtle body its exact physical body part cannot be specified.

v) Do jap inside without making any sound. The voice is now inside you and also listened by you inside.

vi) Keep your awareness focused inside .Relax your physical body by intention alone. Feel it being relaxed.

vii) Be in a feeling of love.

viii) Feel the presence of God. Might be separate. Might be an intellectual presence (without any actual feeling) in the beginning. Persist without doubt. We are not used to feel the presence in this way because of doubt and even lack of worth. Know that he is every thing.

ix) Do simran as much as possible keeping awareness inside.

x) One can do simran using a shabad from SGGSji or even a line. These are repeated again and again as above (meaning we do jap).
xi) Start to do Simran with each breath while sitting, standing, lying , walking ,eating and while doing your daily chores

For understanding 1:
Do simran with eyes open also.
You are not separate but are only HIM.
When you look feel HIM looking.
When walk feel HIM walking
When you do chores feel HIM doing.
When you talk feel HIM talking
When you drive feel HIM driving.
And so on

For understanding 2 , when you look keep the focus inside. Look at the world outside while doing simran. Feel HIS presence in the world. Feel him everywhere. Shortly this feeling will convert to awareness of HIS presence.

Awareness of Understanding 3 will follow the above two naturally and intuitively. Your inside is reflected outside.

Another simran is “TU HI TU HI ….”
TU HI translates as “THIS IS HIM”. While seeing anything say TU HI.

Even beginning the above step starts to give benefit. So keep continuing.
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Post 13: Simran and the healing power (last part)

How Simran heals

The power of Simran to heal can be better understood experientially than by a mere intellectual exercise.

So do this small exercise just NOW:

Stop NOW THIS VERY MOMENT and bring in your conscious awareness the beauty of your surroundings.

Don’t look at surroundings instead observe and feel them by not focussing at any outside object but keeping awareness within you.

Use the sense of touch, smell and listen to the sounds.

Observe richness of colour, the smoothness of objects, the softness, and pleasantness of sounds etc. The perfection in objects. There is beauty around you and beauty in the shape of your own body.

Bring in mind adjectives to describe what is being observed.
Repeat this exercise in natural surroundings and see the difference.

Those who had done meditation before will immediately come into the mode.

What had happened is that the usual focus of conscious awareness on thoughts of past and future was broken, the focus away from now is lost and mind comes in the moment.

Our mind is used to believing HE is separate rather than accepting there is only HIM. People find it difficult to accept that a table is also HIM or a stone is also HIM. But the world is HIS play and there is HE only.

Way to break the remove the link of separateness is SIMRAN. With Simran you are in this world as well as above it at higher vibrational level.

Here is what the Simran does:

Simran breaks the energetic link you have with the thoughts and the objects.
Simran takes you inside.
Simran alters your conscious awareness.
Simran keeps you in detached awareness.
Simran manifests forth the positive qualities in your personality.
Simran brings about control on negative behaviour- the five evil tendencies.
Simran gives you Naam connection.
Simran connects you with your divine origin.
Simran brings your body back to a healthy state.

The intellectual minded may still ask for further explanation. Let us recall the manifestation process as described in the previous post.
The direction of manifestation is as under.

Consciousness ----->Energy Field ----->Physical Body

The thoughts originating in the consciousness first affect the energy field and then the physical body. In fact all the objects have this energy field.
Out of the potentiality in the universe the chosen thought has a polarity. Polarity is duality in the universe. The plus and the minus.

When you think of love the opposite fear is also there. If you think of having an apple the opposite no apple is also there. If it is hot the opposite cold is also there. If it is anger the opposite pleasure is also there.

What we have chosen in the past or have been made to chose by the suggestions of our peers and elders have created a belief pattern which we consider as true with regard to us. Most of the time we subconsciously choose what is in accordance with our accepted beliefs. If we believe that you are good in dancing your chosen behaviour will be accordingly. If you believe that you are a terrific salesman then through your choices you will bring about tremendous sales. If a person considers him a failure he then is a failure.
This whole subject is so vast with so many aspects that there is no short explanation. It can simply be said that we choose one of the polarity which affects the energy field and results in creation of our reality in accordance with the choice. The reality may be the events, circumstances, successes, failures, the healthy or diseased state of our body and so on.
We are in fact living in a world which already has the created reality of material objects, the accepted beliefs of collective consciousness. In this world we do have a say and create our individual reality. We can choose to have a healthy body but can we choose to go against the accepted belief that the body ages with time.

The process of manifestation is thus.

Consciousness .---> polarity chosen ---> Energy Field --> Physical Body.

Another point with regard to the outcome of our choices is whether the choice is of “acceptance level” or “doubt level”.

In this universe the acceptance and doubt also play their part about what can happen and what not.

An object when thrown falls to the ground and does not go up. This is an established fact of your experience and no doubt comes to mind. But if anyone says that a heavy object will not go down but will float on water we immediately doubt it. These are examples of core acceptances we have we do not doubt that these will not happen.

Manifestations of physicality in this world are of three types:

· The basic world structure along with the laws on which it functions. It comprises the world around us - the environment .Life of the universe is so long that we cannot expect it to go away and replaced by a new universe with different set of laws governing it.
· The second are objects /processes which are short lived in comparison but accepted by many technology driven gadgets, new designs. Invention of aeroplane – now we accept that man will travel in space as now in planes. Another is telephone – newer wireless instruments were easily accepted to exist. This category consists of material objects, ideas, styles general behaviour patterns. These exist but changes come in the form of newer versions like in fashion. Whether one likes the change or not but has to accept that it exists. Events in our life occur in accordance with our beliefs / expectations. Similar happenings occur in the case of others. We take it to be how life is. Suppose one lives up to the age of 200 years with a healthy body or case of a person whose liver affected by cancer corrects and regenerates the liver anew. Are these events acceptable to us now? Inspite of the fact that our body is so designed that technically it is possible to live long or to regenerate the liver.
· The third categories are manifestations which are taken not exist at all. These when occur are taken as miracles.

