Sunday, January 28, 2007

15 Simran Healing - The Method Part II


This step uses understandings 3 & 4.

Guru Sahibji has declared that:

“O my mind, chant and meditate on the Name of the Lord.
The mind's stated desires are fructified.
And (through state of mind achieved)
the all suffering and sorrow depart.”
-SGGS page 48

Guru Sahibji has describes again and again several times, the state of mind after simran. In this state our power of intention is enhanced manifold.

The world is a mind creation and we have created and are creating our present reality. Next step is to use tools of our intentions. We being part of the essence use intention to dip in the source and chose to manifest what are needed. You already have everything... you are connected. Removing the illusion of separatism, reconnect and exercise choice. We are in abundance of everything. It is the choices which we are experiencing in this world. The choices could be our own colored by cultural believes or beliefs of our patents, friends and teachers. We are experiencing in the world the effect of our choices.

To understand how the mind script manifests reality let us look at typical person having hypertension.

Hypertension/High Blood Pressure is a common response to an emergency situation for a fight or flight reaction. In a hypertense person the B.P does not come down; means the body is envisaging emergency situation all the time. This person’s personality when looked at closely reveals that he is afraid or angry within. The feeling is of deprivation and connected emotion anger. There is an element of resentment in him.
The hypertensive personality generally develops in people who grow up in a tense atmosphere among quarrelsome family members. Their environment is demanding and they were under threat to perform well. Their early upbringing developed in them feeling of being deprived. Their inner subconscious belief and attitude is may be that the world is competitive, people are difficult, other are lucky or similar others. Such beliefs automatically attract circumstances in the life of that person which corresponds to his belief-- competitive situations, a difficult to please persons, failure in fulfilling desires and so on. They will be experiencing what they believe. No wonder their boss would be hard to please or irrational. What is felt in the mind is reflected in the physiology of the body as well, right down to the cellular level as hypertension.
Right or wrong the subconscious is the driving force in deciding what can happen and what not. The subconscious sets the limitations learnt. Because this is how we live in this world as our actions and behavior are automatic most of the time. When a situation arises in outer world either we should consciously direct it otherwise the subconscious chooses the behavior pattern used in the past and conditioned previously.

The inner world of our mind is reflected in the outside visible world. The feelings, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs perceptions, judgments are in our inner world and corresponding circumstances, situations, material objects, physical body, relationships etc. are in the outside world.
To be in harmony and joy the inner world should be joy as well’
Guru Sahib’s prescription is to be in touch with Naam (the essence) and live in prosperity, abundance and health with responsible choice based on gurbani’s principle.

As an example let us look at ANGER - a cause of many human sufferings. Anger is a resistance. The person gets angry because the world is not being the way he wants it to be. He experiences lack of self worth so gets angry. He experiences powerless so gets angry. He experiences being ignored so gets angry. All along he is ignorant that these circumstances have come about because of his beliefs. He believes he is not worthy. He beliefs world does not understand him and attracts circumstances and relationships where is not understood.

The solution is simple.

Reshape yourself and the world is reshaped.

There is only one best as well as most simple way to reshape effectively and that is:

Connect with the essence and use power of intention.

An intention is the use of our will power, using intention means commitment to accomplish an objective. It is how we create and have been creating since birth. Even when an infant cries in discomfort it is an exercise of intention. Experience created is “attention”. This process is continued through out life creating experiences. Nothing is accomplished without intention.

The method of simran healing is to use intention intelligently as a choice rather than allowing the boat to float without oars, picking up patterns for manifestation of reality from our subconscious mind.

So focus on thoughts as these are the first cause. Thoughts are connected with emotions. Emotions affect the energetic flow in the energy body (the meridians and chakras). This energy body in turn affects the physical body.

Simplicity of simran healing is to connect and intend; keeping ego aside. Ego is nowhere in the picture then.

As HE is health so we are healthy;
As HE is perfection out body systems are perfect;
As HE is consciousness we are consciousness

Simran healing calls for you to express your choice and intention with clarity of manifesting health.

View the body as consciousness - as pure intelligent energy with physical parts being there because of an ‘information script’. This script is dynamic and affected by your thoughts.

Choose and intend stating in prayer mode

“I accept that this illness/disease …is a result of my own thoughts and beliefs and I now choose to give up these thoughts and beliefs. Let these thoughts that created this change go and dissolve.”
Next in prayer say :

“This body is YOURS.The one who sees is YOU. The one who talks is YOU and so the one who walks.YOU are all that is.
You are healthy so this body’s physiology, biochemistry, cell structure are healthy.

The body’s systems and organs are natural and their functioning normal.”

FEEL HEALTH and healthy functioning of body’s organs. FEELING is must and is the key.

As you do simran state “As HE is healthy so you are healthy”.

The body has been structured by HIM; all has been made by HIM. You were not asked what shape you want your body to be. The only thing yours has been the choices .The choice to express anger, irritation, anxiety, jealousy has been yours and so also confidence, warmth, friendship and love. The negative choices related to ego had made you ill. Your real state is Love and Joy so connect with it. Feel it to be the natural state and ill health an illusion brought about as a modification of natural state - a product of ego (which again is an illusion ).
Feel the illusion dissolving and healthy organs and physiology being restored in their natural state.

When connected with the source we are in the NOW – a timeless world. Time is a part of material world because experience occurs in a sequence and hence illusion of time. What ever that is happening in the present is a result of your choices. Right or wrong, accept what IS. This way you do not resist the experience and let it occur. Once its existence is allowed you can then change it other wise it will persist fuelled by fear energy of resistance.

Another word of caution is not to have Doubt. Doubt also tries to block manifestation of desired change. We doubt our ability. We doubt whether outcome will happen. Doubt is such that we even doubt our GURU. Don’t focus on doubtful thoughts. Mentally affirm and say “I cancel these thoughts of doubts”. Keep focus on the positive.

Identification with source brings about the shift towards the experience of health and joy.

So give up disease and disease pattern through simran and Reset to health and healthy organs

When we are identified with ego it brings about feeling of separation from source and fear is the accompanying emotion. The forms of fear like jealously, resistance, doubt, anxiety etc bring about related behavior which affects the ethric channels of the body and results in a diseased state.

Keep aside resistance and doubt. As the depth of connection with the source increases so will the ability to manifest choices early.