Friday, August 21, 2020

Dasam Dwar : Clarification of misinformation

Dasam Dwar clarification of some Misconceptions

This post is to clarify  misinformation being propagated by some Sikh missionaries or teachers during their discourses. It is a tendency to talk of spiritual matters with a false authority without any actual self experience. They even talk of Sunn without knowing what gurbani says about it. They talk of Anhad Shabad without actually hearing it. A simple reading of Gurbani Hymns and a look at their meaning exposes these assertions. The actual meaning as given in Gurbani is given below which any Gurmukh can experience.

The Dasam Dwar is a door that opens up our mind towards Naam to settle in the mind. Naam Mann Vich Vasda heh. The conscious awareness ( Surt) then can also have Sunn experience. The Sach, truth about reality of creation is explained in the Mool Mantar and also the method of Jap. The Japji explains in detail and the secrets in specific terms.

Why Tenth Door ( Dasam Dwar) is closed?

Gurbani explains that in the cave of our body the Life has been places and the breath of body's life starts. This life is conscious awareness ( Surt) which is part one whole. In Ang (page)-24 Gurbani clarifies that Surt in all living beings is same. The difference comes due to Haume (self- identity) which has been placed in all beings. Haume gives us thought of individuality. The Soul (Atma) has both the Surt and the Haume along with astral body. Our Surt  is restricted in perception of Sach. We are not aware of the Ekankar's presence. We live in the Sargun world and because the Dasam Dwar is closed so are unaware of the Nirgun Sach. This is for the Soul to have Human life experience with Haume giving it sense of separate identity. When Dasam Dwar opens the Haume dies meaning then the Conscious Awareness is connected with Karta Purakh. We are not there then only HIM. To remain so we have to be in Simran by keeping Surt within listening to Anhad Sabad. 

Dasam Dwar location

The location of Dasam Dwar is hinted at several places and more so on Ang-974. There is no physical point but  the Lotus Chakra at the top comes nearer to the location. This lotus opens at the time of opening of Tenth Door. The illuminating Light comes from above it entering the body. Then Karta Purakh is felt in the mind. Naam  is in the mind then. From  the Dwar Anhad Shabad is heard to be flowing. The Sabad is heard even before that at Charnarbinnd within when Nadar is blessed by Satguru.

Anhad Sabad

Anhad Sabad is  also called celestial vibration and is heard as sound within. This is Nirgun in nature but creates five Tatt ( basic Sargun parts) which are Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Space (Sky) that give rise to creation. So this is known as Panch Sabad. Differences in sound are due to this. Anhad Sabad is heard only within by Surt which also is Sach in nature. It is not heard outside. The Simran with Surt hearing the Sabad keeps Surt within and thus in Sach Awareness.

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