In our daily life there are events unconnected with core processes i.e. way the world around us is made and functions. For example you are driving and the light will be either red or green. This is an event which is not a core process but occurs as per your belief. When you consider that you always get red, it will be so.
At times you feel yourself lucky then you get green throughout the ride.
When in a hurry and pressed for time you get red.
The explanation lies in the state of your mind.
· When in a cheerful state of mind good events are attracted towards you with limitation of past conditioning only. At this time when you see ahead a traffic crawl/jam then your response decides the outcome. When you say and expect a delay and resign to the outcome then delays is there but not to the extant as happened in the past as you are still in a good state of mind. But if you Inspite of past experience are in a positive frame of mind stating you will reach in time and will clear soon then the result is even better. Lucky side roads or diversions take you through.
· When in a bad mood or in a hurry then the experience will be worse. You get red lights. The bad vibrations of the bad mood only attract further bad events.
· Another factor in manifestation is fear. Negative vibrations are grosser compared to positive ones. When you fear that an event may happen and desire it not to happen then the probability of it happening increases. It does happen most of the time the times it does not happen is because of collective consciousness as others want something else.
· Suppose someone wishes they get a clear run through while driving this time then your response generally is that this route has always traffic and you get caught always .This response is out of the acceptance level in your mind which has been formed by past experience. Your expectation creates that very experience. When expectation is different then even in that route you will find at that time a clear run through. But a person who has positive expectation definitely gets positive result. Choice of result is thus dictated by acceptance and doubt .You simply do not have what you choose because this factor influences the result and if the experience is in accordance with your acceptance level it will occur otherwise even if you want a different result then doubt about the outcome creates the opposite result.

Experiment with manifestation. Daily life small events like above or sports make for good practice. Focus only on the desired outcome and do not dwell further so as to avoid doubt influencing result.

The above example has been given to explain the process of manifestation of events.
Know that appearance of disease in the body is also a result of repeated events.
This physical world is being created by consciousness and so is our physical body .The change is inherent to it and the world is always in a process of dynamic change.

The disease originates from our mind. Guru Sahibji repeatedly asserts in SGGSji that our five evil tendencies are the cause of disease.
Today research in mind-body connection clearly point that mind influences the body towards health and disease. Anger, guilt, jealousy, anxiety, victim mentality, grief, remorse and other multitude of mind states influence negatively our body’s physiology on a daily basis whereas the positive state of mind comprising love , warmth , confidence , helpfulness etc keep our body healthy.
Here are some examples of diseases linked with mind states by medical researchers:

Anger, hostile behavior and depressive symptoms in apparently healthy individuals may lead to cardiovascular disease and stroke.
- Psychosomatic Medicine ( Sept.2004)
Anxiety disorders have been linked with Oral health problems.
- General Dentistry( November/December 2003)
Hostile attitude affects Blood Pressure in Social situations which are even non – threatening.
- Psychosomatic Medicine (January/February 2000).
People who are happy and relaxed may have more Immunity to Common Cold than those who are depressed, nervous or angry.
- Psychosomatic Medicine (July.2003).
These are only randomly chosen examples. There is tremendous amount of data available on mind-body connection in disease.
Researcher David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D author of the book Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior (1995) states that attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs are connected with various energetic pathways to all of the body's organs. ". These pathways are same as the meridians of Chinese medical treatment method –acupuncture. The Indian yoga system calls these pathways nadis’. The chakra system described in ancient Indian texts is a part of the energy body we have. According to hawkings the energy of thought induce changes in these energetic pathways and affect overall physiology.
The research work of David R. Hawkins along with Nobelist Linus Pauling, and Eric Kandel, M.D, have concluded that the mind, through our thoughts and memories, influences our physical beings at the most elementary levels.
The actual process may be whatever it is Guru Sahibji had already explicitly given us the cause and the solution.
There are numerous new age methods using imagination to heal the diseases but these have failed to avoid reoccurrence because the root remained. An example is Simonton method of treating cancer in 70,s which used imagination techniques to restore health.
Simran healing takes care of the root cause and treats at all level.

The disease in the body exists at the three levels:

1. In the mind as a negative mental pattern/belief/attitude.
2. In the ethric body’s energy blueprint by blocking pathways, clouding energy organs, restricting chakra functioning etc.
3. Changed physiology of the body, clots, growths etc

The healing like ways has to take place at all the three levels to be effective.

Treat the threatening problem in the physical body through physical means of allopathic medical practice and you may use other therapies to release disease pattern from the energy body.
When change in the mental pattern occurs the disease formation process is stopped. This is the reason for spontaneous remissions described in medical records.
To appreciate mind- body connection in disease look at the medical cases of multiple personality disorder. The story of "Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde" is a classical description of multiple personality. In multiple personality disorder the personality becomes dissociated into two or more distinct parts. Each of these parts become dominant and controls behavior from time to time to the exclusion of the other parts. The surprising part is that as the personality changes so do the body’s system with the diseases of that personality. If one personality had BP then it appears in the body and as soon as the personality changes along with it the BP, as the new personality does not have a BP in its corresponding body system. Dr. Bernie Siegel did lot of research on multiple personality disorder. Studies have documented that even eye colour changes as the personality changes and even disease like diabetes is manifested along with change of personality.
It is amazing that as the new personality takes over it brings in the body its related illness an example that mental patterns, the beliefs that causes the disease to manifest in the physical body.

Obviously a problem rooted in mind will require a solution at that level or above it. Guru Sahibji has given solution in the form of Naam Aukhad.

Simran treats at all levels because by changing the state of mind it attracts positive events like effective treatment at physical level. The intention influences the energy patterns in the energy body towards removal of blockages and negative energy. The identification with positive qualities builds up new patterns which resonate and bring about positive health.

There are stages of Simran and so are the corresponding healing effects.

Simran Stage I - Awareness

This is the beginning stage. Start is with knowing more about his self and begins to experience that all is within. The beginner starts to be really aware of God and his relationship with HIM. His first relationship starts from being a Sevak (nearest translation is servant) and moves forward to a friendship, parent and finally setting aside ego experiences that all is GOD including him.

Corresponding Healing Stage:

The state of mind is of forgiveness, respect, affection and that of confidence. The fear and anxiety begins to go away and so does the hold of five evils.
The body’s natural defence systems are active and they begin to start restoring health. The intention of the person becomes powerful and when properly focussed starts to loosen up the hold of negative programming at energetic level. There is also beginning of replacement with positive beliefs. He begins to understand the nature of illusion (maya) which keeps creating the world.

Simran Stage II – Identification

What Simran does is that it takes the conscious awareness and places it at a higher plane. One is the above material plane.
The Simran practice further takes him to the stage that he has experiences of oneness and identification with the universal consciousness. One shifts between the two worlds – material and spiritual. He experiences deep meditation. He starts to live the illusion. Once maya had overpowered him now maya waits for his command with folding hands.

Corresponding Healing Stage

The power of intention is very strong. There is identification with the GOD and godly qualities. Positive qualities as intended begin to manifest. Health of the body is a natural state. HE is health and so are you.

Proper focus even brings about regeneration of defective organs.

Simran Stage III - Anand

This is the stage of anand (joy). There is oneness and detachment.

Corresponding Healing Stage:

A stage that can create what is called a miracle.

For progress in the entire above stages guru’s grace is required. As one progresses he meets the true GURU inside him. Guru gives naam in word form and this naam evolves and dwells deep within the when Simran is put into practice.

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12.Simran and the Healing Power ( part III )

Understanding 3: As are your thoughts so is your state of mind and accordingly are events/circumstances in your life.

Let us first dwell on what Guru Sahibji says :

jiAu mnu daykhhi pr mnu taisaa.
jaisee mnsaa taisee dsaa.
jaisaa krmu taisee liv laavai.

-SGGS page 1342

As is the mind’s focus , so the state of mind.
As is the perception,so are the circumstances.
As are the karmas, so is the habitual direction of the mind/person.

-SGGS page 1342

Eay mn jaisaa sayvhi taisaa hovhi
tayhay krm kmaaEi.
Aaapi beeji Aaapay hee khaavnaa
khnaa kichhoo n jaaEi.

-SGGS page 755

What this mind serves, so it becomes.
So are the karmas.
One reaps what one sows
Our mere wishes cannot change this.

-SGGS page 755

jaisaa kray su taisaa paavai.
Aaapi beeji Aaapay hee khaavai.
jay vdiAaaEeeAaa Aaapay khaaEi.
jayhee surti tayhai raahi jaaEi

-SGGS page 662

As are the karma, so does he receive.
What one plants, so does one eats.
As are the praises (of GOD), this also one eats
(his perception changes accordingly),
What one keeps in awareness regularly, so is the path he follow.

-SGGS page 662

These are some gems from SGGSji which hold profound wisdom and offer us a formulae to not only change our mind and the circumstances of our life but move towards an ideal life .

To understand the essence of Guru Sahibjis words , let us first look at current knowledge on “how we work” :

1) We are said to be three part beings : spirit , mind , and body.

2) Everything begins with consciousness. Everything that happens in our life and everything that happens in our body, begins with something happening in our consciousness

3) Our mind has a consciousness and sub consciousness. The thoughts we have, the words we hear and the experiences we have create our beliefs. The sub consciousness is a store house of our beliefs, the skills we have learnt, our attitudes and perceptions. What we do not consciously decide the sub consciousness takes over and acts.

4)It is well known that: “As we think so we become.” The thoughts we have shape our view of the world and attract to us those very types of circumstances and events. We our self create our own reality.

5)The consciousness is not in our brain only but is everywhere and in each part of our body. Our brain is an important part of our body with a role in the physical body. The illusion is such that for long even scientists believed it to be seat of the mind like belief that sun revolved around the earth. The consciousness is connected to every cell in the body.

6)The physical body has a field of energy around it commonly known as Aura. This field has been studied and even measured through a process known as Kirlian photography. The first layer of this energy field is an exact copy of our physical body - a template. When a limb is cut or an organ removed its ethric counterpart remains. The next layers house our emotions and mind patterns. This astral bank of energy thought forms which are information patterns are ever with us .What we focus on in our conscious mind immediately gets operative not only in our mind but in our body’s physiology. With any remembrance/ thought of a word we feel it in our body as well.

7) The frontier science research particularly the works of Prof Tiller and other physicists are revealing that change at consciousness level first creates a change in this energy field and then the physical body. The direction is :

Consciousness-------->Energy Field ------>Physical Body.

The implications are profound. This explains how many alternative forms of treatment work including reiki and pranic healing

8)Thoughts we focus on in our mind have corresponding emotions. The thoughts and actions which are based on love, warmth, gratitude, appreciation, excitement, confidence, cheerfulness have a positive effect on our body and keep its functioning healthy. Whereas thoughts and actions based on fear, hurt, revenge, guilt, anger, disappointment, loneliness, etc make our body diseased. These negative behaviour characteristics have been classified in to five category as : Kama ,Kroth , lobh , moh, and ahankar .

With this backbround we can appreciate the essence of Guru Sahibjis above words which clearly explain as under :

We become by what thoughts we serve in our mind regularly . These are the seeds we sow. What we reap is according to what we have sown.

At every moment of our live we have a choice.We can choose the path to be taken i.e what thoughts to serve.But much of the time the result of our thoughts which are habits surround us. This viel is difficult to break.

How can a person cought up in a PROBLEM focus on the solution.The world is an energy field and thought vibrations are also energy , with more focus these are crystalised.

Guru Sahibjis solution is simple :

Get above the problem through simran. Keep your consciousness above the physical world.From physical plane take it to spirtual plane.The solutions exist there.

(next : how simran heals.)

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11. Simran and the Healing Power (Part II)

Understanding 3: The nature of the created world is a mind pattern.

First let us read what Guru Sahibji says:

“jiAu supnaa Aru paykhnaa Aaisay jg kAu jaani. Ein mai kchhu saacho nhee Naank binu bhgvaan.”
- SGGS page 1427
Like you see a dream so is this world, this you must know.
None of this is real , says Nanak, without God ( the Sach ).
- SGGS page 1427

“mRig tRisnaa jiAu jg rchnaa yh daykhhu ridai bichaari.”
- SGGS page 536

The created world is like a mirage ( an illusion) ,
- reflecting in your mind you will see this.
- SGGS page 536

“jaisay jl tay budbudaa Aupjai binsai neet.
jg rchnaa taisay rchee khu Naank suni meet”
- SGGS page 1427

As the bubbles in the water appear and disappear again,
so is the created universe; says Nanak, listen, my friend.
- SGGS page 1427

Guru Sahibji has used two metaphors here to describe the created world ,first as a Dream and second as a water bubble.
The inference that can be made is

i) Like a dream the world is not real but is an illusion .
ii) Like a bubble the manifested world is in motion - appearing and disappearing a sort of creation-distruction cycle in the the source.

To understand this we have to take recourse to what science has to say about nature of our world.

The science tells us that matter at the smallest level i.e. sub atomic or quantum level is in the form vibration appearing as matter.The subatomoc particles particles vibrate at different levels to appear as different matter. Any change in matter means vibration is different.

What is this vibration ?
Science calls it a Superstring ?
But the question again appears what is superstring made of ? From where has it come ?

Let us look at what is happening at the macro level where our physical body operates.

We observe that matter does not remain same. It ages , changes shape in fact nothing remains same.
Let us look at our own physical body .

The body is a mass of flesh, bones, muscles, nerves, brain matter, bile, mucous, blood and skin.
Though appearing tangible the body is never for a moment the same. It is ever changing. The numbers of cells in the human body are estimated to be fifty trillion in number. And literally infinite are cellular and other activities within the body at any one time. Much of this activity is seen to be toward cell replacement.
This phenomenon of organ replacement begins 8 weeks after conception and continues throughout our life.
During a period of twelve month about ninety five percent of all the atoms that make the 50 trillion cells are replaced without even any awareness on our part consciously.
· The skin is new every four weeks.
· Gums holding our teeth are replaced every two weeks.
· Our stomach lining is replaced every five days.
· The surface cells of our digestive system recreated by the millions every five minutes.
Muscles get replaced every six month.
Brain gets renewed every one year
Blood is new in four months
DNA the building block every two months
The Taste buds every six days
· We have a new liver every six weeks.
The content of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen in our brain tissues is different than a year ago. Our skeletal systems bone environment gets renewed through the flow of atoms every three months. The damaged nerve cells keep growing new branches.
This is well known to medical science that the body undergoes a complete alteration and renovation as above within seven years whereby each tissue and cell in the body gets replaced.
How is this phenomenal process being orchestrated?
In fact some how the cells know what shape they are to take and the organ they are to form. This they have been ever since the body started forming at conception from the ovum.
The explanation has been given by Biologist Rupert Sheldrake in his theory of existence of Morphogenetic Fields.
Rupert Sheldrake investigated the way the plants and all living things took their form and says that non – physical blueprints known as Morphogenetic Fields give birth to the form. Morphogenetic fields are created by the patterns of physical forms. They help guide the formation of later physical forms. These fields are in fact information fields and available throughout time and space. The information is available to the new systems being formed.

The present frontier of physics is to find missing link between consciousness and matter.The religion already explains that :
The entire physical universe is gross form of pure consciousness and is consciousness energy and vibration.
It is a dream world and a mind creation ever changing. The seed is a thought in our mind interplaying with the created a sort of mental information scripts in action.
Regarding the mind Guru Sahibji explains in SGGSji that:

Eihu mnu sktee Eihu mnu seeAu.
Eihu mnu pNch tt ko jeeAu.

- SGGS page 342

This mind is Shakti and this mind is Shiva.
This mind gives the life to the five elements.
- SGGS page 342

Shakti is the first manifested form of consciousness and the super forces looking at the governance of the world of maya is the trinity : Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Guru Sahibji have refered to this trinity in Japji sahib as well and also at numerous places in SGGSji.

Brahma is the energy responsible for the creation of the physical world. It has created everything that exists in entire creation. Everything means everything - each and every imaginable or unimaginable, perceivable or imperceptible object and being.
Vishnu is the energy responsible for the maintenance of the world governing the cycle of karma with Maya as a tool. We live in this ever-changing world of Maya as co-creators creating our circumstances and environment. To sustain the illusion of reality this world of Maya is ever changing. Through this energy the world is being sustained.
Shiva is the energy of transformation. There is a cycle of birth, growth and death attached with every thing in this world. Change occurs because of this energy.It is said that “ to live is to die and, to die is to live “. Shiva energy is both a destroyer and regenerator. To become a plant the seed has to die. This cycle of change is ever going.

Consciousness has also given rise to two more forms: one is Prana as Jad - non- living five elements air, water, ether, earth and fire and Prana as Chetan - an awakened consciousness in living. Prana exists as a force in the universe that gives shape to each and everything in the world being present.

The creation at the level of Maya is a mind script - a matrix of information patterns, which are dynamic in nature.

The energy forces also reside in each one of us. We are also co- creators with our thoughts/ beliefs creating their own mind patterns interacting with universal consciousness. Our thoughts are creating are circumstances and attracting the environment we are living in.

With the above background it is easy to understand why Guru Sahibji has called mind both a Shakti and Shiva.And also one that gives rise to the five elements - air, water, ether, earth and fire.

naank jn khi pukaari supnai ji Au jg psaaru.

- SGGS page 1352

Servant Nanak proclaims that the vast expanse of this world is just a dream.
-- SGGS page 1352

With this understanding of the nature of the world the purpose of Guru Sahibji is to empower us so that we write well the script of our life on this earth.The next understanding shows how it is to be done.

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10. Simran and the Healing Power (Part I)

Simran is known to have cured many a diseases and many of these are called miracle cures. By miracle here means the diseases/ health condition was known to be incurable in the present medical system. However it is also true that many have not benefited to the extent desired through Simran.
The reason is simple to see – lack of commitment and Simran being done improperly.

Simran’s Power to heal is in the Naam connection and our own intention. To properly use Simran to heal the physical body’s diseases we have to first have understanding of core knowledge , which is then used in correct healing method.
This knowledge has been given by Guru Sahibji in the SGGS. These are given in the form of understandings as under:

Understanding 1: We are Jyout Swaroop (divine nature)

This means that we are like the creator with the same qualities. Like a drop of water and the ocean.
As Guru Sahibji says at page 441 of SGGSji:

"O my mind, you are a form of Divine Light - recognize your own origin."

We are not the physical body but mind is commonly known to have two parts – the conscious and the subconscious mind. Psychologists and Philosophers have talk about a superconscious level of the mind which is the soul level and called the Higher self. There is an even higher state of consciousness which is Supraconsciousness .This is the state of mind where Simran leads you – a very creative state of mind having elevated awareness and great power of intention. There is full Naam connection here.

Guru Sahibji defines Naam as to know your origin first as knowledge and next in awareness experientially. Naam is the origin and Naam is everywhere in everything.
We have power to create at all the levels of the mind - conscious, subconscious, superconscious, supraconscious. We are already mentally creating the reality and the world we see daily. This brings us to the second principle.

Understanding 2: The world is a creation of consciousness.

Guru Sahibji repeatedly asserts in SGGSji in a wide variety of ways that

“Sab Gobind Hey, Sab Gobind Hey” meaning “All is God, All is God”.

But in our daily macro reality we see only the world of matter, ask any quantum physicist today and he will tell that scientists are now coming towards the view that world has originated from consciousness .
The challenge before frontier science now is of defining the interactive role between Matter, Intent and Consciousness. They are finding Matter and Consciousness cannot be separated .In fact in the world of elementary particles is baffling them and their views now are coming closer to what religions have been repeatedly saying. Just search internet on Google and you will find proofs a plenty.
Let us now look at what SGGSji tells us.

(Below is a mystic experience often reported by those on spirtual path)

This whole world which you see is the manifestation of the God,
(when through understanding you will observe then )
the image of the God is seen.
Raamkalee, 3rd Mehl, ANAND
SGGS- page 922 line6

You are the tree and the branches that have blossomed forth are (also) You.
From subtle, You have become gross and manifest.
You are the Ocean of Water, and the foam and the bubbles on its surface are (also )You.
So don’t see any other except You manifested (
in this world of maya
) 1
Maajh, 5th Mehl
-SGGS page 102

He Himself created Himself.

Gauree Baavan Akharee 5th Mehal ,Pauree
- SGGS page 250

Nothing is born, and nothing dies.
He Himself stages His own drama.

Ashtapadee - SGGS page 281

Guru Sahibji explains the ONENESS in SGGSji as under:

Wherever I look, I see the One Lord (manifested). 5
Gauree , 5th Mehl - SGGS page 227

In so many ways, the ONE ( Who is the Universal Creator)
has manifested Himself, says Nanak.
Gauree ,5th Mehl Shalok
- SGGS page 296

There is One Creator Lord ( Ekonkar );
the One is manifested in the entire expanse of the universe;
the One Lord is unlimited and infinite.

Raag Bilaaval,5th Mehl, Chau-padas and Du-padas,7th House
- SGGS page 821

The creation of the universe is explained as under :

“Kitaa pasao ekoo kawao”
- SGGS page 3

The ONE has expanded as entire Universe in a Kawao.
(It is difficult to translate and explain Kawao this word appears again at page 463 where it is explained that the life and death are are given and taken in a Kawao , so this word means that the transition occurs instantly.
HE was ONE and then there was the entire expance.)
- SGGS page 3

There are numerous instances in SGGSji where the ultimate reality in a variety of ways so that this becomes a part of what we know and accept as reality. Acceptance of oneness and our Divine nature as a fact is important for living life as a Gurmukh in this physical world free from fear.

Another way The Ekonkar has been referred to by Guru Sahibji is as Sachh (truth) so as to convey that the unchanging as pect of ultimate reality in contrast with the created aspect which ever changes. Sachh is just Sachh ,where as the creation(Kudrat) is an aspect of Sachh which although is illusionary and ever changing but appears to be real .
This opens us up to the next understanding.
(Please refer to gurbani text by downloading from : )

Thursday, July 13, 2006

9. “Hazuri” - HIS Presence Simran

There is a mystery in Simran, and for proper Simran we have to unreveal and understand this mystery.
In the Shalok given below ,which is to be read and reread and pondered, Guru Sahib reveals and explains how to do proper worship :

salok mehlaa 3.

naanak bin satgur bhaytay jag anDh hai anDhay karam kamaa-ay.
sabdai si-o chit na laav-ee jit sukh vasai man aa-ay.
taamas lagaa sadaa firai ahinis jalat bihaa-ay.
jo tis bhaavai so thee-ai kahnaa kichhoo na jaa-ay. 1

mehlaa 3.

satguroo furmaa-i-aa kaaree ayh karayhu.
guroo du-aarai ho-ay kai saahib sammaalayhu.
saahib sadaa hajoor hai bharmai kay chha-urh kat kai antar
jot Dharayhu.
har kaa naam amrit hai daaroo ayhu laa-ayhu.
satgur kaa bhaanaa chit rakhahu sanjam sachaa nayhu.
naanak aithai sukhai andar rakhsee agai har si-o kayl karayhu. 2


aapay bhaar athaarah banaspat aapay hee fal laa-ay.
aapay maalee aap sabh sinchai aapay hee muhi paa-ay.
aapay kartaa aapay bhugtaa aapay day-ay divaa-ay.
aapay saahib aapay hai raakhaa aapay rahi-aa samaa-ay.
jan naanak vadi-aa-ee aakhai har kartay kee jis no til na tamaa-ay. 15
-SGGS page 554
(Note : I have not been able to upload Gurbani in original as blog is not uploading image files so opted for this transliterated version above )

Here is the translation plus meaning of the slok :

Says Nanak, without meeting the True Guru, the world is blind,
and because of blindness accumulates Karma.
They do not bring in their awareness the Shabad ( their true origin ),which would enable peace to abide in the mind.
He is always afflicted with Tamas (inertia of non action),
so wanders around passing days and nights burning
( because of five passions).
As is HIS pleasure so is happening
(nothing exists outside of God in this creation and what ever is happening is perfect);
of what purpose is to say anything.
(the world is what it is now out of choices made by it ,if majority is in Tamas so be it , our wishing or saying will not change the position now . Guru Sahib guides us by accepting what is without any blaming or resistance. This is what is called Raza). 1
The True Guru tells us to do this:
take Guru's Guidance andbring within your consciousness awareness
the Lord through remembrance.
The Lord Master is ever-present so tear away the veil of doubt
and install His Light within the mind.
The Name of the Lord (in Simran which brings HIS presence)is Ambrosial Nectar:
So take this as a healing medicine.
Remember how the True Guru keeps him in Raza
(as explained above so be in Razai.e. acceptance of circumstances whether you agree with them or not),
and the self-discipline will develop true love.
Says Nanak, this will keep you in pleasure in this world and
hereafter you shall celebrate with the Lord
( your consciousness will be nearer to the Higher consciousness). 2

(Here Guru Sahib explains HIS presence for the purpose of Simranso looking around FEEL HIS PRESENCE as stated by Guru Sahib below,there is only God everywhere )
He Himself is the vast variety of Vegetation,
and He Himself makes it bear fruit
( meaning the natural cycles , systems etc all have been made by Him)
He Himself is the Gardener, He Himself irrigates,
and He Himself puts them in His mouth
( the eaters of vegetation are also Him).
He Himself is the Creator (of the world – a manifestation of consciousness),
and He Himself is the Enjoyer(in the Created beings in the world);
He Himself is giver, and causes, as if, others are giver.
(our thoughts and positive expectation attract to us the needs as is this world through others as all is one consciousness )
He Himself is the Lord
(one whose will is prevailing in the creation ),
and He Himself is the Protector ( to whom one prays );
He Himself is permeating and pervading in every thing everywhere.
(all that exists is God’s consciousness and nothing exists outside of God)
Says Nanak, as His servant praise the wonders of the Lord
(as appearing in creation )
the Creator has no greed for the praises at all.
( this in fact is a way
to remember HIM ,to be with HIM and be HIM ,which we are
SGGS - Page 554
Guru Sahibji has first explained that the world is afflicted with Tamas a minds behavioural quality that has inertia as an element. Because of Tamas the focus of conscious awareness of persons is outward in the world and illusion is such that reality of their own origin and that of the world is not known to them.Only when meeting the True Guru can the reality be known an the person brought home even while living in the world. The person then first accepts Raza and stops resenting and resisting his present circumstances and that of the world.Method is to do worship in the form of Simran by reciting HIS name which is theGuru Mantra and Feeling presence within and around. The Simran takes your focus within and then SEE the presence by saying :

Tu Hi Tu Hi Tu Hi Tu Hi Tu Hi…..
(Thats’ YOU Thats’ YOU Thats’ YOU Thats’ YOU …)

There is only EK ONKAR that exists .All is Waheguru
Guru Sahibji assures us that there will be Sukh (comfort) in this world meaning thereby that physical body will be healthy, stress free mind ,fulfillment of needs and general prosperity. But these happen as per our intention as Guru Sahibji explains elsewhere in SGGS.
We thus also have to know how to use our intention force for the purpose of our needs.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

8. Get connected to Naam through Simran… (The Method part IV)

The Home inside (Nijh ghar )

Own home inside living is obtained as one is absorbed in the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. (Meaning: through Simran)

In Gurbani the resting place when Simran takes you inside is called Nijh ghar .

While beginning Simran Guru Sahibji advices one to

i) listen to the Simran inside


ii) to do Simran with each breath while sitting, standing, lying ,walking ,eating and while doing your daily chores.

Simran then takes you inside through a natural gentle subtle automatic pull and places your focus point inside the head. The point is approximately between the two ears, slightly lower , at a point inside where the breath strikes on the mouth cavity. As it is a point in our subtle body its exact physical body part cannot be specified.

This Nijh ghar is the place where we have to keep our attention and operate in the physical world with conscious awareness. While at this point that we can feel HIS presence simply by ‘feeling’ and ‘knowing’. We can also observe HIS presence in the outside Physical world simply by ‘feeling’ and ‘knowing’.

In the Nijh ghar we can hear the SHABAD going on inside, just attempt to hear in a quiet place where sensory input is less you will start to hear it. As one progresses full bloom Anhad Shabad is heard.
(This comment has been added Later : The Nijh Ghar refered above is the one at the physical level , the shabad pulls the surt afterward and the individual reaches the Nijh Ghar in the Ekha (One) of Ek Ongkar where the Two earlier are now One )
Some Gurbani Quotes:

(Note: simple literary translation does not give true meaning of Gurbani. Meaning is intuitively revealed when basic principles and teachings of Guru Sahibj are kept in mind. Actual meaning remains same wherever the word comes again. As one progresses new meanings begins to be seen .)

Those who listened (to recitation of Jap) and agreed (with Guru Sahibji’s words on his divine origin) presence, dwells in the home within.

In whose heart the lord abides, within them is illumination.
(It is through heart that we feel and when we feel our divine origin meaning we feel what we are and neither doubt nor question the process. We feel that ALL is HIM then the illumination comes feeling translates into experience)

I am a sacrifice to them, who make ego die to recognize their Divine origin.
( when in Simran we feel that WE are actually HIM ,HE is seeing , hearing ,talking , walking , eating as has been told by Guru Sahibji at no places in Gurbani then we are making the ego die as it is no longer operating)

The eighteen supernatural spiritual powers follow those (are in their reach)
who dwell and sit inside their inner home.

The diseases, fear and bondage go away when mind come to know of the peace while sitting in its own inner home.

When you are conscious in the consciousness, then shall come enlightenment.

You Yourself are the Giver and You Yourself the Enjoyer.
I do not consider (anything) other than You.

This mind is Shakti; this mind is Shiva.
(meaning mind has power to create)

This mind is the life of the five elements.

(Meaning it is the mind that brings into existence the material world of five elements. To this truth the Quantum physics also agrees)
When this mind is made unmann

(by placing your conscious awareness focus within after taking it out of the physical world),
He can then talk of the three worlds

( as the secrets of the world creation is then intuitively known ).

Monday, May 15, 2006

7. Get connected to Naam through Simran… (The Method part III)

The first thing a rightly done Simran does is that it takes you inside.
Your awareness point is shifted inside.
Simran starts you on the journey homewards, towards merging of Jyote with Jyote (light with light).

What happens first is that your awareness is shifted from the world of maya to inside in the consciousness. Know that awareness is not lost only shifted to deeper levels of finer consciousness.
.Guru Sahibji advices us to keep the awareness inside connected with Naam while we are operating in the physical world. From this point of attention our conscious awareness starts to function with Naam connection. At this point Simran is further done .The intention gets forceful and hold of maya reduced
. We do can go further and further hearing Shabad inside, even be in Samadhi.

We have to understand the significance of this shift in point of awareness which also bestows us with creative powers to live a life that befits our stature as Jyote Swaroope.

Our intention will rid us of the five passions. The hold of maya on our mind will reduce. We can heal our physical body ailments. We can live in true abundance , prosperity, health and happiness based on Gurbani’s principles.

Now let us understand Guru Sahibji’s explanations and advices from one Shabad to another.

-SGGS page 878

Mix your conscious awareness with deeper consciousness (reference to deeper level of consciousness more universal in nature; keep in mind that all has originated from one source) in this way. Make a ropeway from physical body to cross over (starting point is physical body since our awareness is at physical level mostly).
Keep this awareness (which has crossed over) within you. (Inside) lamp starts to burn unceasingly (lamp is reference to your conscious awareness in HIM). 1
Float such a lamp upon the water
(Water is reference to all pervading presence of God; accept and feel this presence).
Burning the lamp this way brings all understanding (meaning reality is understood intuitively). 1 Pause
(Guru Sahibji having explained the process for burning the lamp next implores us to burn the lamp and its importance)
The clay of the lamp gets better (means it is kept burning) when understanding is imbibed and accepted for action.
On the wheel of actions the lamp is shaped. These actions (how we live life in thought, words, and deed) are a support to us in this world and in the next. 2
When He Himself grants His Grace (when conditions are right), then, as Gurmukh, one understands how to burn the lamp.
Within this lamp is permanently lit and is not extinguished by water or drowned in it (meaning Guru Sahibji assures that your conscious awareness is not merged in all pervading consciousness so have no fear if any of being lost). The water (i.e. all pervading consciousness, HIS PRESENCE) itself keeps this lamp afloat. 3
The wind (meaning maya’s attractions) does not shake one who has floated the lamp nor does he think himself bigger; even while feeling as if a throne has been found.
Kh'shaatree, Brahmin, Soodra or even a Vaish (reference to all kinds of wordly people) cannot find the value of this lamp, even by thousands of calculations (which are material in nature).
When anyone lights such a lamp, says Nanak, he stats living across (meaning has Naam connection). 4

Here are some more pearls from among many in SGGSji:

-SGGS page 358

Name of the One (meaning Naam) is my lamp;
my sufferings (of physical realm) are put as oil in it.
Its flame (Naam) dries up this oil (sufferings are removed),
and I no longer have to meet the Messenger of Death ( means have understood there is no such thing as death ,the soul ever lives).

-SGGS page 149

The jewel is found within home of own self; when the lamp is lit.

(please feel free to share experiences or ask any question)


Sunday, May 07, 2006

6. Get connected to Naam through Simran… (The Method part II)

Our awareness generally is focused outside and rarely do we go inside. Naam is within us. The first thing we face when we close our eyes is constant stream of thoughts. This through attractions of daydreaming or fear based thoughts prevents our awareness to go further. We have to go beyond.
A brief idea of structure of our body will give clarity to our goal.
- everything in essence has manifested out of consciousness.
- everything is vibration and changing. Our world at macro level appears solid but at micro i.e. subatomic level there is vibrating energy field.
-our physical body has within it an ethric body which is made up of subtle energy. This ethric body is an exact replica of physical body having all organs. The acupuncture meridians are in the body. This body also has the energy chakra long known to yogis.
-next finer energy body is emotional body and characterizes our psychological condition. -Next fine layer is our mental body. And further fine layers are in spiritual realm.(more details will be written in some other post)

When we close eyes the first layer which is our physical body disturbs a newcomer with an itch here or a pain there. The thoughts and emotions from the next layers keep our awareness occupied. Thoughts are energy patterns .Even the thought energy of others influence us.
Guru Sahib advices us to seek sadh sangat (company of spiritually oriented people and recite/sing Gurbani in there company).During early morning hours (before six) there is minimal thought disturbance, our awareness can go inside easily. Evening hour is another suitable time.
Let us now come to the method proper.

-- Sit in a quite place. Close your eyes. Briefly observe your breathing. Then take your awareness to your head area. Mentally say the command “relax” then feel the scalp relaxing, the forehead relaxing, the eyes relaxing, the nose relaxing and so on. Know that your intention has the creative power of Karta Purakh .You are Jyote Swaroop . Take your awareness to other body parts one by one from head to toe , command “relax” and FEEL THE BODY RELAXING. This will ensure that the physical body does not disturb you further during Simran.

-- With body relaxed start the Jap of Guru Mantra – WAHEGURU. It can be voiced initially and then spoken inside the head only. LISTEN to the JAP. Keep listening as Guru Sahib has advices in Japji Sahib at page 3 of SGGS “ By Listening-your awareness goes into sehaj (a peaceful spiritually connected state). You will automatically feel a pull that takes and keeps you inside not disturbed by incessant thoughts.

-- Keep your awareness inside the head at a point approximately centre between two ears .When you do simran with eyes open keep your awareness focussed around this point.

--At this stage set aside the ego (the makes for an illusion of separateness).FEEL HIS PRESENCE. Don’t dwell on separateness. FEEL all is HIM.

--Do this Simran daily, even with eyes open .When walking look at objects of the world the trees, houses, everything FEEL HIM in them .They have been created out of consciousness so are HIM.When looking at them ,FEEL that HE is actually looking, when driving FEEL HIM actually driving ,holding stearing and so on same simran can be done for other chores.You are not you here but HE who is walking,talking,looking,etc.During this time keep your awareness inside.
Look up in Shree Guru Granth Sahibji , there are a number of Shabads for doing this simran .

--Through daily Simran kirpa is received. Kirpa also comes as per Hukam (Laws and systems that run the universe).When conditions are satisfied Kirpa comes and you actually start feeling HIS presence.The NAAM connection.

Do take a step .You have gurbani to guide and to live with.We have Naam connections at different levels.Shabad in SGGSji and Shabad inside takes us deeper.


Saturday, April 29, 2006

5. Get connected to Naam through Simran… (The Method part I)

Simran is being repeatedly advised by Guru Sahibji as a mean to have Naam in life. Simran means to remember and to keep affirming the remembrance through repetition.

The basis behind Simran is that we already have Naam connection.

Naam operates in our subconscious mind .All our bodily and cellular processes work because of presence of Naam. Since our birth we have taken for granted functioning of parts of our body. The textbooks explain in detail the parts and their functions never having a doubt as to how the atoms came together forming cells, the cells into organs and organs automatically functioning as a bodily system. But how they know what to do is seldom thought upon.
Science now tells about existence of a morphogenic field- an information field on which the structure of our body stands. This field is subtle energy and so is our mind field. Quantum physics is already postulating that the universe is consciousness.
Guru Sahib already explains that the universe functions because of HIS presence. HE is Karta Purakh.
Our connection from Naam is clouded because of presence of ha-umai or ego. The Maya further keeps the Mind in doubt by creating illusions. Our path towards re-connection starts with knowing the reality and setting aside illusions through Guru Sahib’s words .Then to LIVE GURBANI by dwelling on the meanings, reciting it and reshaping our mind with intention to remove hold of Maya. We LIVE GURBANI when accepting our Divine Origin the principles of living elucidated in Gurbani is imbibed. Simultaneously do Simran.
Through Simran we remember and get connected with Naam in our conscious awareness as well.

Simran is done when we listen/recite/sing Gurbani kirtan (recitation of verses only from Shree Guru Granth Sahibji) and specifically when we do Jap (to recite repeatedly) along with consciously FEELING HIS presence.

Here is a Shabad pearl picked out of the treasure - Shree Guru Granth Sahibji explains lucidly the Simran method:

“Through Simran, Naam is obtained and afflictions are removed.
The presence of Har Prabh (God) is felt within and outside by us (during Simran).
(This has happened when...)
The Guru has (first) removed fear, attractions and illusions (when by accepting Gurus teachings and spending more time on understanding Gurbani rather than reciting)
(and then during Simran) by seeing Gods presence where ever you go.”
-SGGS page 107

The meanings of these Guru Sahib’s words are subtle:

We have to understand and accept what is being told to us by Guru Sahib regarding our Divine nature and nature of Maya’s illusions.
The principle is to “FEEL the presence, accept the presence as real (even though Maya says HE is separate), you will actually Know HIS presence”

As Guru Sahib Says :

"What one serves (in mind through thoughts and beliefs) tends to manifest"

-SGGS page 223

Sunday, April 23, 2006

4. Our Divine Origin … (Part III)

When we read the Shabad Assa Mehl 5th (SGGS page 391) in Part II of the post no 4.
It is felt that there is an element of our intention involved in creating the desired quality. There is a quite assertion invoved in saying that “ As YOU ARE… so I am…” .

Clarity on this point comes when we dwell on Guru Sahib’s following words :


As are our intended actions so do become our needs and that is what we ask.

(If our actions are towards growth in career, we ask accordingly, when our actions are to start a venture we ask accordingly, when a journey start we ask for protection and fulfillment accordingly, We ask for wealth, we ask for health ,we ask for protection, we ask for courage as is our need.)

Ask for qualities to build a complete personality and not go for useless things(of this world).
Whatever is the intention in HIS presence, so do we receive, Says Nanak, so intend and become a person of quality

– SGGS page 1245

The fact is that we already are creating our personalty through our thoughts and actions. This is happening as per the Hukam (laws) of the Karta Purakh- cause of causes.
Whatever is happening in this world is because of his all pervaiding creative presence and as per the Hukams , HE is the one who makes Hukam work that’s why HE has been called Karta Purakh by Guru Sahib.
The words we think, the word we speak and the words we write shows our intentions for our life in this world. These words create our personality, situations and the events that occur in our life. Words are a force, have meaning attached.
About words Guru Sahib explains:

The word are empowered by Naam; through Words we utter praises as worship,
(As these have Naam connection they bring us Naam)
The Word gives us spiritual wisdom, we sing Your Glory through songs of words
The words we speak and words we write. These very words make for our destiny, written on our forehead.
But the One who made these words as words of destiny he being cause of causes has no such destiny like that on our forehead.
(HIS Hukum prevails in this world and Hukum is : “as we sow so we reap”)

As He has ordained (meaning as is his Hukam), so do we receive. The created universe is the manifestation of Naam. Without Naam, there is no place at all.”
– SGGS page 4

Naam is every where, Because of Naam the world comes to exist. Naam is the source.As Guru Sahib says :

This world which you see is the image of the Lord (Onkar);

the Lord (Ek Onkar) has become manifest..”

– SGGS page 922

Friday, April 21, 2006

3. Our Divine Origin ... (part II)

A glimpse of divine connection that Naam brings is described in ASSA Rag by 5th Guru Sahib on page 391.


“He does not die, so (being His light) I have no fear of death (will be living even after life on earth). He does not wither (his virtues remain same), so I do not stumble (get enticed by vices). He is not poor (is abundance), so I have no greed (I am satiated).He is never diseased, so I have no disease. 1

The giver of life is our life Himself; and there is no other, only Him (EK ONKAR). When he is the only one, then there is no other Destroyer (a threat to existence). 1 Pause He has no bonds, so I have no bondage. He has no occupation, so I have no entanglements. He has no impurities, so I have no impurities (of mind). He is bliss, so I am ever in bliss. 2

He has no anxiety, so I have no cares. He has no stain (affected by vice and virtue), so I have no afflictions (have become clean). He has no need, so I have no desires. As He is immaculate (pure), so I am chaste. 3

Says Nanak, the Guru clears away doubts and misgivings. (That) I have no separate existence; He is the only One and there is oneness. Before and after (here and there) He alone exists. When I meet him (in a state of being), we are of same color (are similar).”

- SGGS page 391

Naam gives us this divine connection.Witout this connection we get entangled in the sensual pleasure and get diseased as Guru Sahib explicitly says :

"Setting aside the Naam one who indulges in sensual pleasures, even in dreams , has no peace, ; his body become diseased" - SGGS page 240

There is nothing to despair Guru Sahib assures us that :

"The medicine of the Lord's Name is within all of us. Without the Perfect Guru, no one can come to know how to prepare it."

-SGGS page 259

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

2. Our Divine Origin ... (part I)

The world we live in is also the world of Maya ( means literally dellusion) as Guru Sahib says -

" HE created the world, with its variety of colors, species of beings, and the variety of Maya."

- SGGS- page 6
The nature of this Maya is to deceive -
"O Baba, Maya deceives with its illusions. " - SGGS page 60
And one illusion we routinly live with is -
We are Physical body, Mind and deep inside have a Soul.
All distinct.Soul is connected to God , who exists separately.
But Guru Sahib tell us differently.

"O my mind, you are a form of Divine Light - recognize your own origin."

- SGGS page 441

The meaning looks simple but is not so we have to explore further to really understand the words of Guru Saheb.To understand lets explore further Shree Guru Granth Sahib ji.


"Thousands are Your eyes, and yet You havenot even one eye. Thousands are Your forms, and yet You have not even one form. Thousands are Your lotus feet, and yet You have not even one feet. You are without a nose, yet thousands are Your noses. Your play enchants . The Divine Light is within everyone, You are that Light. Within you is same Light that shines within everyone. " -SGGS page 663


"You are me, and I am You-what could be difference between us? We are like gold and the bracelet or like water and the waves. " - SGGS page 93

Essence of what Guru Sahib explains so clearly is that HE HIMSELF IS ALL.

So our path is to seek Naam and one way is -

" Deep within the mind and body, behold His Presence." - SGGS page 132

When we tread the path and FEEL the presence then the first result is that our Physical body will be healed as Guru Sahib ji asserts -

"First, the diseases of the body vanishes and (simultaneously) the mind becomes peaceful."

- SGGS page 395

Monday, April 17, 2006

1. Naam is the cure ...

“All sorts of remedies do not cure the disease - the disease is cured only through the medicine of Naam “ Shree Guru Granth Sahib – page 288

“The Naam is the panacea, the one remedy to cure all ills.” SGGS – page 274

For the guidance of humanity Gurbani asserts that:

“As Gurmukh getting Naam through chanting , all diseases are eradicated ; and the body becomes free of disease.” SGGS-page 574

Gurmukh is one who listens to Guru’s words and lives life as Guru teaches in contrast to manmukh - a person who lives life as dictated by his mind engrossed in worldly attractions.

(This is start of humble attemt to present Guru sahib' s medical prescription)